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madstack rated it
September 4, 2018
Status: c767
This novel is a bit hard to rate, as it changes mid-way, as if another author took over. I'm giving it a 2/5 on account of how it used to be, like an average score, the recent arcs are a 0/5.

Details below.

  • Premise pretty good
    It's about a fellow whose life is pretty much a ruin. He starts off unlikeable, but over time changes and grows with new opportunities. Sadly, the author could only milk this aspect so much.
  • Too much nationalism
    Way too much. I suppose it riles up Korean readers, so the author uses it a lot to pad the word count. It quickly begins to interweave every part of the story. The only 'good guys' from non-Korean countries are all subservient to the MC. The game they all play was also naturally made by a Korean company.
  • Unbalanced game
    No one would play this kind of game, as unless you are one of the few lucky players who hit a jackpot, you will never be at a competitive level or anywhere near 'good'.
  • Pay to win
    I personally don't like this, but I suppose it's necessary as a plot device, as the MC earns money off of the game.
  • The items are ok
    The items produced by the MC are fine. I do think it's both wasted opportunity and lazy writing that this is not used to make the MC powerful, instead of giving his class a bunch of unrelated bonuses, so he can be OP. He does occasionally get/make an OP item, but those are only used to further his advantages.
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madstack rated it
Evolution Theory of the Hunter
March 17, 2017
Status: c87
I'll keep it short. Evolution Theory of the Hunter fails in all important aspects for a story like this. It's a very low quality read. More on the how and why below.

A story with a game-like world like this usually succeeds or fails based on:
- setting or world mechanics: Several plot-holes regarding world logic, which can be ignored, but the world itself is bland;
- Powers (skills) : Very few are ever actually mentioned and those that are, are never engaging or thought-provoking. Again, bland.
- Monsters / enemies:... more>> Same problem as Powers - there is very little variety and descriptions are lacking most of the time.
- Loot: Most of the items lack description and are generic.
- Characters and plot: Shallow characters, no plot so far. Very anime-ish stereotypes - I consider it a downside, others might not.

All in all, I don't suggest reading it unless you're suffering from serious WN withdrawal and don't have any better options. <<less
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madstack rated it
Renegade Immortal
August 14, 2018
Status: c1059
As usual with Er Gen's novels, all of the characters feel artificial (including the protagonist), but it can nonetheless be enjoyable for some. Well, those same 'artificial' characters also have more life to them than most other web novel characters. If you like myths and similarly styled narration, you will probably like this one.

Anyway, below I will elaborate on some of the major flaws of this novel.

  • Boring main character
    There simply isn't much to him. He is supposed to be intelligent and stubborn, but there isn't anything else to him. Even after more than a 1000 chapters, he feels like a stranger most of the time, especially when he shows emotion (which happens maybe once or twice every few hundred chapters). I think he would be much better suited to being part of the 'lead cast' or protagonist's best friend, actually. He's also very cautious, which sounds great on paper, but in actuality it often leads to uninteresting conclusions.
  • Haphazard world building
    There are many mysteries and 'adventures' the main character goes through, but ultimately, the author rarely builds upon what is already there. He introduces new concepts, new artefacts and abilities, while old ones are reduced to honourable mentions. Explanations about how things work are usually just vague nonsense, which is supposed to give off a feeling of mystique. With that said, it is in line with the whole theme of the novel, so some might not find it to be a flaw.
  • No dialogue, monologue at the level of a parody
    I'm not sure if this is due to differences in language and culture, but most of the things characters say or think sound like a parodied version of some ancient speech, which is perhaps fitting. There also isn't any dialogue at all, as pretty much everything is resolved through a show of power.
  • Exploited plot holes and random clues
    The author will often 'fix' a plot hole by saying it was a clue to something greater. He also often throws around clues to future mysteries without planning which he uses once he's come up with a use for them. I could be wrong about the clues, but that's how it seems to me. With that said, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as a webnovel is pretty likely to develop plot holes due to quick pace of writing.
  • Lazy descriptions
    In my opinion, this is the biggest flaw of this novel. For example, when a character gets angry, their eyes shine with fury; when a character is supposed to be lustful, their eyes shine with lust; when they feel resentment, their eyes shine with resentment. And so on, and so forth. These descriptions are often unnecessary, as characters can show their attitude through actions or dialogue, but that pretty much never happens.
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madstack rated it
Ze Tian Ji
August 28, 2018
Status: c282
I'd recommend this novel only to people with nothing but time on their hands. The author stretches literally every chapter as much as possible, leaving nothing to the imagination, overexplaining everything... This is not hyperbole.

