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namige rated it
Doomed to be Cannon Fodder
May 15, 2017
Status: c14
The MC is not a doctor, spy, or assassin, and she's definitely not a genius. She's a landscape gardener who reads a lot of web novels. This is a playful homage to all the transmigration novels and is not to be taken too seriously.

Rather than dying by betrayal, explosion or truck, she ends up living in the world of the novel she's currently reading after injuring her hand on a cactus' spikes. She knows that the rather minor character she's become dies gruesomely and rather than revenge or world domination,... more>> she's just trying to stay alive and out of the male lead's way.

She's managed to find a cactus, maybe she can work out how to return? But the fact that she can hear it talk, as well as some of her other activities, leads to rumours of her insanity.

I really want to see where the author goes with this. Was the cactus hallucinogenic and she's just dreaming? Have the souls of the two women swapped due to a rift in time and space? Is the author going to throw in some more tropes?

Whatever, so far it's fun. <<less
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Someone's upset that the MC didn't let the guy who tortured and killed her in the first chapter die by poisoning at their first meeting after her rebirth. At that time she's 7 and he's 6 and they're both abandoned and abused. I think it's quite well written explaining that she hates what he did to her and can't forgive the adult him, but can't let the child him, who hasn't hurt anyone yet be killed. It even states that she doesn't want to get revenge at the expense of... more>> living well herself. Although when she can get revenge without hurting herself that's different.

Loving it so far. Looking forward to more chapters. Thank you author and translator. <<less
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namige rated it
The Beautiful Time With You
January 1, 2019
Status: c25
This is so cute!! I really enjoy this author's novels, but sometimes the misunderstamdings and angst get a bit frustrating. So when the author and translator have both said this novel will have much less angst and much more comedy/sweetness, it went straight to my 'read this first' list.

The first real conversation of the couple then involved a misunderstanding and Yao being a bit weak and my heart fell... had I been tricked as well??

But then the ML made her cake fall onto the ground and Yao turned into a... more>> tiger, unwilling to waste her time on him anymore.

The writing and translation are excellent. The story involves online gaming and starts while the couple are in university so it has a very similar vibe to 'A Slight Smile is Very Alluring', but I'm enjoying this even more because the leads seem slightly more nuanced and less perfect.

Yao lives to eat and the ML's room mates provide comic relief.

Highly recommended if you like romance and want a break from angst and tragedy. (I'll update this after more has been translated.) <<less
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The ML and FL wake up in a coffin together. The ml's parents are desperate to break a family curse and perform a marriage ceremony and shove the unconscious ML & FL into a coffin. Neither main character gets asked their opinion or permission.

Yes it's a bit contrived that the upset FL flails about when distressed on waking up in a coffin next to a stranger and in a different era, conveniently knocking a bottle of potent aphrodisiac onto the ml, but it means that she gets to have cute... more>> kids with her when after running away, telling the ML what just what she thinks of him saying the s*x was an "accident", falling off a cliff and disappearing from his life for 6 years! (Longest sentence ever, sorry.)

Truly think the parents are more at fault than the ML (as well as whoever put the aphrodisiac in the tomb when they all thought the FL was dead...o.O)

Just wanted to say this isn't like all the a**hole, arrogant, attractive douchebag ML stories that start with rape. <<less
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namige rated it
June Bride
December 27, 2017
Status: --
Hi. This is very short and very sad/bitter-sweet. Really, really short!

It's not obvious what is going on, (not that anything does).

It's up to the reader to interpret, avoid if you don't like having to decipher meanings.

My take was that the MC regrets not making their feelings clear and being timid, causing the one to they love to not understand their feelings for them. But it's very metaphorical, almost poetical.
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