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mechafanboy rated it
World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination
July 29, 2017
Status: c49
This is a pretty subpar quality novel in general.

First up, the MC generally isn't likeable or arguably consistent in his actions. He firstly berates his past body's owner for being a fool and squandering what he had, a lot of which was due to doing useless things and perversion. Well... he stopped doing useless things for the most part but kept all the perversion.... Arguably even moreso than before. I don't mind raunchy, I mind the MC saying he's more saintlike than the former owner and then just doing the... more>> exact same thing.

Secondly, I'd like to talk about the characters, except there's been none. Just 5 beautiful ladies, a handful of Warcraft puppets and..... that's about it really, none of them have any character at all since they do exactly what you'd expect from them, the ladies get angry and are used for perverted matters, the Warcraft puppets basically fight.

Which goes onto the next problem, don't read the novel due to liking warcraft lore, there's basically none here, in fact everything is only loosely based off the warcraft lore and there's very arbitrary changes such as changing the gender (or rather making new units) from the Elven faction, random abilities being swapped around for heroes. Even upgrades for weaponry seem to work differently from the game. It's best to treat the novel as "based on" Warcraft lore moreso than having anything to do with it. Perhaps even more annoyingly as a former WC3 fan, the novel tries to highlight that MC is a former WC elite player but none of the tactics he employs during the fights thus far would even remotely work in WC3! It's frustrating for him not to try and harass units using hunters (male huntresses....), or know that Archmagi's most basic starting spell is Water Elemental for tanking damage since mana regens faster than free troops. All of the tactics proposed so far have a high element of risk and mostly work due to the author, moreso than being an actual strategy. Annoys the heck out of me since several points during the storyline, the MC is said to have good insight into what to do because "he came from the future"... Sorry no, he's wayyy too childish for that to even work out.

The logic of the world is also incredibly questionable, bandits having an absolutely ridiculous amount of wealth and troops. The combined wealth of a noble family which it's assets mostly drained is 41, 000. Randomly pillaging robbers in his territory magically nets him several dozen times that amount of cash. In fact, the first small camp he raided gave him 100, 000. That doesn't make sense to me that he's allowed to hold land with so little money. The setting makes even LESS sense when the primary antagonist (thus far) also mentions that he wants to take over a neighbouring prefecture in the same dynasty.... I'm sorry what? What country allows it's nobles to control enough army to actually take over neighbouring prefectures. That's basically ASKING for a civil war to happen. It. Doesn't. Make. Sense.

Sigh... all this aside, there's a reasonably good setting in play, mixing up all of the WC races together is always fun to see.... That's... basically about it though.... a giant promise of "it might be good, if the author doesn't mess things up"... except from what I've been reading, author's been messing up pretty badly. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
Poison Genius Consort
September 15, 2017
Status: c80
There's some really strong potential for good storyline here... problem is the basic setup of the plot is legitimately stupid.
Here's a very quick and dirty rough gist, MC will save a life, antagonists (all women, all INCREDIBLY stupid and willing to give up advantages in ways that make no logical sense) will harass her during the process, she'll gain popularity or freedom or something from being a savior.... before she gets double crossed less than a chapter after.

I'll be frank, the writing honestly isn't half bad.... if the antagonists... more>> were even halfway plausible. Since they're not and all that I'm capable of lamenting is how much the antagonists are willing to go out of their way to try and hurt a neutral party. I just had to drop the series because it's not worth it.

For an example of how stupid the antagonists are, the first pair have dealings with the victim. Both of them are willing to jump the gun and attack a doctor who tried to save the victim, later even foregoing any treatment of the victim strictly so they can save their ego. Bear in mind that apparently one of the antagonists is in love with the victim, they have NO plans whatsoever in case they're wrong and the MC is their only hope of saving this person. I'm sorry, I can't take it, that's too stupid. You don't just kill one person (whom you supposedly care about by the way) just to frame another person, it's just too incredibly stupid.

