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The World Online
October 8, 2018
Status: c555
A nice concept of using kingdom building/video game/martial art. While the concept of MC who die and get rebirth is not foreign to the "Chinese Novel" and japanese type because let face it many famous novel are this type.

in the begining I quite enjoy the story and ignore all the "chinese is true ruler of the world" stereotype because I have seen many chinese novel like this but the other novel are fantasy not realty it got ridiculous that the author should watch doremon for the novel idea

not only that... more>> the author also lack history knowledge of the world including the china history. I wonder why only 4 major peasant rebelion. Not only that the plot and scheme of politic/power play/influence between the lord of in the novel is ridiculously simple and not like the true history. Futhermore the NPC become yesman to the MC like the MC is the God Emperor of China and all of Mankind, and gift from heaven to them. While Military type NPC is so-so in battle making decision or plot. Other department of NPC is like s*ave to MC not only their cannot think from themselves their also lack the will of human inside them, I mean man, even the most loyal servant will try to betray you in all culture if they gain benefit. That why china has many internal war and dynasty

and the author also use the theme of "china superiorty over the world" mindset. MC just steamroll all the country in other region and the famous NPC and playe in that region just stood they like a dumb stone in the beach I mean spanish fleet destroy by china floating fortess warship if author use a 18th or 17th century european cannon yes I can believe it but the MC use Ming Dynasty cannon??? How the **** did the famous spanish galleon and fleet can be destroyed it is not logical even the backward Wokoku pirate of Japan can defeat them not to mention the famous Malayan pirate that can read the wave and wind in the sea. While they are many famous general in ancient china but seriously don ranked them according to you nationalty. Zheng he while is good admiral, explorer and diplomat is only view as 2nd ranked general in the eye of the world. Did you think the Mughal in india afraid of china during zheng he expedition while the it true he lead a massive fleet but without the support of supply depot both in Malacca and Bengal do you thing he can reach into the Arabian penisula.

not only that while it true china has massive advantage of it population but it also extremely isolated even during the so call golden age of china in Tang Dynasty. Other than few war again the horseman of the north, the korean and the vietnam the china army has no truly elite army even the ancient greek can defeat them. For example during the height of Han dynasty their army of 100 000 infatry can be easy to mascacre by the roman legion of 50 000 men. Not to mention during the tang dynasty the arab easly defeat them in battle of talas only because of the desert that separate China from it western neighbour and the byzantine empire that save them from the islamic invasion. <<less
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