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macy2 rated it
For My Healing Life
February 22, 2019
Status: c9
Was interesting at the beginning. But as I read on, I start to dislike it more and more. But take note as of this review only 9 chapters have been translated. This review may be subjected to change.

Basically the plot goes like this: MC apparently was overbearing in his last life and hogged all the limelight. Given a second chance, he decides to fix his past mistakes by sharing the limelight (and pretty much trying to blend into the shadows for himself).

Great. Or so I thought; here's my problem.

First, the... more>> "overbearing, limelight hogging" persona is just a paper front, a plot device, to make his current persona have reason. It literally holds ZERO meaning other then that. You literally see none of it, and there's not a speck of it in the current MC. In fact the MC's character might as well be a complete stranger.

And that's my problem, the MC is too different to his old persona. People don't fundamentally change and if they do a core of resemblance remains. The MC in my opinion doesn't represent someone repenting and hence the change. It's more like I implanted memories of person A into B; B using the memories made decisions based on it but has their own unique personailty.

Next, the 'groupmates'. Why are they so clingy (the child kind and mothery kind) ? The MC doesnt remember this in his first life (before they hated him) and there's no concrete reason given. They are clingy as soon as the "official" introduction was made. It's shounen ai I guess. But I dont find it cute or fluffy when they act like children pleading for attention ("but I wanted to sit next to him") for no given reason. But at the same time they all treat the MC like a precious child? But it goes because the plot dictates it. And although the MC dislikes it, he _?__ (MC doesnt exactly endures, fight, is angered, is annoyed, tries to prevent, tolerates, protests, lives through it like maytr?) it? He's just there, and it just happens basically.

Next, as you read on. You start to find that the MC doesnt seem to have motivation or much of a voice. And although things happen and the MC does take an active role and complain internally; he also feels like a house plant oddly enough (just there... photosynthesizing) As harsh as it sounds; the MC has a very dull personality. I'm wondering how will a romantic relationship develo. later on (although it seems more like an unwanted male harem rn).

Also, you would think this guy is at least mature being mentally older then he physically is. All I can say is: Nope. Remember the memory implant thing? Add that the memories have no emotional significance to it.

In a nutshell; keep your expectations low. <<less
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macy2 rated it
A Wish to Grab Happiness
July 21, 2019
Status: v3c47
For anyone looking for revenge galore and all the typical tropes in a second chance story; this is not for you. As of V3c47 at least.

This novel, in my opinion, offers a realistic take. Yes, our MC is useless, and arguably wimpish male that sacrifaces his happieness to be by his childhood friend's side (his crush). This decision puts him in the hero's party where everyone is highly competent and amazing; except him. And so, scorned and dismissed by the entire party (which is a harem), the MC is unhappy... more>> and resentful of the righteous great hero (who represents all that is good and righteous, but is ignorant). Btw the childhood friend is no better either; purposely (in my opinion) ignorant of his circumstances she is 'greatful' he stayed by her side but shows no consideration for him at all.

And so a second chance is given and he returns to the past. And the MC vows to pursue a different path. First of all, in contrast to the comments saying he doesnt change anything; that is false. It may not be flashy or grandiose like all other novels. But the MC actively tries to better himself training as an adventurer. He does use prior knowledge and is smarter. The only difference is that the changes currently are subtle and unnoticeable. He is more proactive and stands up for himself. After all not everyone can have an indestructible plot armor that allows them to make society changing decisions. The MC who is still powerless and weak starts off with himself.

Along his pursuit of a better life. He makes some decisions using past life knowledge and becomes embroiled with one of the hero's future party members. And the actual story starts.

All in all, this a slower story with a weak, trampled-on MC who has no power in society. There is not much action either. The appeal lies in its realistic take and the character explorations. Throughout the novel the MC repeatedly and scornfully recalls the future female party members viewing him as dirt. The ones in his 2nd chance (pre-hero party era) are vastly different from the future. Through these new interactions before the hero came along, we see what drives thier personalities in the future and why they hang off the hero. As well as the subtle changes the MC causes.

