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Great Demon King
February 13, 2017
Status: c30
MC was a virgin otaku shut in NEET in modern Earth. He got kidnapped by a devil dao practitioner to be used as a revival device in case he lost a battle. Not only did he lose the battle but his reincarnation spell was detected and destroyed, resulting in the death of the devil dao's practitioner's personality but still giving the MC all his knowledge and the seed of power for cultivating it back. Also the backlash from the spell breaking killed the MC, resulting in him transmigrating (with the... more>> power seed and memories of both of them) into a western fantasy world and possessing a pitiful s*ave in a magic academy that was recently killed for the lulz by one of the noble students.

The MC then decided he will "get revenge" on said necromancy student for the perfect stranger whose body he snatched (explicitly not for himself, he explicitly views that body snatched person as different rather than a part of him)... he snuck into her room where she sleeps at night, woke her up, and pretended to be a zombie to scare her... because it is a well known fact that necromancers are afraid of zombies and apparently "scaring her" is suitable revenge for years of abuse and murdering him for the lulz. She screamed (and woke up and pissed off all the other students in that specific dorm), but then immediately figured out what is going on. Instead of killing him again, she this time only delivered a beating... only we now discover she is jadelike, a future harem member (confirmed), and MC sexually got off on being beaten.

The other students all decided to spare him because he pretended to "have gone retarded" from the spell she used to kill him before. And as a shut in neet he somehow gained the ability to perfectly predict human behavior and logic! So he used his "genius" to perfectly predict that if he pretends to be "retarded" they won't touch him, despite years of horrible scarring abuse and even outright killing him on a whim. He will abuse this "pretend to be retarded" thing along with his perfect prediction of human behavior in many future chapters where again and again the murderous students will pointlessly spare him or accept his words as truth "because he is a retard, they can't lie!".

Future chapters continue in the same vein. MC only gets s*upider and s*upider, acts out on every s*upid pointless whim to perform prank after prank, and yet things constantly go his way because of plot armor and bad writing.

This is the most retarded story that ever retarded (author uses that word a LOT). And the MC is not evil, he just plays minor pranks. <<less
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mrttao rated it
Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
November 21, 2017
Status: c6

A self insert gary stu fanfic fixfic of harry potter. Only its from china, so there are weird names and goblins have eyes that "shine with cunning" and MC is "horrified all his secrets are seen through" by ollivander.

MC was a (chinese) huge fan of Harry Potter and read the books multiple times. He then died and reincarnated as a newborn baby in Harry Potter world, he thought it was a normal earth until he got his hogwarts letter at age 11. Seconds after getting the letter he went with his parents to a business meal...

Remember the business meal during which dobby dropped a cake on the wife of the visitor to get harry in trouble? This scene specifically = https://youtu. be/SKxq5iWCEPg

well, turns out MC was inserted as their kid. Only this time because of MC meddling dobby gave dudley a pig tail instead (rather uncharacteristic of him, also trying to hug canon). And in few whispers that happened offscreen MC convinced his parents that magic is real, that harry is abused, and that they should bribe vernon with a good business deal to convince him to let them take harry of his hands, so he is now the MC's adopted brother!

MC seems to switch between knowing stuff, such as knowing about harry and dudley and lockhart. To not knowing stuff, such as harry informing him about snape and MC then "realizing snape is an a**hole" based on harry's description. How did he not know anything about snape if he is such a huge fan that memorized the books?

After 6 chapters nothing really happened, MC faffed about a bit, MC is as studious and smart as hermione with whom he engages in technobabble, giving harry a headache. MC convinces mrs weasley to let him buy an expensive robe for ginny. And for some damn reason MC has a thestral core wand from ollivander. At least it isn't elderwood too, since if it was it would literally be the elder wand.

Also for some reason MC is horrified by having a thestral core wand and wants to throw it away instead of elated at having innate powers over death and being an OP mary sue.

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mrttao rated it
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
April 14, 2017
Status: --
This started out amazing. One of the better stories around.

But sadly it did not last. The MC has become utterly insufferable, he keeps on setting situations where people rightly do not have faith in him, and then he shatters their views and proves himself vastly superior and justified in his arrogance. The author seems quite clueless as to how silly and petty this is. As well as to the fact that the MC is often in the wrong even though the author insists he is in the right. This has... more>> become bad enough that I dropped it. <<less
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mrttao rated it
The Book Eating Magician
June 19, 2017
Status: c34
c8: So far its not bad.

