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nascentechuva rated it
Chu Wang Fei
August 11, 2017
Status: c125
Ignore the rating, if I could change it to 0 stars, I would. This novel disappointed me so much in the latest chapter. I never understood the need to have such a gory revenge for a child, and this is coming from a person with very little political correctness. Does the author not realize how the act of a gruesome violation of a kid defeats the purpose of having an MC and ML that are levelheaded yet ruthless to those who truthfully deserve it.

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Yun Yi Yi is 13 years old and accused Chu Fei Yang of ruining her because she's completely impulsive, as most 13 year olds are psychologically (*insert over used excuse that people in the past age differently* No, there's no proof of that. There never has been.). Yun Yi Yi was clearly marked as a spoiled girl from the start, of course she would do this kind of thing! As revenge, Chu Fei Yang has her marry her rapist, and her rapist takes full advantage of it. Chu Fei isn't a saint, I understand that, but the thing that made him believable was his levelheadedness. He knew who the real targets were.

The argument that could have been made was that to get revenge on Yun Yi Yi's father, he had to sacrifice Yun Yi Yi. But the author makes it clear that YYY's father doesn't care for anything other than his reputation. They both could have easily have been exiled.


I understood that YQM (female lead) was a cold person from the start, and CFY (male lead) more so, but the two of them knew who were the real evil: those with ruthless political aspirations. Not to mention that YQM worked for the law in her previous life, but like in most transmigration stories, the past goes flying out the window.

Some may argue that this story is based off of how unforgiving the era Yun Qian Meng lives in is. To that I say, this is a story about transmigration and outwitting your opponents, and realism in novels doesn't always mean 100% accuracy. We often suspend our disbelief when reading anyway, partly because a story can bend the "truth" (I use this lightly because this is a tale about transmigration and starting a new life) and be a good story. <<less
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nascentechuva rated it
Hidden Marriage
May 28, 2018
Status: --
Let's talk about what constitutes a real life human being. 3...2...1

Flaws! Ding. Ding. Ding.

Nine Xi is not, by far, the most unrealistic heroine to ever exist. But you have to admit, she's up there. Let's categorize EVERYTHING she can do.

... more>> 1: Act to perfection

2: Illegally race and win all the time.

3: Win at a gun fight.

4: Play video games expertly.

5: Cook to Gordon Ramsay standards.

6: Sing beautifully.


7: Beat up men twice her size.

As far as flaws go, she's got none. She drinks? So what. She dates like 8 guys during the span of her whole life, that's not even a flaw. That's the average person's Tinder.

Now, I'm sure she's supposed to be some sort of feminist mesh of standards that none of us can adhere to. That's precisely why it's so bad. Funny, but bad.

And if anyone is going to argue that this is a feminist - ahahha- book, woah boy. You've overlooked just how spectacularly the men act in this. Apart from our male lead, all the men seem to be some unbelievable monster of lust or anger.

Hold the phone, the same can be said of our male lead too. He, I kid you not, goes into Ning Xi's room multiple times and Twilight's the heck out of her. Oh but he's supposedly imperfect and relatable.... while simultaneously being the most perfect in existence. This is regurgitated again and again by the other characters.

If you're looking for a funny story to read while you're on the toilet, or on the bus, or have your mind on other - seriously more important- things, this is your story. Otherwise, if you're looking for a story that will change your perception of human kind and lift you through the clouds and into a godly tier. This isn't it. <<less
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nascentechuva rated it
Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman
August 30, 2017
Status: c25
So far, it's very satisfying to read. The main female lead is attempting to survive this lifetime and avoid revenge, which is probably a smart idea for someone who's traveled back to the past and is trying to live a good, painless, life.

She seems more realistic than most MCs. While I love a good revenge story, I think the majority of us would act like her and avoid trouble in our new lives. I'll keep reading and see if my opinion changes, but so far, it's a really nice story.
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