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meltrosz rated it
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August 16, 2016
Status: c428
I would like to retort several negative comments by other people who rated the story less than 5 stars..

1) Too much grinding - yes, the story gets repetitive with the dungeons and farming. But, if you're a gamer, you know that's pretty much what any low-level account does. Even if you're a pro player, if you get a character at level 1, you don't go fight the level 99 boss. You farm equipment and levels. Also, although the grinding becomes repetitive, something new always happens to the characters. 2) MC... more>> stupid because he's poor despite being one of the top players - I don't know if the guy who said this was really reading, but the author clearly stated the reasons why the MC became poor. Two of the main reasons were that MC has no commercials or advertisements like other pro players since he always hides from public (which has a legit reason explained later on), so therefore all his money comes from winning tournaments, etc; and the second reason is that MC had friends who wanted to quit their teams but needed to pay large sums of money to quit, so MC paid for these friends (why he never asked them to pay, I do not know. Maybe he's too benevolent?)

3) Its grinding is weird because it's not virtual reality - Grinding exists right now in MMORPGs but we don't have virtual realities yet. Are we weird?

4) They spend 20 hours playing a game that's not virtual reality, and it's lame - I can see that the poster is a huge fan of virtual realities (which is sci-fi/fantasy genre compared to this novel which is sports genre) so I'm not gonna retort on that, and instead on the lifespan of the game. DotA has been ongoing for more than 10 years right now (which is same number of years as Glory), and it's still popular (although it has been upgraded to Dota2 now). League of Legends, which is as popular, has been ongoing for almost the same number of years. There are many PC games ongoing for a long time. Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Assassin's Creed, Counter Strike, etc. 5) MC's backstory was revealed after a very long time - Although I do agree with this point, but is it right for any person to know another person's backstory immediately? Also, no one in the story really asked Ye Xiu's backstory (which is the right behaviour btw). They just later on asked because they got curious when they found out Ye Xiu = Ye Qiu.

6) The premise is playing a game with keyboard + mouse - Well, this is a bit discriminating. If you had a novel about a pro football player like Messi and the author's style is explaining every detail of Messi's kick, like the angle of the kick, the power, and so much shiz, then you have King's Avatar. Although, it is true these types of stories are best watched as anime rather than web novels.

7) Apparently it is possible to create your own cheat like weapon with codes outside of game - No, Ye Xiu never cheated the game. He doesn't have codes outside of the game. If you're talking about the item generators that people use to create weapons, how is this different from current "mods"? Only difference is probably most mods require the game to release the mod for it to apply, however in Glory, players can directly create mods and apply them in the game. These are not codes outside of the game. Glory provided players with the software. Glory allows them to create their own weapons, it's just that it's very difficult to do and requires research before accomplishing.

I'm not saying the novel has no downside, it has. Like it has a slow pace, and there are chapters which are so short that there are almost nothing much going on. However, some comments are just wrong. Most especially comparing King's Avatar to VMMORPGs like LMS, Ark, etc. King's Avatar's genre is sports. VMMORPGs' genre is sci-fi/fantasy. If you remove the status boxes from those VMMORPG novels, you get an MC transported to a fantasy world. Especially since the "NPCs" are self-conscious that they are just like humans. <<less
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