Be that as it may, the overall setting is more involved than most reincarnated female stories.... just a pity the plot revolves around a gimmick that ruins any sort of world building. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife
November 27, 2017
Status: c39
There's nothing remotely serviceable about this story. This isn't even an anti-qidian review or anything although I wish it was because it would make more sense than this novel getting translated in my opinion.

The level of writing is flat out horrendous. It reads like a power fantasy of a 12 year old kid who just wants to pack as much action as possible into as few words as possible. The world building is laughable and judging by the sequence of events and how closely it follows a similarly titled novel... more>> (similar themes is fine, but when the events play out in the exact same manner and timing as the novel it's based on, that's probably going a step too far.)

It would take less effort to try and list down the positives of the novel rather than the negatives because that would be a shorter list *rolls eyes*

Edit: I actually reread both stories and need to change this to "Don't bother reading either story since I forgot how terrible the other story was as well when originally writing this review lmao. Sorry if anyone got misled. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)
October 24, 2016
Status: v3c6
Read some of the reviews prior to reading this one and figured it wouldn't be too bad at the worst. Particularly given it's strong Antihero/revenge backdrop it setup extremely early on.

Unfortunately, instead of delving further into the dark side of things, it completely turned into a romcom. Just... There's literally not even a shade of the darkness you could feel from the first half of volume 1 or so. It's entirely gone and became absolutely generic overpowered protagonist doing things others could only dream of, aka nearly every single "reborn... more>> in/teleported to another world" type stories that are so prevalent during this time period.

Wouldn't be half as bad if the overall plot or the writing is fun to read, but frankly, the author's writing tends to focus heavily on descriptive text which isn't bad if it serves a purpose, but when a large number of those texts are dedicated to characters who show up once or are just reiterations with even stronger emphasis on "how they've grown", then frankly, it reeks of trying too hard to be interesting in my opinion. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
Battle Through the Heavens
August 2, 2017
Status: c623
Edit: Alright, was happy to give it 3 stars at c400 since I thought it was just generic but at 600 I'm done. The chapters are slightly longer than average and convey less meaning than most novels because nothing important ever happens in one chapter.

The level of chick magnet this dude has is off the scales, like I'm used to women falling over themselves trying to claw themselves onto a chinese novel's d, but it's rarely as shamelessly done as it is here where legtitimately, if a chick isn't involved,... more>> the MC isn't involved either. There's also that probably infamous spoiler by now....

The plot is consistent..... in it's inconsistency. MC is a genius, except.... not really since everyone and their grandmothers are magically on the same level or higher, oh upgraded technique? doesn't matter, next opponent is gonna be around the same level of strength regardless of how far he should be leaving the competition in the dust judging by the words of bystanders about how hard cultivation is.

Plot's also done in such a way that foreshadowing is a joke, the author is about as subtle about what's going to happen as a shovel to the face.

Overall, there's some reasonable setup near the beginning, except it never comes to fruitation because the interesting points take forever to start and the boring plot takes forever to end. Also once the interesting points start, you find the logic there to be insanely childish as well so it becomes a boring part, all in all, just lose lose. <<less
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Right, let's get a few warnings out of the way. First, I'm a biased reviewer. I've partially read all 3 of her current works and I am absolutely in love with her style of writing and ability to seamlessly switch between a serious narrative and a humorous one. Secondly, her chapters are about half the average length of other Chinese novel chapters. With that out of the way....

The author's works always revolve around her main character, expect 60 or 70% of the novel to directly involve the main character and... more>> expect side character to get sidelined (but! not forgotten or cardboard-ey, they just rarely show up). Thankfully, the author decided to do away with the more serious style she took with the other 2 protagonists she wrote prior to this. If there's one word to describe how the protagonist acts.... it would be shameless. To such an extreme point that the established laws of the world are basically broken in every humorous chapter. It... has to be read to be believed.