MC is well versed in magic theory but cannot graduate from magic academy due to lack of innate casting talent and isn't rich so he can't afford the potions to permanently increase his raw capacity that could compensate for low talent. He finds an ancient grimoire in the school's magic library that chooses him based on his personality.

The gromoire latches on to him like a parasite and can eat books (a limited quantity per day) and IF he has already mastered the theoretical knowledge in... more>> the book he fed it then it will give a related boost (like the memories of the author practicing the magic in question). This also has limitations, for example he cannot benefit from the summoning fire elemental familiar spell because he lacks fire affinity. So the spell is useless to him. It feels like a vastly nerfed version of The Gamer, but with a better in universe justification.

It is an OP cheat, but so far its not completely crazy. Also aside from the main power, the story itself is so far pleasant enough. Time will tell if it continues to be well written.

c34 Edit: It got somewhat less pleasant to read so I am dropping a star. MC is somewhat annoying now, hopped up on arrogance, and also keeps on rushing into melee despite being a glass canon ranged nuker that has no business of ever entering melee.

Furthermore, the limitations on the MC disappeared in a puff of smoke. He gets instant cast slots from the grimoire. He can eat normal magic items (not books) with no limit to rapidly level up his cultivation rank, get special powers, and even increase his talent. Such that he becomes super broken OP super fast. He also got a summon now, earth elemental.

It is actually more OP than The Gamer now, since he doesn't need to train or grind, just find and eat magic items to get instant diverse powerups without a limit. Basically, This is what The Gamer would have looked like if he could convert money into XP, and was an arrogant Chinese MC <<less
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mrttao rated it
The Wizard World
June 29, 2017
Status: c74
The MC is a closet lolicon in denial at the beginning. the tags by the translator suggests he will eventually become a full lolicon.

There is a very long (50-something chapters) prologue where the MC is faffing about with the family of the dude whose corpse he body snatched before even starting to learn magic.

The MC seems to be your typical japanese highschooler isekai in terms of waifu, emotions, and morality early on, although he does seem to mellow out on it as time goes on (actually dropping his celibacy!). He... more>> also builds himself a fake harem, where he actually goes so far as faking s*x with them when they ask to have s*x with him. He is faking it so that they and their family can get benefits from his super evil but doting father without him actually laying a hand on them (why not? they are literally in love with him and asked for sex! its not like the girls who were kidnapped by his father for his harem are the ones asking for sex, not touching those is understandable but those don't even ask).

Also, the MC sees how much the father of the corpse he bodysnatched loves him. And immediately starts loving him unconditionally as well. Despite the fact that he is horrendously evil and everyone hates him and for good reasons for all of them. Anyone from earth should be utterly horrified at the pure unadulterated Evil that is Father.

Also, the author writes a lot of combat scenes and he is really really bad at them. They are often quite moronic and make no goddamn sense. For example, the MC is shooting arrows at a dozen enemies killing one of them per shot with his cheat aimbot, then bam, he is hit by a crossbow bolt! surprise, he didn't notice that half the cavalry he is shooting at stopped their horses, drew out crossbows from their ass, knocked them, and shot back at him because... reasons? it's secretly a turn based game?

Or he is fighting an enemy who is much much slower than him in melee. suddenly the enemy jumps backwards to put in distance between them, reaches into his satchel, draws and throws 3 knives, this entire thing was done "quicker than the MC could react". what the f*ck is this bullshit? MC has twice his agi and earlier we have seen that the result of having 2x the agility means he moves faster than the enemy can see! yet suddenly its the enemy's turn so he does all those immersion breaking actions.

I am dead serious when I say that I think the author played out the battles in DnD until he got what he wanted.

Frankly the godawful and completely random and senseless combat is likely going to be what makes me drop this series.

If you want something similar, try "Warlock of the Magus World", "Age of Adepts", "Throne of Magical Arcana", or "A Sorcerer's Journey". Those are better than The Wizard World.

Warlock of the Magus world is a far better rewrite of this story by a different author. Setting is very similar, it is what this could have been. The MC leaves to the magic academy on chapter one, he has a consistent personality (if a bit dry). The battle make sense.

A sorcerer's journey is quite interesting because it is basically WMW but the MC has no cheat (so far. every sorcerer of average+ talent should have an innate ability that gets awoken by the testing, but he doesn't understand what his is yet; but based on what I have seen so far I do not believe it will be a cheat) nor is he a body snatcher from earth (he was born and raised in that world as a dirt poor peasant).

