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marids rated it
The Returner
December 10, 2018
Status: c131
I liked this novel in the start due to the sheer shock factor of how the MC is like, and really wanted to get to know his history by reading more chapters. Then it got fun due to the reactions from when he actually did things with other people. But throughout the entire thing the amount of family drama crap just kept egging on and on, and it's not really telling anything solid on his past at all even at this point. Thus, I currently find the novel too boring... more>> to keep reading if it's going to waste words on the same crap over and over again with no real significant plot advancement, if there even is one at this point other than; monsters come, they're too strong, then they get killed by the MC who is stronger than everyone else.

Honestly though, I'm just disappointed the author has nothing solid to use for the story other than demonstrating how strong the MC is and how women keeps getting jealous over him in the most annoying ways that I didn't know existed. <<less
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