Her supporting cast isn't half bad on the protagonists side, they have really loveable personalities, especially the male lead (despite basically having 0 direct direct dialogue and almost never appearing so far). It's simply not possible to not feel sorry for the male lead. The antagonists are appropriately antagonistic, but so far they haven't really made a major impact on me beyond "going too far" which is basically the job of every antagonist, ever.

The general plot is still establishing itself and probably won't really open up for another 200-300 chapters if her other works are anything to go by. So far though, the world building seems like it's building itself seems to be creating a gag world, and using the interactions between the protagonist and everyone else to break every single law in existence for the world. It's hard to really get a handle on things since honestly there hasn't been enough world building as of yet. That said, it's not to say that the situations that the protagonist faces aren't serious (arguably, the level of scheming is actually well above most other novels I've read..... Just... protagonist's unconventional methods..... *shakes head*)

All in all, based on what I've read so far, the series is probably worth about 3.5 stars, plausibly even 4 stars if I consider the way she manages to diffuse serious situation. However, my faith in waiting for more chapters before deciding wasn't betrayed before so I wanted to give a preliminary rating of 5. In other words, this is me putting my faith in the future. ^^ (alt I could just mtl more I guess but... No thank you.) <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
October 26, 2016
Status: v13
This novel deserves at least 3/5 solely for the world building. Sincerely. It puts significantly more effort into creating the world, creating laws for the physics (or rather, magic) and slowly explaining how these parts interact with each other. Then the main character comes along with his overpowered abilites to smash those common perceptions. Essentially creating at least 2 layers of world building, the mundane class and the advanced stuff only the MC can do. This leads to some fairly fun arcs (to date, the tournament arc remains one of... more>> my favorite arcs because of how well it showcases what a bit of tuning can do to the different character abilities.) Add these 2 layers of world building together and you'd get a solid 4/5 from me personally. As an aside, it's interesting watching the Author scramble to ascertain the MC's ability from the viewpoint of the characters which happens whenever the MC flat out surpasses the expectations (which are already high) from others in an attempt to downplay how ridiculously overpowered he is. It doesn't prove that he isn't overpowered but it's an interesting angle to persuade the reader that perhaps the Main Character isn't omnipotent (... although anyone reading the novel would STILL beg to differ.)

The characters in my opinion are both the highlight and the weakspot simultaneously. The overall actions of the characters can easily be seen as tropey and/or predictable from reading multiple japanese light novels or manga or anime. That said, the motivations and the characters which actually get developed tend to be strongly written over time, frankly the major problem is that the development of each character is so heavily lopsided in the favor of "is x person needed relatively soon" or "background character a" so heavily that if a character isn't going to be used, it's incredibly difficult to keep up with the large cast of characters who drop in and out of the novel on a regular basis. Additionally, the brocon/siscon thing is frankly overblown to the point of being more than a bit annoying at times.

I'd still give the overall novel 5/5 though because it honestly is a good read all around, just pointing out that if someone dislikes it, I can also completely understand why they would. For those trying to figure out if they'd like it or not, kindly read until the tournament and the short story volume that comes after. If that doesn't pique your interest, then drop it.

Revised as at 28/10/16 due to rereading parts of it. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
The Strongest System
July 28, 2017
Status: c32
Originally, I wanted to wait until more chapters came out before I wrote a review since too few chapters really doesn't give a good impression but... I don't foresee the style of writing changing anytime soon and it's just too hilarious to NOT try and drag more readers into this mess of a novel.

There's not much to explain here, no major plot or anything has been revealed (some foreshadowing has been done though), but that's not the crux of the "story" at all, this is literally the Author having fun... more>> with a genre that is usually overly serious. It's hilarious and very worth the reader's time if they're looking for light reads. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
The King’s Avatar
July 3, 2017
Status: c677
This was an interesting one to review. I started off by watching the animated series which is pretty excellent but loses a bit of the logic in translation to the animation (with regards to why characters act the way they do), covers up till chapter 280 or so by the way.