Throne of the arcana is actually kinda annoying. MC dies on earth and bodysnatches a boy in a world of sorcery. with a hypocritical magical church that suppresses sorcerers (any mages who are not of the church). The cheat there is pretty annoying and totally unexplainable. he just has a library in his brain for no reason.

As for age of adepts, it is the closest to WMW. MC is just a little less smart and ruthless than leylin. there are also waifu. But its unclear so far what will happen and how it will be treated. And his AI cheap is inferior to leylin's

edit: I picked it up again and this time I went up to c74 before losing steam. there was more intrigue and less fighting so it was bearable. MC still a moron and the few battles were still bad, but slightly less bad as of late; MC also is slightly less of a japanese MC now. for example a girl with hopelessly low talent recruited him to her mage family. he gets 2 wives with low talent from her family (her and her niece) and a bunch of resources for cultivation, she gets a bonus for recruited talented new blood as well as being allowed to continue attending the academy despite her failure to progress thus far. He actually started sleeping with her (but refused to even meet her niece, the other wife, for unexplained "reasons").

eventually I ran out of ch to read and by the time more were translated I just didn't feel like it again. <<less
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mrttao rated it
Throne of Magical Arcana
April 17, 2017
Status: c14
MC dies on earth and body snatches a fresh corpse in a world of magic. As usual he has a cheat, but what bothers me most is that there is zero explanation or justification for his cheat, which comes off as lazy writing. The cheat is a library in his brain full of books from Earth. But some of the books are locked until later for unexplained reasons. And then some magic books get destroyed in his presence and that somehow adds them to the library in his mind (even... more>> though he never read them, never touched them, nor was he involved in their destruction).

Where did the library come from? Why is there a library in his brain??? Who knows, the author is certainly not bothering to explain.

So far its barely tolerable. MC is very s*upid and prone to both panic and emotion driven suicidal actions. And always gets saved by plot armor. That being said, the author seems to intend for him to grow and learn (ie, author probably wants to try to justify the MC being ruthless and wise later on instead of a random earth reincarnator suddenly acting OOC. I am not saying that ruthless is wise and the ideal state, rather that I feel like this story is hinting towards what the MC will grow into) and it is only c14.

While it is pretty insufferable now MC has been making vows to learn from his mistakes (despite repeating them, but maybe it's just to hammer it in, it has only been 14 chapters). Time will tell if he actually learns from it and changes. <<less
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Cultivation Chat Group
January 29, 2017
Status: c75
This is the best cultivation story I have read this far.

It is a modern day xianxia fusion with lots of humor. The MC is actually likeable and is not a moron nor a psychopath.
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Dragon Blood Warrior
June 6, 2017
Status: v2c6
Its porn, and as far as porn goes it's mediocre at best.

Characters and plot are bad even for a porno. MC is a moron with plot armor, a rapist, and an a**hole. He even cucks his own loving father, for no better reason that his step mom being pretty.

MC is allegedly a genius who keeps on coming with plans that perfectly manipulate other people. Except sometimes plot requires him to be an utter moron so he would have a sudden bout of extreme s*upidity. (For example, so he could get... more>> captured by enemy amazons who really want to use him for breeding)

Translation looks like it's MTL <<less
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Master of the Stars
March 11, 2017
Status: c46
Its the future, tech is way more advanced, flying cars galore, and humans are confined to dense cities because of extremely dangerous supermutants (think Fallout, but with very futuristic city states) and unexplained "natural" disasters that limit human expansion.

The MC is basically a cultivator under another name with a somewhat original cultivation system, in a world that is your typical futuristic society rather than your normal xianxia fare. His cultivation method was given to him by his father, which was invented based on illegal human experiments done by his father... more>> and grandfather and not widely understood nor practiced (there are allusions to world's number 1 megacorp using his research for "stuff" relating to military and the like). Said cultivation seems to require him to synthesize and consume ridiculously large and lethal doses of psychotropic drugs which directs his school and life choices.

So far (c16) it is fairly slow, and the first 3 chapters were a bit of a slog, but it then got better and I am curious to see where it will go.

edit: c46 read so far and it went good places. <<less
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God Emperor
July 15, 2018
Status: c11

This couldn't get more cliche. Also about half of every chapter is repetition (on average, some are even more, some are less).

