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lordofthebooty rated it
The Book Eating Magician
July 20, 2017
Status: c67
I don't understand how you can even write a review after 5 chapters lol GET THE FVCK OUT OF HERE.

This novel is definitely amazing. The M/C is not OP at all, even right now lol even the female lead Sylvia can fight evenly with his grimoire power, granted, she was already strong as fvck.

The M/C is able to obtain abilities by eating books, and every once in a while, if he eats an original book from a great magician, he has a chance at peering through their memories and obtaining... more>> their techniques as well.

If you kingdom building, from the different empires, races, to the magic towers where circle 8 magicians rule over. (Strength can destroy a country)

If you like action and adventure, there is definitely A LOT of that. If you like M/Cs who ACTUALLY use their damn brain when fighting and overall, there is our Theo for that. <<less
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lordofthebooty rated it
Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon
March 28, 2017
Status: c20
21st century dungeoning/survival. The MC isn't some dumb, pushover, spineless f*ck who gets bullsh*t luck at all. The story is veryyyy good. What you gain in the dungeon (stats), you can keep in reality. People fall asleep and enter the dungeon realm, where there are multiple floors. Monsters are ranked H-SS.

You get drops by killing monsters (only one person can get them). You can acquire new talents or skills by various actions. For example, if you were to kill say 10 goblins by kicking, you might obtain a unique kicking... more>> skill, or if you kill 10 goblins with just your fists, you might obtain a punching skill. Our MC has various skills from map reading to boxing/martial art punches right now.

Anyways, after you complete the first floor within the time limit (just navigating through the maze/killing monsters), you can go down a staircase to move onto the second floor. From then on, a prompt will read "Welcome to the second floor. You can meet +1 explorer, " so someone else from the real world will be there.

Now, it gets crazy, because we learn that if you kill someone, you can steal all of their talents/stats (except techniques).

Of course, if you die in the dungeon, in the real world, you still revive, but you just completely forget about being in the dungeon whatsoever. It even causes a weird personality change (made some d*ck dude into an angel).


Right now, our MC just went through a tough trial. There were a total of 200+ people that gathered on the fifth floor. This is a resting/exchange area, so no one can die here. There is this rank SS statue carved that comes to life.
The statue explains that some God from another world summoned them (as well as others around the world). Humans are here for their desires/power basically. After explaining that, this old religious lady calls the statue a devil, then the statue says that she killed everyone on her floor, so she can't talk. Blah blah, she ends up dying by the statue.

All of her abilities are now open for grabs. The statues goes on to announce there will be a competition. From then on, every person randomly sees a number. One guy has 3, one has 12, while our MC has 22. The numbers equate to the number of opponents you must defeat to obtain that religious nut's power. Our MC just waits a few hours while everyone fights, then he goes up and shocks everyone. He starts to fight, then he breaks this dude's fingers one by one, and even when tis guy's HP is at 0, he doesn't die, since it's an exclusive competition right now. After beating/torturing a few people, he gets new skills such as torture and false evil (he had to act bad to scare away the competition basically)

Our MC was already #1 on the leaderboards but after this wicker performance, nobody dares to challenge him. Of course, the female lead knows he was only doing so to appear scary. He has made one trust worthy friend, Yang Suji. This girl is ranked 41st, but she does not die at all in a dungeon. That is her unique technique. She has OP regeneration basically. Even when this crazy berserk player who had the body/strength of like 15 f*cking goblins from drinking multiple bod enhancing potions, was smashing her to bits and pieces, slicing her body in half, she still managed to regenerate, so it's a scary good ability for her to have.
Our MC wins the competition after a few battles and gets an "escape ticket. This ticket allows him to escape from the sixth floor back to the resting/exchange area on the fifth floor for 12 hours, once he rips it. So this item is good.

From then on, the statue creates 7 plates and tells everyone to form teams of 7, the next floor will begin. Our MC pairs up with a set of twins (one girl rank 15, one little brother rank 145), his female friend, this crazy bit*h who is rank 3, and two others (one of them is secretly ranked 2 but we don't know yet)

So, sixth floor is like a huge cavern and at the edge, a huge drop with monsters at the bottom. His goal initially was to kill the other 5 with his female companion, and take all of their abilities to gain strength. Of course, all of that changes when he realizes that in order to pass the sixth floor, every one must use teamwork to advance past these dozens of shadow leeches at the bottom of the huge abyss hole (Rank SS). This change on the floor still results in multiple people out of the 200+ dying anyways, and sh*t gets awesome.