The novel's setting is fairly strong, there's some logical issues (Mostly in terms of the game setting, APM mattering in an MMO is kind of interesting, it's usually used solely in Real Time Strategy games because you have more things... more>> to manage, there's a point where the novel says even the strength with which keys are pressed are considered uh... we don't have that technology as far as I know. The real world setting is slightly questionable as well, having people with high natural abilities in the games near the main character? Having backgrounds that would interfere with professional gaming?), that said, as a major fan of esports in general, I think they captured a lot of the feel of being an esports fan really well. I think the author is a major fan himself and it shows through in his passion when talking about the "scene".

Surprisingly, what really pushed me from just "liking" the series to absolutely loving the series isn't the shamelessness of the main character or how strong he is despite being old, but rather the very real "human" aspect of his side characters. Most of them aren't perfect, most of them have their own logic, most of them do suffer in their own way. I felt quite a lot of resonance with all of the side characters, from the stable but non exceptional characters, to wacky theorists, to battle maniacs.... I've had dealing with a lot of these sorts of characters on mmo's before and whilst my own experiences never went to irl, reading the novel rekindled a lot of my love for mmo's.

Moving onto the bad though, a fair amount of the plot can be easily seen through, there's always a question of "how" but rarely is there a question of the intended end result of the author. There might be a bit too much gibberish about levels and how to grind (although I think this will only upset people who casually play games xD anyone who's gotten sucked into an mmo will (probably) understand).... and I think that's about it.

Overall, the novel is surprisingly strong. The side characters feel remarkably human and whilst more than a few readers will yell "OP MC!" He's got a fair reason to be op and it's much better than trolol I cultivated therefore I badass. Give it a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Minor edit/information? Around chapter 400, the novel gets a bit too MC/game focused for me. I personally enjoyed his interactions with the people around him moreso than the game so it more boring for me up to what's currently translated. It's not enough to change my rating, but it's definately enough to make me think maybe 5 stars is being generous. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
High School DxD
October 21, 2016
Status: --
Fanservicey to a fault. Normally this is a bad thing as fanservice (in general) implies a hastily written plot or just badly written in general, but well.... the level of escalation that is involved with the main character's love for fanservice kind of transcends that to the point where even as a casual reader, the reader is FORCED to just sit back and stare in wonderment as his love of fanservice breaks all known laws in the book's universe itself. I mean it's not often you end up reading a... more>> novel where the main character makes an ancient relic cry not by beating them but by being praised.

Frankly, the fun factor in this series is really high and it deserves every bit of it, it's not the absolute best novel out there, but if you enjoy the basic premise of the story, you'll find that this is actually one of the better written pieces of fanservicey novel, the characters do have depth (and volume... and bounciness.....) and there is an overall plot that is rather strong. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
The Legend of Futian
June 3, 2018
Status: c64
Pretty much author's other works in a new skin.

Was hoping that with the interesting-ish beginning, perhaps things would be different this time, but much like every other one of this author's novels, the beginning setup is by far the most interesting part and then everything conforms to basic Xianxia tropes.

Nothing particularly special here so a more honest review would be 3 stars, but due to the author squandering what I feel is an interesting beginning, docking another star for that. (In this case, super young super strong special class of... more>> cultivator, by chapter 60, at least 2 others of the "super rare" class have shown up as antagonists and one has basically disappeared from the story entirely. What was the point of hyping up protagonist's rarity if there's a whole bunch of them so soon in the story?) <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
Possessing Nothing
August 19, 2017
Status: c34
This... is surprisingly well written. It actually sorta does what it says on the cover. The only thing that his past life gave him was an absurdly strong inferiority complex and memories of certain events that could be taken advantage of.

It's a pretty unique setting in a sea of reincarnation stories where their past life ends up being a roadmap that's honestly too strong in every case and creates imbalances in the world building attempted by the author.

Where it kinda goes wrong is that even in just the first 30... more>> chapters, there's a gigantic heaven and earth level difference between his prior experience and his current one such that even if people wanted to call him possessing nothing, they wouldn't be able to with the opportunites he's already taken advantage of hence the title then loses most/all of it's meaning.

