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lordtalon rated it
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)
October 28, 2017
Status: c15
I really got in to this novel only to get to chapter 15 and find out that the translator who carries on the next set of chapters deleted them so I can't read them unless I go to a site and pay to read a translation that might be totally different going from what I can tell (web vs. Light). So right now my reading this novel is on hold until someone goes back and uploads the missing chapters or I finally break and read the light novel version based... more>> on cost. I'm giving 4 stars because I do find this novel really interesting just wish the people translating the light novel wouldn't harass those translating the web novel version because most of the time while it is the same story there are differences in them. <<less
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