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lordofthebooty rated it
Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
May 20, 2017
Status: c246
Do you like generic OP M/C novels? Do you like harems where the M/C does nothing? Do you like M/Cs making foolish mistakes without thinking? If so, this is the novel for you.

The novel seemed really interesting at first, I was into it, but it quickly drops down. The only character development you'll get is our M/C transforming from a wussy, bootlicker into a killing machine without care for others, since life isn't important to him anymore. The side characters are decent, so there's that.

That's how our M/C is. Some... more>> people like it, some don't. This novel might be for you, it might not. <<less
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lordofthebooty rated it
Monarch of Evernight
May 18, 2017
Status: c28
I'm reading both versions, from Wuxiaworld and WuxiaDream. Honestly, the M/C just has no backbone. He is nothing but a soldier who follows orders, his team feels guilty but they still end up killing men, women, children, doing whatever the captain tells them, because as a soldier, you cannot ignore the orders of your Empire.

This senseless killing is just, so idiotic. I mean, you're talking about a situation where you can even save people, but nope, Empire orders them to die, so let's just obey and pull the trigger.

I really... more>> am trying my best to stick with this, but it's become hard when you think how much of a pssy our M/C is. This kid would probably eat a bag of dog sht if his captain told him to.

The brutality of the world is just, too much. I mean, I understand, you're at war with the dark races, but to just go around killing the humans because of some idiotic stuff, like "Oh, a few people are infected, so let's round up the survivors and kill them too, because they MIGHT be infected as well. No, let's not examine them to make sure, let's just kill them because we were ordered to do so."

It's sht like this where it just screams "I CAN NOT WRITE A NOVEL." <<less
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lordofthebooty rated it
Versatile Mage
January 10, 2018
Status: c55
The start was so good, but it just proceeds to go downhill from a stupid MC. It makes absolutely no sense for a person with a dual element (lightning +fire) to even hide his skills. He could have EASILY been accepted into an amazing school, protected by powerful figures, moved dad and his little sister to a better city and his little enemies in this little city would not have been able to do anything, just wait to die.

No, MC proceeds to just disguise his lightning element and sticks with... more>> fire in public, which gets quite annoying. Why does he even have a damn lightning element if he is not going to use it? Oh, let's just secretly save it for a few years down the line when I become stronger and can suppress those small family Mu bullies.

If you want to read a novel that is short in chapters and ends up just frustrating you, go ahead. <<less
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lordofthebooty rated it
World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination
July 23, 2017
Status: c36
MC might be a little perverted at times but it isn't that bad like you'd read in a JP harem novel.

The M/C is transported into a new world with the power to create armies. He can summon elves, dwarves, orcs... etc, ancient powerful beings thought to be extinct on this planet. He summoned the Goddess of the Elves, Tyrande. He has a strong orc warrior Grom, but he wants to summon their God, Thrall soon. He also has a human archmage as well. He has orc soldiers called "grunts, "... more>> and elf archers and elf warriors (hunters).

Right now, he is solely defending his small territory and purging all of the evil bandits/taking their wealth to build up his land. With the new addition of siege weapons, skill upgrades, and such, he is becoming very strong. M/C and the archmage are only at level 6 while Grom and Tyrande are level 10 with brand new T1 armor.

The M/C is able to use skills from the heroes he summons, so he gets stronger with them as well. He doesn't have to fight directly, he can gain XP just from his heroes killing others. It started off very good and the pace is great. You learn a lot about the world they live in, as well as other kingdoms.

M/C can summon almost everything as long as he has enough money and merit points (you gain from battles). He just spend about 10k merit on upgrading his army and repairs, and 400k gold coins on upgrades, so he constantly has to stay in battle just to get it going. very good <<less
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THIS IS JUST BOOTYFUL. This novel is just, damn man, so good. The chapters are REALLY LONG too, which is really nice obviously.