Upside, the writing doesn't suffer just because he becomes stronger (although it IS aggravating reading about his mindset after a while. Literally mentally tiring hearing all the negativity), as his past experiences shape his outlook on life and since his prior life was terrible, naturally his temperament follows suit, the novel feels more like it's trying to piece together an extremely broken human being or several considering some of the side characters.... back into being an actual human again. It's a very novel approach.

Translation and editing was really well done in the beginning but in the latest chapters, there seems to be a pretty noticeable drop in quality from the editor. Not enough that I would change my rating but enough that it's noticeable.

All in all, I went in expecting nothing and came out feeling like I got quite the reward in a new novel that's actually quite unique. 4/5. There's a lot of elements that still need to be fleshed out before I would consider giving it 5, but 4 as an above average score? More than happy to do so. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens
August 8, 2017
Status: c615
Edit: tried reading up to the current translated chapters, just flat out couldn't stand it anymore around 600 (which is already pushing a lot of patience limits), expect repetitive plot, stupidly ridiculous amounts of plot armor, random friends who are all stronger than MC to help.... The whole thing is just a giant culmination of everything that makes Xianxia terrible and predictable.

Probably doesn't deserve the 2 stars actually, it's closer to 3, but for wasting a setup that I felt was relatively strong, I'm feeling particularly vindictive.

Here's the thing, the... more>> novel actually isn't bad. I was enjoying the setup (aside from the ludicrous background of the mc's past life), I thought the setup of how he met his female counterpart made sense, the amount of cheat abilities he was given is relatively within expectations... basically everything was setup for the novel to be a textbook on classic Xianxia. In other words, the rating I gave it reflects not the quality of the writing which is deserving of a very boring, but solid 3 stars, but rather a result of several mistakes on the author's part.

Firstly, the inconsistency of the main character, from the start, MC is setup as someone who should be ruthless and unwilling to allow others into his heart because he was betrayed by someone he trusted whole heartedly. In fact, this is shown even more when he basically disallows a real relationship to happen between himself and the female lead at one point because ". This same person later falls in love at first sight..... Excuse me? what? logic? where? How? WHY?! I literally don't get how someone who's already lived a life and lost it (particularly when they're as well traveled as the MC and already had multiple women before....) would fall in love at first sight. It. doesn't. make. sense.

Another major issue is the way women in general are treated in the novel. I don't think there are women in the novel. The Author tried to inject "personality" into the women by having them admire strength and falling for strong men over and over again, particularly the MC because he's well above the average level of strength, but... Having almost every single female character fall in love with the mc? in every arc? in the exact same fashion? and depending on the author's whims, they either become a harem member or they slowly distance themselves but feel heartache.... 0 personality, none of the women have any reason to favor him beyond strength. It's shallow af.

Sigh... those two major points aside, the novel's storyline itself doesn't really do anything wrong. It just doesn't do anything right either thus it's thoroughly generic. Good for a fun read I guess, but rather boring in most aspects. Add in my dislike of how the author shaped the characters and you have my recommendation of 2 stars. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away
October 18, 2017
Status: c35
This is such an interesting conundrum of a novel.

I think it's most akin to Eight Treasures Trousseau in that the plot happens AROUND the main character rather than involving the main character. That said, the plot isn't even the most interesting part about this novel!

It's the style of writing and it's ability to seamlessly swap between tones almost at a drop of a hat. There's overt/ hidden meanings, life lessons both profound and mundane, politics/human sociology and elements of each of them are present in every single chapter.

I can only... more>> say it's a pretty unique novel. The writing is pretty great in general with plenty of humor and light hearted moments. (... Admittedly dashed probably less than half a chapter later with something heavier.) I think this might be one of the series where I like the overall package, but I can't give an accurate review beyond "very enjoyable" until it ends. It's probably deserving of at least 4 stars though. I think my contention is, does it deserve 5? <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
I Shall Seal the Heavens
June 15, 2017
Status: Completed
Been binge reading this one for a while since it looks pretty close to completion.

