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luzumafu rated it
February 4, 2018
Status: c6
!! omegaverse, zombies, strong omega uke, WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR also I feel like the alpha in the beginning is the ML? (EDIT: nawww the ML is a sweetie-pie not that cold man in the beginning! PERFECT!) Either way, since the uke is a strong one, there's no doubt the alpha seme will be just as powerful, so we not only get an apocalyptic omegaverse, but also a power couple?!! Also, the uke's history is shrouded in mystery but definitely seems to play a large part in the... more>> story, so uncovering that will be interesting. side characters are also likable, currently. it's only a few chapters in, but it seems like the pacing of the story will be moderate--definitely not fast but not slow either, since we already have some thrilling action happening from the get-go (as one should expect from zombie novels)

Translation quality... do I even have to say how amazing it is? No complaints about grammar, and I am a grammar nazi. The translation is smooth as well. All in all, if you like danmei, omegaverse, power couple, and smooth translations--this is your novel xD <<less
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luzumafu rated it
Sovereign of Judgment
January 16, 2019
Status: afterword
One of the most memorable novel I have read. This is a revenge novel, and it remains one throughout. Some say that the side characters are one-dimensional but those people obviously have not read far enough to let the author flesh those characters out. It's impossible to flesh out multiple characters completely within the first 30 or so chapters. By the end of the novel, each character is pretty distinctive with one quality whether it be their dreams, morals, their reasons to continue living, or their personalities.

The deaths of the... more>> characters are memorable, and even if I really did not want most of them to die it fit in with the theme of the novel. People die and it's more often times than not unpredictable by the one who died and the ones left behind. Some deaths made me feel conflicted

like the Berserkers who betrayed Choi Hyuk despite knowing that they would lose in the face of his powerful might after killing the monster responsible for his mother's death. These warriors were taken in because they wanted to die, so when Hyuk's enemies asked them to betray him they openly mocked those enemies for thinking they could actually kill Choi Hyuk, yet they agreed to betray him because they wanted to die anyway. Even Hyuk knew why they betrayed him because he understood them the best as one whose world no longer existed and could not hate them for it; he welcomed their betrayals and personally sent them on their way after a cool "You did well." It made me really respect both the traitors and Choi Hyuk as a leader.


I personally love Choi Hyuk, our MC. He is a fighting genius like the summary says. He is completely overpowered in human terms and later on even amongst the other creatures in the universe. If you don't like overpowered protagonists with no real struggle then this novel isn't for you. He is not the most powerful right off the bat--there are many who are leagues above him. However, the reason he doesn't struggle (as much as some may like him to) is because he knows his limits and doesn't blindly challenge those people. Really, he is only "overpowered" compared to the people and monsters around him because he has faster growth and more determination to grow stronger than they do. He is mainly apathetic to others. This does not mean he doesn't understand them--hell, he does but that has nothing to do with him or his goals. If people harbor intentions/thoughts that are detrimental to his end-goal then he would not hesitate to create a situation that would force them to improve themselves.

He isn't improving them for them, but for himself because the ones at the top (which are obviously the subjects of his revenge) categorize the humans as a whole. In the first half of the novel, humans are "Consumables, " trash that could be thrown away anytime. In order to get more power to enact his revenge, Hyuk needs to get rid of that title to get resources. To get rid of this title, all of humanity has to improve themselves, not just Choi Hyuk and his army.


If anything, the reviews that comment on his mental strength are more right than they are wrong. But I think that is what balances him out as a character. When they say he is mentally inept, they aren't meaning that he is easily fooled and swayed by others. Hell no. Hyuk knows what others are scheming up inside and is one who takes no BS by striking first and asking questions later. He resorts to violence because that's the only thing he is truly proficient in and it has been directly discussed in the novel itself amongst his own teammates that he should be more strategic with his plays and moves. However, even if he knows somewhat how his adversaries scheme and whatnot, Hyuk vehemently ignores his teammates' advice BECAUSE he knows the problem could be solved much simpler by doing things his way--violence. In the end, he comes off as simple-minded but he actually just can't be bothered to do things in a roundabout way. When people comment on his mental weakness, they are most likely referring to the fact that he does not take the deaths of his loved ones well. WELL, WHO DOES? If anything, I think he took it pretty extreme but that's the drive of the novel. He rarely cried, if at all, but the crying is for the readers and the subordinates to do. He turns his sadness and hopelessness into anger and rage--fuel for his revenge.