For anyone who wants a novel with some actual deeper substance and plentiful character growth (and building) this is a novel worth checking out. (Btw the first party member he encounters is pretty unlikable, please keep that in mind)

Once again this is slow moving plot; even at vol.3 not much has actually happened or been revealed. The above is my take on the novel so far and may be subjected to changes in the future. <<less
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After the first 2-3 arcs, you can stop reading.

After that are pretty much just fillers that the author drags out. Nothing really happens, and nor is there any significant character development. Tiararose and Aquasteed's relationship is depicted very superficially, and at chapter 73 (in my opinion) still feels like total strangers. Once again, I'll like to repeat no character development happens after the first few arcs either (not that there's much happening thete either). So they all remain pretty shallow as characters. Furthermore, Tiararose becomes your typical heroine that somehow... more>> does nothing and something at the same time. I wish I could say the later arcs at least have good subplots, but they don't. They all are short and read like anticlimactic slice-of-life non-adventures. <<less
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Its alright. But this should really get a MARY SUE and maybe a MATYR MC tag.

And in case you didn't get the message the main character is apparently very pretty, knowledgable in everything required for a MC, well-mannered, softhearted, and lively. And the biggest ringer, she has a sob story! Separated from her biological family for years the MC rejoins them only to find her mother is estranged, her sister hates her and is so dearly wronged by them.

But that all those good points above with a grain of salt... more>> because dont forget she's a cold beauty! In a nutshell we have a GORGEOUS, INTELLIGENT, HUMBLE, and LOVABLE MC that acts like an EMOTIONLESS wax figure that apparently is MUTE when it actually counts. You know other then when she's crying alone, earning brownie points with the readers in non-key events (and giving all other characters a reason to kiss her feet), etc (you know the drill).

But if you're here for the sole romance and none of the plot, nothing major has happened so far but I can say is that ML might as well admit it's love at first sight.

Now at the risk of discounting my entire review and rating. This book is only currently at 18 translated parts. So its still very early to judge. However I will affirm with certainty that if you can't stand Mary Sues with nothing more then a sob story to them; this is probably not for you. <<less
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Despite having an unique and interesting plot synopsis, the story itself falls short.

It is narrated through the eyes of Altrea as she navigates her way past death flags. Well at least that was what it is suppose to be. On the contrary it can hardly be counted as avoid the death flag type which the synopsis suggests. It's more like sped up nutshell of the MC's life with some prior knowledge (knowledge that isnt applicable, since the world isnt static like the game).

My biggest complaint is that the narration is... more>> highly unreliable. The plot line is not striaght and clear cut, instead it skips and jumps right into scenes and often doesn't specify who or what is speaking. The book also doesn't specify or clue in the readers where exactly on the timeline is this jump happening either; it just throws you into the scene. It also seems to hold an assumption that we readers have knowledge of the recarnation memories of the otome game and of the world itself; which we don't and nor does the MC clarifies it for us. This doesnt help with the sizable load of characters they unleash on us either (but most aren't even important; novel likes to name drop filler characters).

In short the book reads as if we are a third party looking in to a hazy memory of the MC where we are not privy to the details of. We, as interlopers to this hazy memory, can only vaguely grasp the plot and details mentioned and create a general understanding of the happenings. I'll also like to note that these 'memories' may not include the important stuff and key events. It is quite literally a memory type thing, where it jumps to nonsensical and unimportant stuff, snippets of events with strong memorial significance, and really fleshes out little useless things (food described in detail). It's quite frustrating, especially when we want the important, significant events but only get a sliver.