I think this novel excels in characterization, the main characters that appear on a regular basis all have very easy to remember personalities and are in general quite likeable. Unfortunately, as with all Xianxia novels, having any of them appear on a regular basis is next to impossible (and some are even red herrings who appear one every........ 2-3 hundred chapters.) That said, the characters who are developed are developed very very well.

The usual power curve... more>> for xianxia novels apply, but tends to be kind of silly in this one, especially when the level of escalation and how the author slots in several more levels between established levels is handled. They're basically done as is, where is and randomly just give additional levels to a demarcation that is already basically pointless, why? because the next realm is "infinitely stronger" at any given time. The novel rectifies this by adding more levels between the MC and his sparring partner, but for the most part, it feels very forced.

That said, the overall plot and the tying together of various plot elements as well as reveals is honestly pretty good. There's a LOT of hidden references and plot points that are laid out early on in the novel and some of them can take 800 chapters or so before they're fully realized. That said, the ball also seems to be dropped on a fair number of minor plot points, specifically when it comes to magical items/legacies and the various subplots around them, most of them stop playing a role within 100 chapters or so, with some of the lengthier ones perhaps surviving for 500 chapters. Edit: the plot finally explodes properly around the last 15% of the novel or so and heavily references everything prior. I'm still not entirely sure if that means every prior plot point will get raised (seems doubtful at this point), but I'll say that most of the more interesting questions are answered by that point.

I think the overall novel is decent, but I think it's missing a lot of polish that would make it better. That said, I also think this is a very normal issue with xianxia web novels. Like one of the other reviewers said, it feels rushed because it IS rushed, trying to type out a chapter a day leads to a less cohesive plot overall.

Minor spoiler warning: This seems to be the 5th in a series of novels written by the same person, there's no prior information strictly REQUIRED to understand what's going on, but the very last segment of the novel seems to imply that a lot of references to the other novels will show up in increasing quantity.

Minor revision as of the end. There's still a lot left unexplained by the end of the novel and this is very much of those novels where "the journey is much much greater than the ending" applies. Personally, given everything that's left unexplained, I think it's worth about 2 stars rather than the initial 4 that I gave. Primarily because with how the last arc was handled and how little anything mattered in the end, I can't give it more than that. It built up a brilliant world and used up maybe. 0.1% of it in the ending. *shakes head* to say I am truly disappointed would be a lie because the signs have been there all along with how each successive arc uses less and less materials from the past. At the same time, I personally feel it's a sign of poor writing to write up a whole bunch of good characters and leave them by the wayside for no discernible reason. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
Super God Gene
June 17, 2018
Status: c533
Has a pretty decent start and a relatively interesting method of "cultivation" unfortunately, as the story goes on, inconsistencies in the plot (the bane of basically any Xianxia/webnovel) crop up and after just too many annoying points that start as important but later aren't even a talking point.

... more>>

Let's see... MC wants to get more points to be a special class cultivator so people would pay attention to him. We're told repeatedly that they are VERY limited in number and posses an extreme amount of power compared to normal people. In fact, his direct superior takes several years longer sitting in a lower realm just to obtain that status. Ostensibly all this is just so he can get a better life for his sister.

Tough luck, his sister's drama is handled through money instead (and he literally stresses he wants to be fast in order to make sure she gets into a good school and she's started schooling WELL before he decides to leave the first realm.)

Still acceptable. We're then told repeatedly (or rather during the debacle above) that stat levels exceeding 100 are incredibly rare and a vast majority of people will never achieve it. MC gets sent to a barren wasteland where it's hard to find any resources and there's 3 competing factions for the same resources.

MAGICALLY HE RUNS INTO GRUNTS. (Let me stress this again, GRUNT. They do not even get NAMES) that have over 100 stat points. What the absolute [email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]@ author?


I feel like getting hyped over the current "zomg super rare" thing is going to be dumb too when magically everyone has millions of them in the next few arcs anyway.