MC is tr*sh that can't cultivate, everyone hates him for no reason, transmigrate, cheats (followed him in reincarnation and only started working now. The cheat is a common looking energy gem that is actually a pocket dimension that can store stuff, has time dilation that increases with his cultivation, and contains an inheritance), cultivate at an utterly ridiculous speed (ridiculous even for one of those cliche stories).

What really gets me is how s*upid MC is. He sees his body's mother (which he cares about for some reason) going around suffering to try to finance his cultivation. Pawning her jewelry, begging, etc. He decides to keep his wealth and abilities a secret from her "so it will be a surprise".

At the same time he explicitly confides almost all his secrets with the maid (it literally explicitly states he told her all his secrets except his reincarnation and the time-space spindle). This is after he was killed via a betrayal of a woman he loved in the past life. Moreover, the new body he snatched on reincarnation was also betrayed by the woman it loved (before being taken over by the MC who doesn't care about her anymore). So having known repeated betrayel from waifus, he continues to tell them all his secrets. At least tell the mother instead of telling the waifu.

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World Controlling God
February 12, 2017
Status: c8
Modern day earth has cultivators in secret, an old and high ranking cultivator from earth dies in sect battle.

He then transmigrates and possesses the fresh corpse of a 12 year old cripple-tr*sh in a typical xia crapsack world, luckily modern day earth has far more advance cultivation techniques than the xianxia world, and his OP body tempering technique from earth can cure the cripple-tr*sh's broken meridians in under a month.

MC then displays the maturity of a 5 year old and the IQ of a chimp to continuously bumble around like... more>> a complete and utter retard, getting s*upider by the page. He constantly picks pointless fights with people vastly stronger than him, even though he could surpass them in a few days of training but is currently significantly weaker he is unwilling to wait a few days and has to rely on plot armor to survive..

He is incapable of subtlety or cunning or tact. He cannot into human relations, emotions, or intellect. He can neither comprehend nor properly respond to the gratitude felt towards him by some girl he saved. And he flip flops between being low key and telling the watching bystanders all his secrets while pointlessly beating up young masters that for once were not even picking a fight with him.

The translation quality is good though <<less
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9 Heavenly Thunder Manual
November 10, 2017
Status: --
So many people are giving this novel 1 star for the author's "extremely racist" depiction of japanese as murderer/rapist/necrophiles... Those people complaining should really google "r*pe of nanking".

Not too long ago japan conquered the capital of china. The soldiers then systematically went door to door, raping all the women and children, and then executing them via grotesque mutilations. for children, they were often killed first and their had their corpse raped after being killed. about 300-thousand chinese civilians were killed this way. Not to mention the whole part where many... more>> many chinese women were carted off to japan, raped for the purpose of impregnating them, then vivisected alive so they could experiment on the growing fetuses.

This author depiction of the japanese is actually a historically accurate depiction of their last war with china. So many people are giving it 1 star for historical accuracy being "extremely racist" <<less
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mrttao rated it
The Almighty Martial Arts System
February 19, 2017
Status: c2
MC is a "real" medical doctor, he got fired from the hospital for "offending" the director's son, and decided to open his own clinic and be his own boss. It worked well for the first 2 months, then an extremely sexy bombshell of a young single mother doctor opened an identical looking clinic next door (why?) and now he can barely make rent because all his customers are going to her instead, and plays video games all day waiting for customers that don't come. (Dear author, this is not how... more>> doctors doctor!).

One day his girlfriend makes him spill his drink on his laptop while playing an MMO and he gets an electric shock from it. This gives him a ripoff of The Gamer's powerset. And he decides then decides to become a mary sue.

The translation is also godawful, barely edited machine translation. I would have probably tried a few more chapters to see if it gets better if the translation wasn't so goddamn bad. That said, the rating I gave is not for the translation. <<less
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mrttao rated it
Pivot of the Sky
May 29, 2018
Status: c85
It is pretty good. MC starts off as a 14 year old, by ch85 he is now 16. He is mature for his age but sometimes he does act childish. He comes from an isolated community so sometimes he makes mistakes that can be attributed to his age and upbringing. Unlike other xianxia protags he actually learns from it.

The official description is misleading, MC is a miner of Magic Gems which requires a special art that can only be used by combining being a low level Mage and a low... more>> level Warrior (body cultivator), he is only poor compared to other magic miners because his dad is an alcoholic... still pretty rich compared to other commoners.