The moment his mother died, his world was over. Sure, he's a momma's boy. So what? I think that's endearing considering she was the only one in his life for 18 (?) years. The deaths following his mother's, he did care but at that point, his world was already gone so nothing else mattered--he just let their deaths become extra fuel for his revenge.


Choi Hyuk is not a leader, he is a fighter. This is so important that I have to underline it. He designates the leadership and command of troops to his vice leaders/elites/executives while he himself dominates the frontlines alone, instilling hope and motivation to his troops and even others that don't even know him but are struggling on the battlefield.

The only thing I didn't like is the ending. It was kind of out of his character to see him so goofy, but whatever. I like that

he's happy and he ended up with the best waifu in the novel

but it could have been executed better.

Translation quality was perfect. No complaints whatsoever. <<less
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luzumafu rated it
Trash of the Count’s Family
April 15, 2019
Status: c140
This novel is extremely satisfying to read. Cale is one of the best MC I have read about and his interactions with the characters around him are what really drive this story. He is calm, calculative, and misunderstood to be someone extremely great and benevolent when all he wants is to live the slacker life. He'd be so much more believable if he really did just that, but the plot has so much in store for him that he has to work for it *sighs with him* His internal dialogues... more>> are golden as well and you can't help but smile at the contrast between those thoughts and the immediate situations around him.

This novel has me smiling at how cute some character interaction scenes are, mainly due to all of the misunderstandings and exaggerations. It also makes the story really funny. As a heavily character-driven novel, this is one of those novels that you can come back to after maybe half a year and you could still remember even the most low-key side character, and even more so the more prominent ones. The author really fleshed out this aspect to the T, and nothing can ever go wrong with a great cast lineup especially with a pretty decently written world setting and conflict that drives them all together. Worth reading and rereading. <<less
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There aren't that many chapters out atm, but judging from the synopsis, I can tell this novel will make me laugh. The latest chapter 6 already has some foreshadowing about the other transmigrators, rebirthers, reincarnates, and all those other "immigrants"--and the MC is aware of the possibility too so that tells us that he isn't dumb. The MC, Xiao Ziling, died and was reborn and got himself a cheat--typical rebirth scenario. The difference is that they explain how he got his cheat early on so the author isn't just pulling... more>> things out from thin air, but there are definitely still some things regarding the specific skills/cultivation/powers of the rest of the world itself as well as the cheat that can be expounded on later. So far all we know is that after the apocalypse people's bodies categorized as speed-types, power-types, etc as well as the standard cultivation earth, fire, water, etc spirit roots.

All we can get from the current chapters is that the MC and his family are super close. Also there's that "you can't change fate" thing where he tries his best to get his aunt by his side to ensure her safety but just like his previous life he fails to do so. His cheat isn't that overpowered (though there is definitely potential). He has to work his butt off for it though because of his own bodily composition's shortcomings.

This is shounen ai, so just a heads up there. ML hasn't shown up yet, but my first guess is that he's the leader and the big thigh that he wants to hug (the thigh that also wants to hug MC's too, so most likely also a rebirth guy). All I can say is that based on the synopsis we are in for a time-lapse rebirth mind-fuq. Similar to Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse xD which is hilarious.

Translation quality is perfectly fine since it is clear, little to no grammatical errors, and honestly all of their current projects are on my reading list so they know what the good stuff are and are trying their best to do those novels justice. <<less
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luzumafu rated it
Boss’s Death Guide
March 24, 2019
Status: Completed
Very very easy to Google translate, coming from someone who never MTL. If you like what the current TL has so far, the MTL in my opinion is no different. Not an insult or anything, but a fact.

