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mrcogllrdo rated it
The Dungeon Seeker
July 30, 2017
Status: v1c03
I just can't keep reading anymore. This is so bad and cringy. The light novel epitomizes one of the main reasons why it's social suicide to even mention you read light novels (up there with mentioning manga and anime). Trying (and failing, horribly) to make the MC seem badass, how black and white the world is, why bullies are inherently bad and have no heart (but MCs can totally make mistakes and learn from them. Too much of a double standard), the rampant effeminate men that are in powerful positions... more>> (like God is literally a borderline twink who likes to wear tight leather pants and some silver BS accessory around his neck. Not gonna touch on the MC), and the superfluous descriptions and explanations of stuff (first chapter consisted of God derailing several times and the characters having to remind him to get back on track. It was pointless filler, the chapter's quality could have been dramatically improved if it was cut out). No one actually acts like this in public, except maybe people that tend to be avoided anyways. It feels like the author doesn't know how most people act IRL, it was very difficult for me to relate with the light novel. Like what's up with the MC realizing his childhood friend only acted to be his friend, then seemingly forgetting about it the next chapter? He literally had his only apparent friend betray him while his bully, Kido, brags to his face that he knocked her up. And then MC, spending less than a paragraph in total reacting to the news, stops thinking about it the next chapter? I can assure you that most people would be absolutely devastated, this is fertile ground for trauma. I get it, the plotline needs to continue and this requires the MC to do stuff other than mope around, but spending virtually no time on this core piece of the MC's history makes him appear flat and shallow.

I don't know whether it's due to the translation, but the grammar and the transition from sentence to sentence was also extremely poor. It was a chore to slog through the reading, like it was a piece of bad fan fiction. I can honestly say reading this was a waste of my time. I also know I listed down as having read only up to chapter 3 of volume 1. I quickly checked out v3c4 and v4c6 to see whether I was full of it (perhaps I jumped the gun on my judgement). Nope, still seems just as bad (maybe worse, it has exaggerated reactions like "Ami dropped her jaws open to those words, " "Junpei made awkwardly smiled wryly, " (I still don't know what this means) "Ami almost collapsed after hearing Junpei say it inattentively, " and the list goes on).

I'm genuinely appalled this light novel has such a high rating. For all incoming readers please skim a few chapters. Don't be like me and foolishly hope that the writing gets better as time goes on. It doesn't, if anything it gets worse. Go read something like "I Reincarnated Into a Vending Machine, " it parodies this type of light novel while still doing a better job than "The Dungeon Seeker." <<less
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mrcogllrdo rated it
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
October 9, 2018
Status: c150
I wanted to like it, I really, really did. And at first I did like it! I got to c150 before I got too fed up with it. It's not that the story is uninteresting since I'm not too interested in plot details and the author seems to have no intention of guiding the story according to a plot (they explicitly state in a few chapters that they are essentially winging it). I am a little annoyed that it doesn't make enough use of the game element mechanic but it's... more>> not a major issue.

There are 3 main things that made me quit reading the light novel.

1) There are way too many characters to remember. There are already like 15-20 names thrown around that I'm supposed to remember when some of them have only been mentioned a handful of times? That's asking too much. Maybe that's not a huge issue for others, but for an individual like me that has a tough time remembering names IRL then it's a real struggle. It also seems rather unnecessary since only a handful of these are actually fleshed out characters with the rest serving as filler material. They're essentially props set up to show how great the main protagonist is. This is especially apparent when the character is introduced to new people and side characters make sure to brag about the main character's achievements. It's done often enough that it makes me question if it's being used as filler. Leading me to my second point

2) What's up with all the side perspectives? I get doing it occasionally with characters that are constantly hanging with the main character, it helps lend substance to them beyond serving as props in the protagonist's life. This author does it way too much though. It seems the only purpose to them is to bolster the main character's image to the reader. The worst bit about it is that you can skip those chapters and you wouldn't really miss anything important since it's usually a recap, just a different perspective. In other words it's all filler material. I understand that the author isn't going in a particular direction but this reeks of desperation for material, it's a horrible writing habit that disrupts the reader's experience of being stuck with one point of view. This sounds very critical and for other stories I would be inclined to agree but you must keep in mind that the writing so far has been set up in one particular manner only: show how great the main character is. So why on earth should I care about the side characters if they're obviously not the main attraction? If you're going to orient your writing to support one single character only then you should stick with that character's perspective. The chapters c182, c183, and c184 are literally others' perspectives back to back. I wish this was a single-time only but this sort of thing happened in earlier chapters.