Our M/C has been reborn twice, and he has suffered accidentally from some foolish God. In his first life on Earth, the whole class dies on a boat from a terrorist attack and he dies trying to save a girl, she dies as well obviously.

They meet the God Rodcarte and he tells them all they have two choices - You can be reborn on Earth but you will... more>> have your memories wiped OR you can be reborn on a new planet, obtain special abilities to improve that planet, and keep your memories. The God is only giving people powers, because he has to improve the world and our God Rodcarte heard this is a good way to do it from the other Gods from other worlds.

Out of the 102 people there, only 1 person refuses to be reborn on a new planet with powers, the rest choose the second option. The God calls them up, one by one to grant them new destines, he gives them powers and sends them on their way.

UNFORTUNATELY, there is a guy in the group WITH THE SAME DAMN NAME as our M/C, just a one letter spelling different, and this dumb God gives our M/C's powers/destiny to this scrub, so our M/C unfortunately gets NOTHING. From the very start of his new life, he is f*cked lol. The only thing the God gave him is a HUGE AMOUNT OF MANA (he has 10 million mana, and 10k mana is usually a first class mage lol), but the God tells him he cannot practice magic at all, so our M/C flips out on the God as well.

So, in his second life on the planet called Origin, his dad was a drunk, mom a hoe, so they sell him for alcohol. He ends up in a lab, was experimented on and turned into an Undead. He actually acquired death magic there (fire, water, air, earth, light, life and spirit magic are the known 7 elements of magic so this death magic is rare and new)

Unfortunately, he ended up dying to 30 of his previous OP AF classmates who had no idea that our M/C was reborn as well with them. They were all dispatched to get rid of some threat and that was our M/C unfortunately.

So, our M/C meets the God a THIRD time and tells him "I WILL KILL THEM ALL, " referring to the people that just killed him unknowingly. It's really a huge misunderstanding and he knows this as well, but he is still upset, mostly at the God.

After dying twice and preparing for his third life, the God Rodcarte doesn't want him to suffer, so he curses him, hoping he will die quickly. Our M/C is reborn on the planet Lambaerde, as a half vampire/half dark elf aka Damphir. He is immune to the sun unlike vampires, and possesses very few weaknesses. His mom is Darcia, a brown skinned (dark elf) and his father is Valen, a pale subordinate vampire (low ranking vampire, once a human).

About this world and its background - We have Vida, the goddess of life and love. Alda, the god of light and law.

Zantark, the war-god of fire and destruction. Peria, the goddess of water and knowledge.

Shizarion, the god of wind and art. Botin, mother of the earth and goddess of craftsmanship.

Ricklent, the genie of time and magic. Zuruwarn, the god of space and creation.

These eight gods of the elements as well as the dragon-emperor god Marduke, the giant god Zeno and the beast-god Ganpaplio were known as the eleven founding gods.

The eight gods of the elements created humans, modeled after themselves, and began to teaching and guiding them as their followers.

The dragon-emperor god Marduke created dragons, and the giant god Zeno created giants as their followers.

To provide food for them, the beast-god Ganpaplio birthed countless birds and wild animals and released fish into the seas.

The war-god Zantark and the goddess Botin gave birth to the Dwarf race, while the goddess Peria and Shizarion gave birth to the Elves. “People*” became a general term that applied to all sentient races, and the creatures that had been known as people up until that point came to be known as humans*

The world was peaceful until a Demon King was born, which created Orcs, Goblins.. Etc. The Demon King used them, as well as other evil Gods to fight against other Gods. The God of space and time summoned 7 heroes to defeat the Demon King. The battle pretty much destroyed the planet, barely anyone, Gods included, were left alive.

Alda, one of the two gods who still had power left, chose to work with the 3 surviving heroes to guide the surviving people. However, the goddess Vida believed that creating new races of people and having them join the other races would be a faster way to restore Lambda.

The Goddess Vida mated with the Sun Giant Talos, giving birth to the Titans. She mated with a dragon Tiamet, giving birth to the drakonids - humans with the power/horns of a dragon.