I'm not sure how others are rating this so high. Maybe it's just not my cup of tea, or maybe they were reading the raws (but I highly doubt its the translator's fault in my case). But, I certainly am not reading a 4 star novel. <<less
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macy2 rated it
The Day I Disappeared
August 14, 2018
Status: Completed
A quick short read about a bittersweet relationship that is guaranteed to leave a pang of pity for the MC. It's truly a meloncholic ending. I would highly reccomand to give it a go if you've got a bit of time to spare; even if it's not your typical genre to read. Looking forward to the sequel.
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macy2 rated it
Slow Prison Life
September 28, 2019
Status: c47
Was interesting at first but gets repetitive and boring.

Its mainly written for a light read, so dont expect a plot with depth or any charcater development. The entire plot is catered to the fact that all the relevant characters are dull and cannot outsmart the psychopath MC. There are no ingenious plans or clever ideas, just dumb ideas by the prince and convenient counters by the black belly, all powerful MC.
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macy2 rated it
Marielle Clarac’s Engagement
July 2, 2018
Status: c3.3
The story starts off alright at first. Marielle is a noble, who perfers being a wallflower to better observe society. And in order to not spoil too much, lets just say Marielle is a fantasizer and has an overactive imagination.

Doesn't sound too bad right? And thats what I though too. But I may be biased, I'm turned off by books immediatly if there are idiotic, supremely happy-go-lucky, or MCs that lack sensibilities and basic common sense.

She seemed normal enough, a noble not taken in by the glamour and egos of... more>> society. Unfortunatly as you read on, her tendencies to fantasize gets annoying. It intrudes upon sensibilities and common sense. Like literally, in the face of trouble she's pretty much like "The maginificance of a true villianness lady! How quickly sje plots! How vile her words! Ufufufu I must remember this experience!" And this is pretty much the template (with allowance for changes in the given situation) for almost everything that drives the plot. It's freaking annoying.

Also, I'll like to note that marielle is an unrealiable narrator as well. If you're looking for a cute (?), nonsensical easy read I guess this is for you. If not, you might want to pass on this book.

Also, for those who read through my long review and want a spoiler see below.


She's an author that publishes dramatic chick-flick romance novels secretly. Which resulted to her becoming some plot manic to the point it overrides basic sensibilities and common sense (you can almost say shes a 'hentai' for plots). So yeah, "The maginificance of a true villianness lady! How quickly she plots! How vile her words! Ufufufu I must remember this experince" is quite a literal summed up internal monologue she has that repeats throughout. Marielle doesnt care about society at all in my opinion. And although her fantasizes are internal, that doesnt mean it doesnt clue out externally (overt and covert) but other characters pretty much conveniently ignore them all and the MC goes on with her self-centered life of going Ufufufu for various things. In my opinion she becomes more unlikable with her fantasys as the plot goes on (but at this point there's only 3.3 chapters, so maybe it'll change. But I'm quitting the novel after this review.) Her character is also very shallow and the author has yet to provide any subtance to her character growth and depth.

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Is a typical plot for a story of the otome genre. Although that plays a very small part of to the actual plot. So far there are 2 arcs to the story; the otome one and an arc regarding the prince's little sister, which is still in the midst of being translated currently.

Do I like it? I don't feel any particular strong feelings (I didnt expect much in the first place) but I wouldn't say I like it.

The characters are all annoying in their own way (sheep, an idiot, doesn't... more>> think before they act, etc.) Furthermore, the plot armor is pretty strong in this novel. Events and hurdles are driven on the sole fact that no is apparently able to communicate, characters are conviently looking the other way to problems (problem avoidance really), they are all idiots, and there are really convient situations.

In short, this an easy lighthearted read for anyone interested. The translation is well done. However, this is not a read for anyone looking for a fleshed out plot and characters, or for something with some substance (there is nothing to 'sink your teeth into', or become immersed in; nothing really happens.) <<less
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macy2 rated it
Waiting For You Online
September 28, 2019
Status: c150
Started off alright, but it gets old fast. Scenes just get dragged out and there's not much going on.

