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makochi rated it
Dominion’s End
May 31, 2016
Status: v2 prologue
Typical of Yu Wo! And that can only mean amazingly entertaining! The slight perverseness is comical. The scenes that should make you smile, will make you laugh. Those that should make you sad, will make you tear up. It's fantastic. And I will be waiting for more just as I had waited every week for a chapter or two of LSK..!! Try it out, folks!!
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makochi rated it
Because Janitor-san Is Not a Hero
June 8, 2016
Status: c30
NOT to my liking, sorry!

The story progression is awful. It's not very detailed. Usually, you can imagine the scenes while reading as if you're actually there, but this one, there's not much to imagine. Sentence structures are very basic and constructed very simply. Not much description and creativity in writing. It feels like reading a draft of collective ideas pieced together that eventually became a paragraph. It gives off that kind of feeling.

The contents of each chapter is dissatisfying. More like a plot summary instead of a "real chapter". Not... more>> very enjoyable to read but I finished all 30 chapters in hopes that it will improve but sadly, it did not so I'm leaving a review before dropping this. <<less
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makochi rated it
Legend of Xingfeng
November 5, 2016
Status: c15
Like the description of the novel, the story lines are vague. The thoughts are all over the place. The pacing is awful. Some characters and their motives are neither explained nor hinted at the very least. Maybe the author is going for "mysterious", but if so, it is done soooooo badly. Things just happened and the very reason for the MC to be driven out of his own home is very laughable. Seriously..

... more>>

1. It is stated that he came from a big clan yet their family fall to such absurd tricks. (It's obviously easy to reason out to the elders that its just children playing.) For sanity's sake!!! He's just six!!!
2. The clan rule for a very light offense is too much. (Or maybe their elder are idiots and they don't really know how to defend the young ones.)
3. For the MC's father to be driven to expel his beloved son after a simple trick is preposterous.
4. For a powerful clan to not even protect the son of the clan head.. Is too ridiculous.


Simply said, the author obviously have his/her own plot and the story just follows that despite the very unreasonable scenes and twists. This is child's play. I can read many better fanfic in other forum platforms than this one. But if you are so bored with nothing to read, you can try this to pass time like I did. Though I don't recommend because..

I was disappointed and irritated with the chapters as I read more expecting it to be better.. <<less
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