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maevalily rated it
The Legendary Master’s Wife
October 17, 2018
Status: c569
This story is amazing, the only translated novel I've reread just because I didn't want to move on from it haha

Sure the MC is a bit of an airhead sometimes, but he is so damn adorable. And yeah, the ML is kind of a domineering ass (to everyone btw, not only MC), but he's so in love with the MC and the fact that he's so sarcastic and blazé about how he's being an ass is pretty funny and satisfying to read.

I don't really see where the MC is scared... more>> of the ML, except from the beginning when they weren't yet in a relationship. Later on, it's more like just the MC being meek at times? I don't know, I feel that behavior isn't meant to be portrayed as negative and well being half Asian (and living in Asia) I feel it's a pretty common thing to slightly go against but inside you didn't really mind it and then just being a bit coy?

What's important is that it's such a fun read, no unnecessary drama, funny, cute and long but not repetitive. The characters, world and adventures just keep growing.

Definitely recommended! <<less
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maevalily rated it
Who Touched My Tail!
January 19, 2019
Status: c42
This story is so cute! The translation quality is also excellent and there are daily updates (sometimes even more).

I find myself waiting excitedly for every new chapter. Very similar to quickly wear the face of the devil, especially the most recent chapters. The MC has such a cute and mischievous character and the ML is so devoted and loving. The system is also very cute and it’s not overly powerful, but still useful. Guides the MC as well as it can, the way a system should be!

... more>>

I like the fact that the MC & ML have a good reason to be that powerful/cunning. It’s because they’re originally from a cultivation world and have lived a long time and this is the MC’s tribulation of sorts. So we can see that he has to learn a lot when he goes to worlds that aren’t like the one he comes from. Like this most recent futuristic interstellar world.

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maevalily rated it
Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife
January 11, 2019
Status: c606
I’m seriously shipping the Seventh Prince, Xuan Tian Hua, with Prince Lian 😂 Especially now that we know he’s a guy hahahaha

lots of details in this novel are cringey but I like to read it nonetheless, especially the parts where there’s comedy and they’re just hanging about slice-of-lifeish. The interactions between the characters are cute.
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