She gave birth to a variety of beast-men, as well as sleeping with the sea-god, birthing mermaids/mermen. Mated with an elf to birth the dark elves. She lastly gave birth to lamia, scylla, arachne, centaurs, harpies and she even infused power into one of the fallen heroes called Zakkart, turning him into an Undead and birthing the vampires.

Alda the God did not like this, so he battled Vida, causing her to suffer a great blow, falling from her position as a God and fleeing into the world with Zakkart. This was 100, 000 years ago, but the world today is still pretty chaotic.

You have people that follow Alda, the new God of life, light and law, and some still follow the evil Gods secretly. Our M/C is on a continent where beings like ghouls/vampires are hated by most people/church. He is trying to make his way to another continent where beings like him are treated better by humans, where all races get along.

Right now, his stats are -

  • Name: Vandalier
  • Race: Dhampir (Dark Elf)
  • Age: 2 years, 6 months old
  • Title:【Ghoul King】
  • Job: None
  • Level: 100
  • Job history: None
  • Attributes:
    • Vitality: 47
    • Mana: 113, 551, 200
    • Strength: 40
    • Agility: 16
    • Endurance: 42
    • Intelligence: 75
  • Passive skills:
    • Superhuman Strength: Level 1
    • Rapid Healing: Level 2
    • Death-Attribute Magic: Level 3
    • Status Effect Resistance: Level 4 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Magic Resistance: Level 1
    • Night Vision
    • Mental Corruption: Level 10
    • Death-Attribute Charm: Level 3
    • Chant Revocation: Level 1
    • Strengthen Followers: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Active skills:
    • Bloodsucking: Level 3
    • Limit Break: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Golem Creation: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)
    • No-Attribute Magic: Level 1
    • Magic Mastery: Level 1
    • Spirit Body (NEW!)
  • Curses
    • Experience gained in previous life not carried over
    • Cannot learn existing jobs
    • Unable to gain experience independently
Most people are like rank 3-5, levels 10-50. Our M/C is still rank 1, level 100, because you cannot rank up unless you have a job, and since one of his curses are - cannot learn existing jobs, he is screwed at the moment.

Of course, the title of this novel is DEATH MAGE, so he obviously will get that job soon enough. The novel is going VERY GOOD right now. From chapter 2, you already get " the feels."


Basically, his mom and him were hiding away in a cave and some church people in a village end up killing her because she is the mother of that damphir. She is burned at the stake and her spirit is left in the world, barely hanging on. Our M/C realizes that something is wrong after his mom doesn't come back for a night and finds her spirit, they have a heart touching moment and he ends up pouring 10million mana into her, allowing her to stay as a spirit. He seals her away into a bone and swears that one day, he will get her a fresh body to put her soul inside, thus resurrecting her. He also meets a father/two daughters along the way that were killed by bandits, so they serve under him, and he promises them the same. He ends up killing AN ENTIRE LEGION of bandits with his undead as well, pretty damn cool.

Right now, he is the Ghoul King. He already cleared a dungeon, and since it was an undead dungeon, he didn't even have to fight, since he has the Death-Attribute Charm, allowing undead to like him better. Also, Ghouls are not spirits, they are living, physical beings, just very pale and they live for about 300 years, but they have low fertility rates. He has solved their birthing issue (sperm/egg low success), allowing them all to get pregnant more.

Also, he has just united the villages and they all went to war with other monsters in an area. They just defeated 600 hundred enemies (four noble orcs - rank 6 with five hundred-ish rank 3-5 Goblins/Orcs/Kobolds without losing any Ghouls in the process.

He rescued the kidnapped women ghouls from the villages, as well as the human adventurers, but since the humans were r*ped, they begged him to kill him. He doesn't want to kill them, so they actually end up turning into Ghouls as well, so everyone lives.

He has the ability to talk to spirits, so he talks to one and learns that her body was stolen. One of the kidnapped/r*ped human women, is not really alive. She is a "live-dead." Live-dead are alive, but there is no soul. It happens when someone dies, and a few seconds later, they are revived. So, they are still warm, they sleep and eat, but they are technically dead, with no soul. The live-dead is being controlled by a man called Luciano, who is some noble who was carrying out a mission. He was gathering intel on the orcs/goblins, since the Adventurer Guilds wanted to kill the monsters, but he just learned that some child already did it for him.