I expect inconsistencies from Xianxia tropes, but this one doesn't even try to compensate for itself, it's clear that author didn't write up any form of a draft beforehand and is just writing new chapters based on what he feels is interesting leading to more and more plotholes over time. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith
June 19, 2017
Status: c60
Hmm... Not really enough information to write a good review right now, but I wanted to change the rating since after reading up to the latest issue, I think the problems I brought up were temporary in nature. Don't want to randomly make 5 people wrong for no good reason though so I'm going to leave the original review up until the novel opens up into something more interesting.

Original review as at C60: I'm generally quite lenient with novels, but I didn't quite enjoy the characterization of the main... more>> character. That's unfortunately already a negative prejudice that I've been able to weather in the past for the sake of a good overall storyline but even that's absent here and so far it's been a random assortment of events that show how OP the main character is with very limited development for everyone else. Annoying for me, there's a ridiculously large amount of arrogance shown by the MC for no discernible reason. Yes, she's op. The readers already know that, there's no reason to have her rub it in the face of everyone she meets over and over again. *rolls eyes* <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
Transcending the Nine Heavens
June 8, 2017
Status: c352
Now this is an author who knows a lot about the genre that they're entering and knows how to take full advantage of it.

Chinese novels have a tendency to be loooonnnngggg and drraaaawwwnnnnn out. The author knows this and makes sure to foreshadow things well in advance (to varying degrees of success mind, some plot points have been obvious for a while and just hasn't been activated, and some really do just come out of left field when a seemingly innocuous sentence several chapters ago comes into play.), sometimes over... more>> a 100 chapters in advance, which is very impressive in my point of view, most novels try to innovate on the fly and it comes off looking shoddy as the foreshadowing -> execution comes out in a matter of 2-3 chapters, rather than from another volume/10's of chapters earlier. This creates a stronger sense of unity, and overall structure to the plot that is lacking from... basically 90% of the novels on novelupdates.

Interestingly, for a novel that revolves around the idea of fighting and cultivation of power like most xianxia novels, the personal power level of the main character is rarely ever used, and even more rarely at a point where the MC is unarguably superior to the enemy. In fact, I think in the 350+ chapters I've read, the MC has personally fought about... 3 times? in total? It's a really interesting breath of fresh air to read about a xianxia world rather than MC beats up x enemy. In other words, whilst a lot of the story revolves around the main character, a fair amount of it involves the world around the main character and the supporting cast.

That said, there's no novel without it's fair share of action, and the novel takes (pardon the pun) a novel approach towards this by setting up multiple complex webs of battles of wits. Individually, each clash doesn't seem particularly profound, but the explanations and the character analysis that is done after the fact tends to be pretty interesting to read, and definately isn't a typical xianxia approach. It's really different to run into an MC who consistently uses his wiles rather than plot armor (though there is a lot of that as well.) to get out of issues.

The humor level is pretty consistent, there's a fair amount of vulgarity to the jokes, and more than a few idioms which are... questionable, especially as a person who feels strongly about equality between s*xes, but the fact that it's consistently there and done in such a manner that even the forced joked are able to put a smile on my face after enough repeated attempts makes it so the more serious moments in the story don't seem too far out of the norm.... Again, it's slightly difficult to think that the protagonist is in danger if you've just read that he spend most of the prior chapter reading kid's storybooks.....

Now, again, there's still questionable content in the novel itself such as jokes about being a pedophile (... although it's definately justified in this case considering there's a segment about a 9 year old girl literally giving someone a hardon and her commenting on it......) although that leads to my next point-ish. sorta. There's a fair amount of romance here, and I personally think the romances flow a lot smoother than in most novels. Except given that the MC literally only has eyes for one lady (and at least as of c350, hasn't wavered a single milimeter) which means a lot of heartache.... Regardless though, I enjoy the romances brought up though I think the author treats the people in the relationship rather harshly.