The plot is also not as deep or angsty (like barely any) as many other reviews make it to be. Its actually quite simple and shallow; it pretty much goes exactly as you would imagine just by reading the description.
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macy2 rated it
Don’t be So Proud
July 15, 2018
Status: Completed
Cute story, however it does drags a bit and nothing really important happens for a series of chapters until they switch back (in which it just becomes plain fluff afterwards) ; other then that its the MC ruining the ML's image and dignity. The ML is stubborn but he's careful to maintain her relations and not cause trouble. The MC on the other hand does not at all; she's impulsive, acts upon her emotions, requires people to clean up after her messes and is selfish. She's an happy-go-lucky person (and... more>> dare I say shallow and spoiled) that spares no thought towards the ML's life and pursues her own goals and desires selfishly. This selfishness continues even after they switch back. Honestly although I dont have an outright problem with her character (I mean a lot of MCs are like her) but she wont be a character that I particularly like or support if there was a better alternate for the ML. <<less
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macy2 rated it
Empress with no Virtue
January 17, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a pure romance novel and is a lighthearted, easy read.

Depite being set in ancient China and specifically the inner place. There are no deep or complicated political schemes, revenge, traps, and generally no killing or torturing.

Schemes in the harem are simple and are just plot devices to make things happen. Enemies are enemies in name only and are easily crushed. In short, all that we would expect from a novel set in inner palace are not present in this novel. The novel focuses soley on the Emperor and... more>> Empress' interactions and relationship development.

However because of the nature of such a novel with no actual depth, not much can said for character development. While having some it is not a substantial amount. The same goes for the plot. Events, laughs, and hurdles appear but they don't hold much substantial significance either.

Furthermore, the characters are not complex and 'smart' either. They are relatively simple and frustrating. Especially, the female lead (but what else did we honestly expect? Its always the FLs, I say natural selection is outright poor in novels).
The female lead is a prideful, spoiled, naive, and a little bit narcissistic. She is also smart and clever; but at the same time dumb and outright idiotic. And I dont mean it in the IQ and EQ sense; although it does somewhat hold true in that context as well.
The ML on the other hand starts off alright albeit extremely petty. And then after falling in love essentially turns into a brianless idiot.

I find that both characters are difficult to like.


Around chapter 50, the FL wanted to 'join' the war. The ML didnt let her, and so she escapes the palace. Fakes an identity as an general and essentially frolicks around army camps and plays around the town like a nouveau riche (and somehow didnt think it was easy to catch her).
So yes, is she downright stupid? Yup.

The country is at war, you go frolick around the frontlines and run amok in all male army camps (poorly hiding the fact she was female too). The FL knows some martial arts and weapon usage. But are you honestly kidding me? The fact that she thought she could participate in the frontlines without telling anyone (neverminding that she is the empress) or that she could potentially lose her life.

What's more frustrating is that the ML never punished her or reprimanded her afterwards. Just continued to dote... and then she escaped again, actually participated in the frontlines and gets captured by the enemy. And when she gets saved? More doting.


Honestly, after the ML realizes he is in love with the FL. There's not much else that goes on. Just fluff, more fluff, infuriating moments (because love lets you get away with everything) and more fluff. I would say once you hit chap 50-60 theres nothing to read. It's plain fluff all the way to the end.

To sum up:
Did I enjoy this novel? Debateable
Did I like this novel? Decent read in first half only
Was there humor? A little bit
Was it actually funny? Not really
Is it good enough to reccomand? No

I would give this a 2.5 stars if I could. <<less
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macy2 rated it
Dream of Fuyao
January 1, 2019
Status: c13
Started with some promise, but ends on a rushed, flat and somewhat odd note. Despite the appearance of a plot it's actually meaningless and gives no real value at all.

Overall, the characters are weak and undeveloped. The plot is as stated above. Humor is below average. The writing started out alright (not great but cant say it's good either), but is clearly written by an amateur as you move towards the ending.

The entire story itself, in anyway I can look at it, barely amounts to a 2-star. Without the... more>> somewhat decent beginning and promise this novel is a solid 1-star in my opinion. <<less
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