Our M/C forces him out of her body, and her spirit returns to it, and she becomes a Ghoul. Luciano reports to the higher nobles and tells him everything, so the church is pissed that the half vampire/half dark eld is still alive. They are now sending a huge army out to eradicate the ghouls and the kid since they believe they would be a future threat, if a few can easily defeat hundreds of powerful enemies.


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lordofthebooty rated it
I am the Monarch
May 27, 2017
Status: c133

This is such a great novel. He reincarnates after dying and promises to become better. Instead of a common foot soldier, he promises to become a great monarch.

He reincarnates and at the very first war, he already is making progress, raising merits for the kingdom. He gets the notice of the three princes who are fighting for the crown and accepts the first prince Simon, who he remembered from his past life was the best out of the three.

With every battle, he uses his knowledge of the past to defeat enemies and turns his success into merits, allowing him to accept rewards from the king.

Right now, he went from commoner to noble. He is Baron Roan Tale, leader of the Amnarath Troop (means withering flower blooming again, aka never dying). Of course, he is not like other nobles at all. Yes, he has his land and the population of his land is pretty small, but he treats everyone the same, regardless of status or wealth.

Usually when nobles visit somewhere, they'll be seen first, since their status. If you go to Roan's city, you have to leave your name in a guest book in the reception room and wait your turn haha which is very nice, he truly stays himself, regardless of his own status. He is leading about 10k troops now, his original OP strong unit is called Amnarath while the unit of rebellious soldiers fro other cities that he absorbs into his unit are just Tale troop.

There are some great supporting members like 100 man commander Pierce (he went away to train in spear arts with a master) 100 man commander range Harrison (Basically Legolas) and 100 man commander Austin. He also has his own information agency, allowing him to stay on top of every scheme going on in the shadows.

Right now, he has a Druid friend who can see into the future every now and then, allowing him to know who and where the problem where occur.



As far as legendary artifacts go, he has a ring that boosts stats, this transforming mana spear and the tears of Kelis, the dragon, allowing him to see for a few km and everything appears in slow motion when he activates the ability of the tears, but it only lasts for a few seconds.

The slaying of monsters is great as well. He is doing his best to progress better. Even when it comes to lovers, he is trying to stay away from his past lover but they are slowly connecting. She is a princess, known as the shadow princess, no one really talks to her, but they'll end up together again the way it is going. Even the king loves this guy lol of course the other factions for the other princes hate him haha

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lordofthebooty rated it
<Infinite Dendrogram>
May 21, 2017
Status: c11
7 months and we are only right here? I mean, for such a good novel, multiple translators are losing it with the chapter speed.

This VRMMO has a lot of possibilities due to the random assignment. This isn't like an OMG OP AF M/C like Shura's Wrath. There's a partner system and while a lot of people are very strong, there isn't a godlike player lol.

If we can get a translator that can actually pump out 2-3 chapters a week, I'd change it to a 5 rating, but the horrible translation... more>> speed brings it down to 4. <<less
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lordofthebooty rated it
Great Demon King
March 4, 2017
Status: c272
I always scroll down to see what the reviews say, some bad, most good.

You will definitely enjoy this novel. The MC isn't some pushover, whiny little beach. No, he has no problem outsmarting his opponents or overpowering his opponents with his secret techniques. The Great Demon King has a lot of NSFW scenes, so don't be too surprised lol some good humor as well in here.
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lordofthebooty rated it
Painting of the Nine Immortals
May 7, 2018
Status: c367
Trashiest of trash novels. Every chapter will piss you off, due to the author being so fcking stupid.

MC was sealed by the Gods at birth, which causes him to not cultivate. MC visits a shop one day. He is suddenly sent to a magical world inside a painting, where he finds out he will get 9 immortal masters from ancient times

... more>>

MC's first master is an alchemy guy, and since MC has some fatherly bond with him (MC has no parents), he starts to reject all the other immortals and their inheritances.

The MC was told he would have to take 9 immortal masters and he agreed. Out of nowhere, he starts to reject them like wtf are you doing? They can make you stronger in everything from arrays to cultivation.