The magic gem (God's Tear) he finds referenced in the description is actually arranged by his master, a Mysterious Old Man (TM) who is teaching him cultivation, reading, and other things. The gem is taken minutes after it is dug out by nearby nobles (just as planned), and MC goes on a totally unrelated quest set to him by his master (he has no interest in recovering that specific God's Tear).

The setting is ancient Egypt, Babylon, Sumeria, etc. With references to the "distant lands" of ancient Greece. Expect cameos from Cain and Abel, Moses, Samson, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Socrates, Gilgamesh, Marduc, Amon, Sinbad, etc. With their plot usually having some ideas taken from their source material, but also wildly altered and mashed together.

Sects don't exist, face and young masters are not really a thing. Instead the culture, plot and conflict revolves around the competing nations, the competing pantheons of said nations, the priesthoods, nobility, and s*aves. Overall its pretty interesting and fresh take on the cultivation formula <<less
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Against the Gods
November 15, 2017
Status: c628
Some reviewers are b*tching about how the MC is a rapist... this is rather nonsensical

... more>>

MC has magic healing sperm, a woman who is madly in love with him and clearly reciprocating is crippled and dying and he can heal her. Despite actually wanting to (both because she is in love with him and because she doesn't want to die), she declares that she needs to die because her sect law bans relations with a man and as much as she loves him, she would rather die than disobey her sect.

At which point he "rapes" her, she makes a full recovery, and we discover the reason the sect has that law is that their cultivation technique is copied to anyone they have s*x with and they rightly know other sects will be lining up to gangr*pe them if they knew.

This is extremely contrived and unrealistic scenario the author has set up, and yes technically speaking this is r*pe since she said no in the end.

But saying "this story is bad because MC is a rapist" implies a completely different scenario than what actually happened in this story


So, while it is unjustified to say "MC is a rapist, therefore this is a bad story", this doesn't mean this story is not utter crap.

There are some really BS time travel stuff that completely ruins tension. MC starts out as somewhat clever, but soon transforms into being extremely s*upid. With plot armor thicker than the earth's crust.

MC is just chasing one woman after another while abandoning his previous waifus to horrible fates (but don't worry, plot armor extends to them too somewhat. although their family might all die horribly / become s*x s*aves, the waifu herself would always be saved by plot armor or the MC coming back in the nick of time. If plot armor is what saves her she will also disappear from the story for hundreds of chapters).

Literally every tiny ass piddling minor clan has a soul crystal that shows if a person is alive or dead. But MC never ever leaves any of those behind even after becoming royalty and having access to such resources. So that the same people can repeatedly assume he is dead (after he does a suicidally s*upid thing and only survives due to plot armor and being transported somewhere where it is slightly difficult to communicate with them so he doesn't bother to), his families (both original and new wives/baby mommas and their own clans/sects/countries) then get rekt to the brink of ruin, and then he comes back out of nowhere to save the waifu dramatically at the last moment (too bad about her clan/sect/country being rekt).

Every antagonist is a moustache twirling villain with a single digit IQ. MC is constantly picking pointless fights, then goes on edgelord pointless genocide route with the claim of not wanting any relatives rising in revenge (MC literally killed millions of civilians; this is played off as cool; often they are not even clan members but just happen to be in the same city when he wipes it out)

Except, he only genocides the clan and not the various other clans who had marriage relations with that clan he genocided! nor people who are physically outside the clan at the time. so actually plenty of people wish revenge on him and his genocide attempt actually vastly increases the number of living people with a grudge instead of decreasing it. Moreso when he is wiping out a city instead of a clan. All the while literally say "I am a righteous hero doing what I must..."

Furthermore he also often pointlessly spares people who are actually a credible threat to him in a completely and utterly uncharacteristic manner because the PLOT calls for him to do so. Despite explicitly admitting in character that he shouldn't spare them because they are a credible threat, but then he does anyways for no reason.

The only reason I even reached as far as I did is that I am a completionist who dislikes dropping stories. And because it started out interesting but has been getting progressively worse. <<less
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Stealing The Heavens
June 8, 2018
Status: c381
A bunch of Chinese historical & "historical" figures (romance of the 3 kingdoms) reincarnated into xianxia world when they died on earth and became cultivators.

