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nanda322 rated it
Ore no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai!
March 8, 2017
Status: --
I started reading this out of boredom and I instantly got very upset after a few chapters.

Who on earth enjoys reading about an oppressed boy who is powerless to do anything and is being monitored by his own family.

... more>>

I wish this was a Xianxia. Best case scenario, he'd run away the moment he gains some kinda understanding of the world. Worse case scenario, bear with it and assassinate the official wife right in front of his so called father.

I don't even know where the story is going. Being a JP novel, it's not like he'd ever get even with his family. One of the very few novels that make me wanna hit the author.

And that father, what a scumbag. Kicked out the mother of his own son away from the kid and made it so that they never meet again. Like wow.


There's only one volume out right now. There's so far no sword and magic involved. Just a poor sob story about a powerless boy. Hopefully he enacts some kinda revenge against his family in the upcoming story other than just taking it all in without doing anything. <<less
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nanda322 rated it
My Ranch
October 24, 2016
Status: c50
So I've read up to 800 and something chapter in the raws. I say read but more like skim through due to the large info dumps.

To be noted, the MC gains a rather large harem. The story has strange ideals, large exaggeration and odd ways of summarising things.

The pricing of things will get annoying rather fast. Like the prices of his cows and seafood. And also calculating the profits without taking into account of things like labour, transportation, any other factors that might affect it. Most importantly, not taking into... more>> account of supply and demand.


Apparently you can sell best quality meat from a cow for around 750 USD per kilo. WOW......

And one more thing that annoys me is that the author uses heavy stereotypes to view the political systems and people of different countries.

When I mentioned about supply and demand as well as the beef pricing, it seems that the author doesn't have the concept of the world only having a certain % of people willing to buy that kinda thing and if the supply increases, the pricing won't stay the same. So when people are eyeing for the MC's secrets of getting a bit of the profits, naturally everyone's income will decrease. But no, the author has made it so that you can get like 50 billion USD in profit from raising 1 million cattle in 1 year...... C'mon even if there was that much stuff to sell, who the hell is going to be buying it to get that kinda profit.

One last thing that annoys me, there was this american school teacher that showed up at the start after chapter 50, and was having heavy hints of being the MC's harem, never progressed after 880 chapters.......c'mon now he has like almost 20 girls now, but one of the earliest women excepting his legal wife isn't included..... oh by the way, MC turns into someone who can't control his desires when someone takes off their clothes in front of him, and also somewhat of a rapist. Long way to go but its gradually turning south tbh.

I'm reading on to see where things go with his harem, the other aspects of the story are disappointing unlike the initial impressions.

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nanda322 rated it
Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
January 2, 2018
Status: c33
I normally don't bother writing a review for novels but I really had to write one for this novel.

Apparently, people in this novel have an on/off switch with their emotions and manners. Either you revere someone and be extra polite or you tell them to f&*k off. No middle ground. OK, not everyone is like that but far too many to be realistic.

MC is literally a human trash. Very narrow minded and unrealistic. So he hates those overbearing young masters when he was poor and being bullied. So what does... more>> he do when he gets rich. Of course, he's gotta join the gang and be one of those trashy people.

Romance is also rather stupid. Actually, it's not really there. Kinda an after thought.

Author really loves his MC. Everything about him is godly and everyone loves him. C'mon now, he was just a poor sob a while ago. Don't turn him into an asshole over the course of one week.

Anyhow, it won't get better, so read on at your own risk. <<less
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nanda322 rated it
Martial God
January 5, 2017
Status: c66
This is honestly like those old wuxia novels. Quite good story building without the usual stupidity you would find in average xianxias. There are no stupid internal conflicts with family members trying to kill each other just because someone is better than someone else. Or people looking down on others excessively.

MC isn't thrust into a revenge plot from the start. It's a bit slow in terms of story line but it's a stable development. MC isn't unreasonably smart or brave, his behaviour and thought process is very true to his... more>> age. Only thing might be hiding his cultivation from his family which is kinda a necessity for the novel to progress. <<less
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nanda322 rated it
Global Evolution
May 16, 2017
Status: c88
So far it has been a good read. The MC's character is realistic. He isn't OP or heroic. He's just a normal guy who was slightly luckier than others to have saved someone he needed to keep the story going. Although, that person is overly attached to MC for no real reason that I can tell.

The side character's personalities are well written, even if they are going to die in the near future.

The science involved is meh. There are some aspects that are too convenient. Especially about the red fog.... more>> We're being repeatedly reminded that normal people cannot see more than three meters.

Our MC can see around seven to eight meters in the beginning but he was described to be practicing crossbow with a tree 40 meters away. This also applies to everyone else around as the vision blockage is selectively forgotten whenever convenient.

Good thing is that there isn't too much differentiation between s*xes and characters are limited to having heard about rapes and other crimes at this stage.

Looking forward to romantic interests to come on board as the novel isn't particularly long and it does have a romance tag. Could just be a troll though.

Probably the most realistic disaster novel I've read. Not that I've read many. <<less
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