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mq003at rated it
The 5000-year-old Herbivorous Dragon
March 14, 2018
Status: c2
Mr. Logic is back here. And I can assure that this novel is quite worth to read if you need something to relax and laugh at its comedy.

  • World: dominated by OP being who has high magic capabilities. So basicly if you are born strong, you are strong, and vice versa. But that is the point makes the story hilarious.
  • MC: a naive dragon and a mad-but-OP girl. The girl doesn't believe in herself that the power comes from her and always thinks it comes from the dragon while the dragon is just a weakling so he scares to death by the girl ideals and deductions.
  • Rational: the story is pretty hilarious and logical, even in those latter chapters. There are obviously lots of plotholes but that what makes the story funny so I am not gonna reduce my rating because of that.
In the conclusion, this novel is worth to read to relax your mind. It is more funny when you read the manga adaption after reading this novel.
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First, let me say, reading this novel make me feel disgusted and I want to vomit.

MC killed his girlfriend whole family, kinds, and still wanted to marry her. OK, you homicide.

MC receives unbelievable cheat but still acts like normal (you are an accountant and you don't know the infinite symbol? Which school did you come from?)

MC, no matter he has everything or nothing, he is still annoying. He is just like an annoying mosquito you want to slap into the wall but because its speed is infinite you cannot kill it.

There is more but I am not going to list it here. Read it if you want to waste your valuable time uselessly. For me? I am gonna read Tensei Slime datta Ken.

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Ok, different than other web novel, we should check this in other factors. NOTE, THIS INCLUDES SOME SPOILERS!

First, this web novel is half shounen, half slice of life. The dragon is pretty strong with high potential but all he wants to do is having a normal slice of life as a dragon with previous memory (inhabiting, co-operate with humans, etc.) Literally, if it hadn't been for God's Voice, this novel would become pure Slice of Life.

Second, we come to the logic. If you want to see a Slice of Life... more>> novel where MC goes and sexually harass other female character, or having OP power/luck in doing everything, etc. Then this novel is not for you. The MC is pretty stupid and most of all, he behaves like how should be, which is an animal living in the jungle. He has to desperately fight for food, find a place to settle in, furnish his cave, find mates, etc. And not toy around like other MC reincarnate not as human beings.

Third, we come to universe of this novel, it treats all species fair and square, not favoring anyone. You can see that although dragon is the most powerful being, however, when MC is born, he is weak as a worm. Even when he is strong, he nearly lost to a slime, not because he is reckless (a.k.a Death March Hajimeru) but because even the slime works hard to be strong as well. Therefore when they clash, the scene is quite impressive. Note that not only MC has God / Cheat Skills but also other creatures, including monsters and humans have God / Cheat Skills as well, which makes things more interesting.

Fourth, we come to the aim of the author. Just for around 50 chapters, you can understand that God is a bloodthristy being who wants MC to be the strongest and force him on hard decision. Even fate not favor him and slowly drag him to Evil Path although he just wants to be a hero. Around chapter 100 you will feel that we need to add a Tragedy tag to this novel.

Then, lastly, what makes the story bad? Why I give it only 4 stars? It is because of the speed of the plot. It is tooooooooo slow! I don't know if the author is lazy or what, but he keeps describing the same things over and over again which is too anoying! If you are not a patient reader, I think you shouldn't read this.

In the nutshell, this is rather good novel. The world is pretty logical, MC is rather stupid so he struggles a lot in surviving in the novel's universe. If you want little piece of happiness in normal dragon life like making pottery, you should read this. <<less
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So I have read both the web novel and the manga adaption my opinion is... the MC is gross!

The author wants to portray the MC as a human but reincarnated as a dragon, nice idea. But the thing he forgot is MC is now a dragon, not human anymore. And throughout the story, you will see the MC kills his own kind (a.k.a another dragon) and commits bestiality in dragon view (a dragon but have sexual desire to human - reverse bestiality).

So disturbing... 1 star for this!
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Ok, I am the person who always uses logic to judge a novel so I can assuredly say that this novel is quite good. There are some points I want to show you guys.

  • Background setting: no Truck-sama, no Summoning, it's just like afterlife of some Japanese. Rarely some will regain their memory from previous life, and MC is one of them.
  • MC: rational guy. He acts very civilized (not doing any unnecessary killing, think first before action, his actions although not very deep but still considerably wise). He is also not an OP character, he even weak than normal werewolves! However he can use his memory from previous life and some magic to outsmart other werewolves (I love these nerd-type character, and I really like the idea using buff-magic to increase his physical capabilities to maximize werewolf's advantage: physical body).
  • The world: everyone acts exactly like their position. No OP skills bring them to higher position or something identical. Everything is made in order and described very carefully by author (how the troops assembly by maou, what tactics human uses to fight back, etc. Those are very logical)
We just have 1 problem, too many translators pick up this project, and not everyone is good at translating....
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mq003at rated it
Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint
July 8, 2018
Status: c25
The start of this novel is pretty slow, but I think it's understandable because it's Korean Webnovel.

I think the reason why people giving out bad reviews because the descriptions is too short.
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