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modifi123 rated it
Heroic Death System
September 15, 2018
Status: c50
The story is okay and makes you want to keep reading, the usual transmigation novel - except that the MC dies everytime and 30% of the story is describing the MC as a male god. It started out quite nicely but then the ML turned into your typical possessive dude that forces himself on the other. Why is this type of character so popular? It's pretty much Stockholm Syndrome.
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modifi123 rated it
October 2, 2018
Status: c4
There's a lot of fluff so far.

While I like a speedy story, their relationship is developing way too fast. The ML is already kissing MC, making MC sit on his lap, nibbling on his ear, saying 'I love you' to him like it's absolutely nothing.. After their SECOND meeting. I can understand the MC because of his past life but for ML.. It's unrealistic. Not even a bit of shyness?

I hope there's a backstory on how the ML actually fell in love with MC. If it is that MC's mom... more>> saved ML and he owes her a debt, then that is not a legit reason. <<less
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modifi123 rated it
The Legendary Master’s Wife
September 3, 2018
Status: Completed
This was already said, but has to be said again. The ML is too controlling and manipulatice. Everything has to go his way. He mocks MC most of the time and makes fun of him (I didn't find the joke about MC's double-digit funny, it was brought up way too many times) It isn't funny, it is rather mean. The MC is clearly bothered by this but he's afraid of ML. The ML would just force himself on the MC, even if the other is in a bad condition... more>> and doesn't want to do the do. While some of the side interactions are really cute, it is not a healthy relationship.

While the story is alone by itself and the MC is hardworking and very loveable - the story is pretty much based on their relationship, I can not give one more star.

This novel would be a masterpiece for me, if their relationship would contain equal mutual respect. <<less
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