... more>>

Earth is a tr*sh tier realm, some very high level higher realm cultivator noted their exceptional cunning and drive (earth had cultivators, but those historical figures were not cultivators), placed a seal on their souls after their death, and arranged for them to reincarnate an isolated top tier cultivation planet after giving them each an inheritance suited to them. He has plans for them. He is also been gone for a very long time and had nothing to do with the MC travelling over


MC is a cultivator from earth (a tr*sh world with very low qi levels and sucky cultivation heritage, so nobody bothers with it) that gets dimensionally displaced with his real body into said xianxia world. MC gets heaven defying inheritance that lets him steal anything, including things like lifespan (to fuel forbidden techniques), talent, special physiques. In addition MC's inheritance gives him ridiculously OP stealth techniques, ridiculously OP formation breaking arts, information on valuable and rare materials, etc etc etc. The only thing not included in his immortal inheritance (on purpose) are combat arts and resources. MC is expected to steal them himself.

Author often worfs the MC to show how awesome those historical figures are. He can't stop wanking over them, and they all have plot armor up the wazoo because the author can't bear to see any of them die; even though they are all trying to kill each other and the MC gets involved in their fighting, none of them have died so far, only nameless redshirts get killed by the millions. On several occasions an enemy gets captured by MC, and for some contrived reason he has to let them go.

Make no mistakes though, MC is ridiculous OP with ridiculous cheat powers. It is only the chinese "historical" figures that are resistant against it (in that sense that he can't kill them, he can still give them some defeats).

MC is also a huge hypocrite. He flips out when his teacher kills a nameless waitress for spilling a drink (to maintain his ruthless reputation and reduce assassinations attempts against him due to politics). MC swears to avenge her and gives his teacher a bunch of grief for it...

But at that point MC himself already has the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians on his hands when he did things like bribing a barbarian tribe to sack a city and helping them breach its defenses because he has some enemies in the city he wants to die without implicating him. <<less
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mrttao rated it
Age of Adepts
May 22, 2018
Status: c117
A copy of warlock of the magus world with its own unique spin on things. Every woman is a horrific insane psychob*tch, and MC is a masochist so he waifus a harem of horrific women even though I prey for them to die instead (I am looking at you Alice. you murderous sadistic nutcase). I am being literal here, MC literally gets off on being physically beaten by Mary (vampire waifu)

The AI cheat is stated to be weaker than the WMW by many reviewers... but this is only on... more>> the first chapter, it rapidly gets better and better and quickly surpasses WMW AI cheat in terms of cheat factor (letting him instantly cast spells, and store extra mana vastly increasing his casting stamina, things WMW AI cheat never did).

Like WMW it can copy all data he sees, process it so he "learns" it, optimize spells to be better, and take control over his hands to craft items at obscenely high levels. He specializes in golem making, where the AI cheat takes a book that teaches the making of basic golems and reverse engineers the principals behind it to allow him to "invent" ever more powerful golems, as well as different material types (each golem design is only useful for a specific material).

Unlike WMW he doesn't need any specific reference materials or research to do so. Even when all he has is that original book his AI cheat can still invent things like having a golem with multiple cores. The AI cheat also controls his hands to craft the runes at microscopic size to create massively better golems, and controls the golems for him in combat.

Author also cannot be arsed to remember what rules he sets, completely forgetting things like mana limitations ("ok, I can cast this spell 3 times per day at current level". next chapter, cast the spell 30 times in a row).

MC is a suicidal moron who repeatedly and knowingly commits suicide only to survive via plot armor. Where leylin would say "if I go there I would lose my little life" this MC says in character something that basically amounts to "wow, I will surely die if I try to attack this official adept monster despite me only being an apprentice... but meh, he has some treasure I want to steal so lets do it, I am sure it will work out". To be clear, the MC is aware in character that he has plot armor and actively relies on it.

There is also the time where MC got "too excited" (author's words) to wait 3 days between doses of spirit enhancing potions he bought (using most of his money from a pretty big windfall that doesn't seem like it can be repeated), even though he explicitly stated in character that not waiting the 3 days between doses will cause massive drop to his physique stat and reduced gains to his spirit stat, he still drank it anyways because of being too excited. He ended up so weak he literally couldn't walk and had to spend most of his remaining funds on uncrippling himself.

Also, for some reason MC has XP bar and HP in addition to stats, and must spend XP to learn spells once the AI cheat activates. Unlike WMW where the AI chip only estimated the MC's "stats" of strength, vitality, and spirit based on comparing him to other people (1.00 being an average normal human) and there was no such thing as XP and HP. Here nobody else seems to have XP and HP... I don't know what the deal is with that bit, it is never properly addressed by the author. <<less
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Great Dao Commander
August 1, 2017
Status: v2c56
The initial setup is a bit cringe worthy, MC transmigrated into someone with the same name, cheat item, tr*sh cultivation, young masters, face craziness, etc. Although for once MC came from a post apocalyptic world instead of modern day earth. Power through that, as it will get quite good and unique.