The overall content though shines through really well. This is an excellent read assuming you allow it to entertain you. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
The Desolate Era
May 21, 2017
Status: v18c47
Let me just start off with saying, there's very few moments in any novel where I feel that a writer has done something particularly well to the point that I feel despite all the mistakes in the novel (and trust me, there are plenty of basic mistakes),

the event that is portrayed works out so well that my blood runs cold. Admittedly this moment also relies on a large number of contrivances (but well, most events are contrivances regardless), but this novel has at least one of those. One of... more>> those moments is what compelled me to write this review.

On to an things that matter, first the good things, there's limited romance throughout the novel (and hence very limited fanservice) which makes the novel a lot more interesting in my personal opinion to read. Too often, novels get bogged down in talking about the physical aspects of a female character when honestly, they're usually central characters, they're generally all going to be a godlike beauty, there's only so many ways to rephrase that.

Secondly, the overall plot doesn't feel overly contrived (obviously as with every wuxia, there's going to be a ton of "breakthrough at that exact moment" scenarios, but those are a fact of life in these type of stories), for the most part, I think the foreshadowing is pretty light for a novel like this so that made it a lot more enjoyable to read.

Moving onto the negatives though.... it's a Wuxia. The power level ratings are legitimately dumb. Due to how they work out, something that is "astonishingly powerful" or "ridiculously overpowered" becomes obsolete basically as soon as the next chapter. It's again, part and parcel of the genre sadly, and this one doesn't even try to break away from it. Although I think the balancing is a lot better than in most due to the fact that the MC spends a fair amount of time at each level of cultivation.... Still makes no sense for how treasures are valued in the long run though, especially bad when "important figures" show up.

The novel has an extremely terrible habit of either getting sidetracked in something and then leaving it as a potential plotline for.............. well the whole novel, there's a few threads lying around that have been hinted at since 5-10 volumes prior to where I'm reading and they still haven't been activated leading me to believe that the author legitimately forgot or laid down red herrings, in either scenario, I feel it's a sign of poor planning.

The setting and world building tends to be pretty weak as well, with most places feeling like they're filled in as necessary rather than capable of existing even without the protagonist getting involved, this is particularly bad when considering the idea of prestige of each school and the importance of the worlds.

The relationships between characters never really "blossom", or rather, they tend to skip stages of getting to know each other and jump from acquaintances to friends to blood brothers/sisters in basically 0 time flat, I mean, it's kinda obvious that certain characters would get along with other characters, but without a reasonable time skip or reason for x and y character to get a long, this means a lot of relationships come out of left field and basically alienate the reader from beginning to end, depending on how well the reader empathizes with the protagonist, I feel a lot of the impact of the relationships turning out the way they do becomes muted.

Overall, the novel has enough solid enough writing that if you can enter the mind of the protagonist and like his character, the novel will grow on you, conversely if you dislike his character, just stay far away, the novel won't impress.

Edit: this is mostly true for up till volume 23 or so, everything after that has been sub par because the author built up a major climax heavily, delivered on it and then tried to disperse back to the old format of meandering around..... Sorry when you make a climax, you either follow through and end it properly and maintain some level of suspense. changing gears makes me think it's no longer worth bothering with the series. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance
October 21, 2016
Status: v15
An interesting novel. A backbone of it is the familiar harem setting mixed in with "school life" hijinks.

The novel isn't about innovating new things or creating scenarios that make you remember it as being it's own formula, but what it does do is avoid mistakes such as getting too heavily bogged down in any one subsection. There's always a mix of humor, fanservice, school life (albeit sparingly in the last few volumes) and action, even the author's style of consistently end on cliffhangers, making sure to stabilize only a... more>> part of the major underlying plot.

That said, some parts do delve pretty heavily into fanservice and the narrative DOES get slow down due to it at times.A number of the major plot details are foreshadowed a bit too strongly for my liking as well (though this is subjective).

Frankly, the overall package is best described as... "solid". Give it a whirl, stick with it for at least a volume, if at the end of that volume the storyline doesn't appeal, then I suggest dropping it because the same core style of events unfolding repeats in every volume thereafter. <<less
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