Plot wise, this novel could be separated into VERY generally, three arcs. ... more>>

Earth arc, where the setting is the apocalypse.

There is the second, Yyer (MTL verbatim) arc, which is another world. It's not really an a$$pull, since the author does a relatively smooth job at transitioning this world traveling concept. Reminds me of Rebirth of MC (??) that one zombie apocalypse novel where the two MC were actually reincarnations of previous lives and later returned the the upper realm and never went back to earth. But BDG is different in that they do return. And they obviously are not reincarnations but reborn from their previous lives. Also, the other world's situation is linked to the earth's apocalypse.

Which brings us to the shorter third arc, where it suddenly turns into a battle between the gods. This is intricately tied to the zombie apocalypse on earth so I can't say that the author pulled this from nowhere. The MCs go back and forth between the two worlds, so there's some interesting business subplots going on as well.


Not many plot holes, but the last chapter isn't really all that great since

it ended off in the other world with no real coverage of earth. Not too much of a problem, since it's easy to guess but it'd probably have been nice to read about it rather than speculating.


Relationship between the MCs is EXTREMELY sweet, which is why I continued to read. Not many obstacles in their relationship except for one tiny bump that lasted about 20 (?) chapters?

ML is usually super duper doting and spoils the MC like there's no tomorrow. In Yyer, someone made him doubt the MCs love for him (which is actually really understandable since the MC is always on the receiving end and if you know his personality from the released chapters though he changes from the depressed state into a more lively person, he still passively accepts love without having verbally declared his love for ML... It's not strange for his feelings to be doubted) and so ML was slightly overbearing. People might find this abrupt shift hard to read, but tbh ML never did anything MC didn't want. Also, his mood was entirely dependent on his power stability which was already very unstable before he was provoked by that other someone and also relied on his faith in MCs love for him, so mood swings galore at this time. The really borderline thing I'd say would be that he turned slightly yandere due to his possessiveness, not letting MC talk or look at anyone else--not that he ever hurt MC though. But ML only wanted to keep up that act for a month before splitting up with MC. Basically, he wanted a time for just both of them for the last time before splitting since he felt that the MC was unwillingly tied to him and he didn't want to wrong MC. Obviously, they didn't split up and even strengthened their love for each other later.

Lots of dog food for the single people out there.

Side characters are particularly memorable for me. At least, when they are mentioned I can remember them. They get their own lovers too. Most of them, at least.

Villains, they aren't always 2D, though most are pretty hateful. Their reasons are understandable and some even switch sides (or maybe just one).

Maybe it's MTL or the author just didn't write descriptions, but the hot scenes are not described at all, just one sentence or two occasionally. But I thought it was okay you can still tell whether it was intense or gentle sometimes.

TLDR it's worth reading and binging if you have the time. <<less
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luzumafu rated it
Konyaki-haki sarete Me ga Samemashita
July 16, 2018
Status: --
Super beautiful romance, but I wish it wasn't another "reincarnated into an otome game" novel because then that brings into question the personality of MC; for example, most reincarnation novels have OOC to some extent and this novel didn't really have that split personality between the game her and modern her. In this case, the reincarnation from modern world into game world creates a really noticeable and irreconcilable disjoint in that she practically reincarnates super late, whereas her game self's PAST as well as the results of her actions in... more>> the "game" play a large part in her feelings with the ML. Having her reincarnated-from-the-future self falling in love with him, to me, doesn't make as much sense because that wasn't really "her, " who at this point is like a mix between modern and game MC.

I mean there is definitely room to argue that she is still her game self. She could just have "memories from the game" or she could still be predominantly her game self while her modern self is simply there to smack her back to reality (same thing), but honestly rather than having such a meaningless and unnecessary add-in like "reincarnating from the future with memories from a game, " why not just make her a reborn villainess?? Same results, more impact--because this short story made her situation seem more like a "second chance" kind of scenario (when you read the story, you would have a 90% of agreeing with me on this point).

It would have been perfect if it were simply a reborn novel, but alas. <<less
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