In so many stories the MC flip flops between being low key at the wrong time, and high key at the wrong time. The author calls it genius but it is clearly s*upidity and self harming.

Great Dao Commander is different.... more>> MC is intentionally showing off to create fame for himself to achieve great rewards, authority, and protection from the sect; he actually resorts to cheating in competitions in order to boost his fame, create a false reputation as a genius, and win treasures from competitions (saying that he must snatch fortune).

Yes it makes him enemies (and the occasional ally), but he has to acquire those rare resources somehow and he was going to make enemies anyways, and he is fully aware of the fact and simply views it as a race forward, can he advance faster than his enemies expect. Because if he doesn't do that, then he will simply get stuck and die of old age (or the enemies he made in the past).

Besides that, it is a lot more interesting to read a story where MC has multiple enemies and multiple allies that he has to balance, survive, and thrive between. There is a measure of politics involved and they are presented in a fun manner.

He is hiding a few things, but not because of any "must be low key without logic even when self harming" nonsense. They are either trump cards or things that were gotten through illicit means (such as murdering a young master and looting his stuff). And by hiding I mean actually hiding them, not revealing them on the first competition and then making a s*upid excuse, but really letting not a single person alive know the truth and only taking them out when his life is in great danger and he intends to kill all witnesses.

MC here is also very proactive, he makes plans and goes out to execute them instead of just cultivating in a cave until the villain of the week draws him out. While sometimes enemies still come to him first and force changes to his plans, but he doesn't just go with a flow but rather comes up with a new plan to fit the new situation and turn their plots on their head. But usually he is the one who initiates things.

Overall it is a flawed but enjoyable novel. There are certainly some issues, but it is a worthy read. <<less
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Legend of the Great Sage
June 19, 2017
Status: c111
Note: the first 121 chapters are on a website that is now dead. However, it can luckily still be found on the waybackmachine internet archive here (just remove the spaces this website added in to break the link) :

https://web. archive. org/web/20170428190134/https://scatterdrift. com/2017/04/20/lotgs-book-1-chapter-1/

Warning: My review below contains spoilers

... more>>

So far this is great. MC reincarnated (for once not transmigrated, but actually reborn into an infant!) from earth... into a crappy village in the middle of nowhere. Reincarnators who retain their memories are not unheard of and are normally recruited into xianxia sects to learn cultivation (as it is considered a form of mental talent). But he instead got exorcised by the evil village witch, and having watched her kill off another family for "bad omens" (aka not playing along and submitting to her) shut his mouth and worked hard at the farm.

At age 15 MC runs away from his abusive family and lucks out into finding a master... who teaches him "demon" (which means animals who cultivate) cultivation techniques instead of human cultivation techniques. Practicing demonic cultivation actually causes him to transform from being a human into becoming a minotaur like creature.

MC personality is actually decent. He is neither a psychotic killer, nor is extreme bleeding heart pacifist / wussy japanese reincarnator.

Moreover, the world is pretty decent as well. Author even takes the occasional amusing jab at your typical xianxia insanity. With the MC expecting to be forced to kill the young master, then his dad, then his dad, then his dad, then their whole clan... only to be shocked by the reality of it not coming to pass as people are actually able to show a shred of reason.

While exceptions exist, most people can be sensible. While greedy people are many, not everyone would rob for money. MC sometimes trusts people, and amazingly not everyone of them is greedy to the bone. Some are, some aren't.

MC amusingly practices some "evil" arts, but only against unambiguously acceptable targets (eg, mass murdering bandits).

Likewise, MC avoids the insanity of the "low profile to a fault" so commonly practiced in xianxia.

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Warlock of the Magus World
December 18, 2016
Status: c1134
It isn't perfect, but it is one of the better fics on this site. Although a good deal of it is due to how different it is. The author actually crafted a consistent main character who doesn't deviate for s*upid random reasons. And an evil MC that is not extremely s*upid is very very rare on CN LN. This does make the MC very dry though.

