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nascentechuva rated it
Chu Wang Fei
August 11, 2017
Status: c125
Ignore the rating, if I could change it to 0 stars, I would. This novel disappointed me so much in the latest chapter. I never understood the need to have such an act of gory revenge for a child. The author does not realize that the gruesome violation of a kid defeats the theme that MC and ML are levelheaded yet ruthless to those who truly deserve it.

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Yun Yi Yi is 13 years old and accused Chu Fei Yang of ruining her because of well... reasons that the author needed. (*insert overused excuse that people in the past like YYY age differently* No, there's no proof of that. There never has been.) Yun Yi Yi was clearly marked as a spoiled girl from the start, of course, she was going to try and ruin his reputation for reasons that the author decided willy nilly.

As revenge, our supposed "hero", Chu Fei Yang, has her marry her rapist, and her rapist takes full advantage of it. Chu Fei isn't a saint, I understand that, but the thing that made him believable was his levelheadedness. He knew who the real targets were. Aka not some 13-year-old with a petty vendetta and a half-baked plot that didn't work out.

The argument that could have been made was that to get revenge on Yun Yi Yi's father, CFY had to sacrifice Yun Yi Yi. But the author makes it clear that YYY's father doesn't care for anything other than his reputation. Both daughter and father could have easily have been exiled.


I understood that YQM (female lead) was a cold person from the start, and CFY (male lead) more so, but the two of them knew who were the real villains: those with ruthless political aspirations. Not to mention that YQM worked for the law in her previous life, but like in most transmigration stories, the past goes flying out the window.

Some may argue that this story is based on how unforgiving the era Yun Qian Meng lives in is. To that I say, this is a story about transmigration and outwitting your opponents, and realism in novels doesn't always mean 100% accuracy. We often suspend our disbelief when reading anyway, partly because a story can bend the "truth" (I use this lightly because this is a tale about transmigration and starting a new life) and be a good story. <<less
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nascentechuva rated it
Hidden Marriage
May 28, 2018
Status: --
deleting review to give this novel another shot. Crossing fingers.
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nascentechuva rated it
Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman
August 30, 2017
Status: c25
deleting review to reread
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