3) I don't know what the appropriate term for this is since the closest I can think of is "deus ex machina" but it's not that extreme. The story resolves itself too easily. When the main character is going through some conflict that might even look remotely annoying then somehow through luck they stumble upon someone or some event that ends up solving it for them. One immediate example that springs to mind is how the main character notices an orphanage she sponsors has recently doubled in size. The number of caretakers haven't changed so she has been thinking of looking for people that would be interested in helping out. She is also thinking of opening up a restaurant that sells seafood and needs to find workers. Well it turns out a group of bandits have been harassing a coastal town and they have taken a few women as slaves. The main character obviously saves them, and in a stroke of luck they end up working in her seafood restaurant and the orphanage. Seriously? If this was a one-time thing then whatever, it's not a huge deal if this happens occasionally, but it happens often enough where there's no suspense anymore when the main character gets into an issue. Why care when the reader knows from past chapters that it will be promptly resolved in a manner where the main character doesn't jeopardize her image. In other words it feels like there's no real risk to the main character in regards to her health or to her personal/business ventures.

I have a few other complaints but these are the main ones. I had such high hopes for this light novel too since this is one of the few that incorporates some game elements without incorporating a harem or chuuni-type of vibes. The magic stone idea is a little interesting and I wish it could be expanded upon some more, in particular to the potential applications it can be used for. The idea of magic lines as a substitute for electrical lines was interesting to consider, I hadn't really thought of that. Unfortunately the things I listed is too much of a bummer for me that they cannot be ignored. <<less
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mrcogllrdo rated it
The Tutorial Is Too Hard
August 31, 2018
Status: c167
I would give this 5/5 if it wasn't for the fact it has started to depend on filler material ever since the tournament arc began. They were already shifting perspectives between the present and the past (which is really just lazy writing. I know it's supposed to tease the reader into figuring out what happened during the time period but it ends up needlessly complicating things; it's purposefully withholding information to make it seem more mysterious than what it actually is) but now they're shifting between character viewpoints. I don't... more>> care about some chick's viewpoint we hardly interact with throughout the entire story, it's only done because the main character has had s*x with her twice and is a potential love interest. Beyond a handful of chapters she's hardly mentioned anywhere else. It feels like the author is introducing more varied perspectives because it fills up the page, not because they're necessary to progress the story.

Another thing that bothers me is the slight Lolicon undertones. Thankfully it's rare and short-lived but for a small while the main character really wanted to know one of the girls' underwear color. I get the author was trying to make it funny but it just came out awkward and cringe-worthy. Also it feels like the author spends more time describing the child characters than the other characters. It has happened enough times where I wish no more child characters show up. It's just uncomfortable reading the main character's interactions with children so I tend to skim those parts.

There are a few other things but those two are my main complaints. If you want to kill time and don't care about character development (because the characters are definitely flat and easy to predict) then it's a pretty good light novel. The writing quality has started to drop recently so I'm a little worried it will continually get worse. Something to keep in mind. <<less
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mrcogllrdo rated it
A Certain Middle-Aged Man’s VRMMO Activity Log
August 1, 2017
Status: c75
It starts off really strong but slowly devolves into a harem-like situation (it's starting to read like a neckbeard's fantasy. At one point the MC even says "milady" to one of the characters) where luck constantly rains upon the MC, along with other common tropes found in light novels tagged with dungeon or game elements. Also what's up with the Middle English? It's not endearing or anything, it's only annoying considering how nowadays people don't talk like that anymore. It becomes a matter of trying to decipher what the character... more>> is trying to say. Silver, one of the guys in the light novel, is an excellent example of this (though to be fair it's not a common sight for Middle English to appear). There are numerous other faults as well that will take me a while to get into.

Overall I'm highly disappointed. It had a lot of potential but slowly became ruined by the introduction of several tasteless tropes. <<less
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