If there were more stories with Evil MCs who only did evil for the sake of benefits, were not morons, and did not act lolrandumb... more>> then this story would easily drop to a 3 star. But the fact is that it is fairly unique and as such gets to fill a niche and also demonstrate the author's willingness to innovate (on this one aspect, he rips off his settings) drives it up to 4 stars, and makes it one of my favorite stories to read despite its flaws. The only similar MC I have found is in "Gu Daoist Master / Reverend Insanity", all other recommendations of "evil MC" are either morons, lolrandumb, or break character too often (usually to white knight for some woman).

The MC has an OP item (the AI chip), but so does every MC in xianxia/xuanhuan. Some complain that it is too strong because the MC relies on it a lot, but actually that is just one of the signs of MC not being s*upid (like so many other MCs) and utilizing his cheat optimally. It isn't that his cheat is exceptional compared to other cheats, its just that he uses it far better than many other protagonists do. And he does get things done under his own powers as the plot progresses, and the chip is severely limited by his own cultivation realm, so don't expect him to just take on people at higher realms. That said, calling him a scientist is a joke, the AI cheat is a scientist, the MC is the CEO that makes actually intelligent decisions on what to have the AI cheat do when.

That said, the cheat item only detracts from this story, it would have definitely been a 5 star story if the MC didn't have the AI Cheat. It is also implausible in so many ways that don't make sense, like when it somehow is able to remove toxins from the MC's body, or create accurate simulation based on information it can't know (because its unable to scan the enemy).

This series doesn't feel like it runs off of plot armor (barring a few exceptions). Generally it feels like the MC is in actual danger. He has to cleverly wield his powers (cheat included) to avoid death. As well as avoiding making enemies with those he cannot beat. Although there are some exceptions

Also other people in the world are not morons either. Young master upset that his fiance is flirting with the MC? His elder who believes he is a major realm above the MC actually makes him apologize to the MC to avoid pointlessly starting fights with random people of unknown backgrounds; this is done to set the tone and mood of how cautious magi need to be and how they can't just act like morons all the time. although again, there are intentional exceptions showing different cultures due to different nature of powers. You have those at lower levels who failed to advance because they were not cunning enough, those with inborn powers (which typically also makes them emotional and insane, and prone to getting rekt by the weaker but more logical maguses), or those who seek to build empires instead of cultivation might have different philosophy and behavior. Some of the previously mentioned differences occur across worlds though instead of being found among the magi themselves.

The MC is evil, if this is a deal breaker then don't read this. But he isn't doing evil for fun or evulz like so many other evil characters. Refreshingly he only does evil when it benefits him, and even then he keeps it on the down low because he realizes reputation matters (although he rates reputation very lowly compared to any material benefits).

For example, there are occasional NPCs who consume the souls of an entire town to grow more powerful, MC considers them morons who would be hunted down, and limits himself to experimenting on a few condemned criminals which he secretly buys from the local lord.

He also does good things as well. Either for tangible benefits or for pure PR. So long as he gets a benefit from it. For example he reformed education in some place and giving equal opportunity... so he could steal secret knowledge and so that his minions would be stronger.

MC doesn't give a rats ass about face, and avoids insulting people or getting into other people's business when he can help it. There is still conflict though because cultivation is dangerous in this setting and many people have mental instabilities and outright insanity due to cultivation errors. The MC himself has for a time such an issue which he resolves in a timely manner, but not before managing to get himself into some trouble with an overpowered organization and going on the run. But instead of being forever, he actually resolves that issue. Later on conflict stems from fighting over limited resources.

Plot holes or OOC behavior that turns out to have been justified after the fact only happens very rarely and in small amounts. Especially when compared to other chinese novels. The writing style is overall pleasant, unlike your typical xianxia with its 10 pages of "the observing crowd's mind shook as he leveled up!" or constant repetition and filler. Although at later chapters it somewhat deteriorates a bit with some filler and repetition, still not nearly as bad compared to most other CN novels in terms of padding.

Also, the Harem tag is wrong. the MC buys magically mind-wiped s*aves for his mansions whenever he moves to a new region (with various training and specialities; cooks, cleaners, maids, guards, and lewd). And later on when he becomes a major lord he marries (not out of love. more like he just needs a wife so he picks a suitable noblewoman who is interested and he has good relations with).

And gets a few concubines with interestingly powerful bloodlines (to spread his bloodline so he has more powerful minions and control over the warlock clans). Those women are largely irrelevant except for establishing his own character, this is most definitely not a "harem genre". <<less
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