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mihaita98 rated it
The Black Card
February 4, 2018
Status: c195
Well... Im not good at reviews, but ill do my best this time.

This novel is practicly about the unfortunate MC that needs to spends huge cuantities of mony like in Norway or Dubay, where there really is easy to spend, in a small city of china that is barelly consideret as passable to make investments.

The MC can not buy everythink that he wants like gifts to someone or to waste food or something similar, and is practicly monitorized 24/7 in everithing he does.

The story develops slowly, so you will need... more>> to read up to ch 70-100 to really understand how unfortuned is the ms.

And the most tragic thing is that he is punnished even if he doesnt use 5 RBM from a total of 80000, or if he is using it to buy gifts or waste food. There are also things that he cant buy like over-taxed objects, etc. <<less
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