In the 282 chapters I've read, there is very little content. Also, you know about plot armour? Well, this novel has a reverse version of that, where the protagonist is often suppressed for the sake of the plot, or side characters are boosted to keep up with him. Occasionally, there's a battle or two, but the... more>> author is really bad at describing action.

Also, misunderstandings. The novel is full of them and they are often used to pad word count. If one took out all the content that was repeated more than twice, I bet there'd be about 60-70 chapters instead of the 282 I read.

In conclusion, one could say that the main theme of this novel are actually fillers and misunderstandings. There's plot crawling around somewhere between those two. <<less
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madstack rated it
Max Level Newbie
August 19, 2018
Status: c37
So, this is basically a slice of life novel, with some action every now and then and an occasional training montage... The problem is that these crucial elements are simply terribly done. The author puts no effort into anything.

Details below (no spoilers).

  • The premise is all right
    Nothing special when one gives it some thought. It's not that original, but would probably be much more entertaining if it was a comedy (which it isn't).
  • Slice of nobody's life
    This is the core of the novel, yet its execution is simply horrible. 'Slice of Life' is usually carried by dialogue, but dialogue is probably the weakest point of this novel. The author seems to either put no effort into it, or he counts on readers being idiots. Most of the time, dialogue is actually used as a word padding tool.
  • Bad action
    The basis of it is pretty good, but it is very plain and poorly described in the end. This generally shouldn't be a big issue in this kind of story, but because the novel doesn't actually have anything else, it stands out even more.
  • No characterization
    There is no proper character exposition, the protagonist is just some guy that wants to return home and that's about it.
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madstack rated it
August 11, 2018
Status: v4c64
After reading up to v4c64, I can only say that it was a complete waste of time. Some state that things get better later, but I can only say that reading up to that point in hope of the novel getting somewhat interesting is an even greater waste of time.

More details below. No actual spoilers.

  • The author constantly repeats himself.
    (Example: Listening to her proposal, Aria refused.
    "I'm sorry, I have to refuse."
    Aria refused with an apologetic look.)
  • No fantasy in a fantasy world.
    (Everything one would be interested in in such a world is boiled down to honourable mentions at best.
    Magic, Skills, Races (elves, dwarves), Dungeons, Monsters - a lot of potentially interesting material, and none of it is used. Magical items are the most talked about, but the author tends to just repeat himself, so the end result that you don't actually know much about those either.)
  • Uninteresting protagonist.
    (He's one of those uninteresting, weak-minded harem protagonists. He's easily replaceable.
    His only saving graces are his spirit guides. His ancestors, who are all interesting in some way, and his
    day-long change in personality, which occurs whenever he levels up. There are logical reasons for why he is the way he is, but that doesn't change anything.)
  • Anticlimax and lacking story flow.
    (Things just happen - there is no build up, no tension. Just when one would think things are about to explode in a climax, the author either glosses over it like it's no big deal, or it gets resolved 'off-screen'. Sometimes the situations gets a paragraph to itself, but that's about it.)
  • Diverse, likeable, but (debatably) shallow harem members.
    (All of the girls are likeable in their own way and are diverse in non-stereotypical way. All of them seem to have a story of their own, but their behaviour doesn't properly reflect that, I think. I'd say this is up to personal preference. These characters are the strongest points of this novel, along with protagonist's ancestors.)
  • Interesting 'spirit guides'
    (I've already touched upon it, but I think they deserve a mention of their own, as they really 'carry' the protagonist through the story. One could also argue that without them, there would be room for a much more interesting protagonist, though. In my opinion, the author should have limited their ability to interact with the protagonist, as they completely overshadow him.)
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The Legend of Sun Knight
March 20, 2017
Status: --
This is a very well written novel. The tags pretty much tell you what to expect, except for the loli tag. There is no paedophilia in this novel. There is one thing that needs to be said though - this is a shoujo novel. If you're not familiar with the term, it basically means its 'girly'. However, the novel is so interesting that I only caught on to the fact several volumes into the story.
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