MC was at the 3rd level of qi and he summons his black and white Eyes of Execution, some 4 out of 108 ranked Godly eyes that haven't been seen in 12k, 20k and 120k years (author isn't sure obviously) He somehow kills two 6th level qi warriors EASILY and saves a member of his clan.

She falls in love with MC and MC breaks heart since he does not love her the same, blah blah useless romance. She vows to capture his heart one day still after crying.

MC was accepted into this amazing house, full of OP people like him. Before he can even make it there, this stupid bītch MC offends everyone more than your typical arrogant young master.

He ends up getting chased for chapters, falling through a space portal into some country villages on some broken landmass called 36 islands, where he's basically a God there. We spend over 100+ chapters on useless sh*t and we still are at the island arc. Oh, he got a pretty lady Phoenix pet of course and two sisters who call him Master. Also has a servant called Demonic Fairy who is a Heavens Favorite like him. This novel is just trash.


The first 10 chapters and he has more luck than so many typical novels. Every chapter will piss you off because he is such a stupid MC. Everyone in the comment section was pissed lol

Read at your own risk <<less
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lordofthebooty rated it
Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society
July 31, 2017
Status: c90
WE HAVE TWO TYPES OF DUNGEONS. If you die in the main dungeon city setting, you can just revive back on your home planet and you'll wake up. The M/C starts off as one of the first 5 dungeon explorers on Earth, (his dad is one as well). These five dungeon explorers talk more and more as the story goes on. Anyways, he learns how to fight monsters, and dungeon bosses from an early age. This dungeon city is special. We have a gigantic fantasy city where 150K different... more>> beings from different planets all join on one location, and fight monsters/dungeon bosses, trade items, mana stones, level up... etc. Floors go from 1-100+, and they are ranked from bronze to platinum.

With enough qualifications, you can even buy a house in their residency area, allowing you to stay there permanently and avoid real life death on your home planet. Most people here have to get stronger to protect their home worlds from invasions and real monsters.

The M/C at first, is weak, and because Earth doesn't have any mana techniques, he is stuck at the fifth floor, while his friends move on to fight higher monsters. Due to this, he keeps fighting the same raid bosses over and over again, until he is able to solo kill them, earning rewards other can't get. He gets elixirs to strengthen bones, skin, brain... etc, rare stuff. He manages to find a mana technique, allowing him to finally move past the fifth floor and onto the sixth floor. He spent 3 years fighting on the fifth floor, so he earned the nickname "Crown Prince, " for carrying others, while his party from 3 years ago are already on floor 25 lol but he catches up soon enough.

Shin has multiple titles like Hermes (can fly/walk on air for 10 min, once a day), even one called "Earth's Hero." (Each planet is assigned a hero, so yeah, very important status lol)

On Earth, monsters also start appearing, throwing the world into chaos. The 5 original dungeon explorers start talking more and more and helping as well. One has a fire ranked ability, she is an SS ranked girl from China.

Soon enough, we start seeing people with powers come out, everyone has abilities, some are very unique and high ranked. Earth has a law called "New Moon Act." It's a law created to deal with monsters and monster-related work. It outlines the government’s response when a monster-related disaster happens.

So we see ability users that help the government, these are called "Guardians, " and you have your ability users who made their own group without government help called "Freedom Wing." The last group are rogues who really serve no one but themselves, just wanderers.

It's nice to see the different sides and how they all act when sht goes down. M/C is a rogue, he isn't in a group at all. He helps others when he can but other than that, he just fights.

M/C's class is "elementalist." He has a unique "very rare" lightning elemental girl named Peika (ability to grow and get stronger), and he just got an unsealed ice elemental girl named Ruyue (Same as Peika). So he now has lightning and ice abilities to use in the real world. He also has some unique items, like the Pocket Watch Collector. It's a watch he got after defeating a raid boss that allows him to store up to 12 skills from the raid bosses he beats. Right now, he has 7, which proves he has defeated 7 raid bosses SOLO.

He has an elf shop keeper waifu (universal dungeon setting) named Loretta and a college classmate girl that he just NOW made into a dungeon explorer (Earth dungeon setting) called Su-Yuen. On Earth, we'll have event dungeons, from rank F to S, some will be 10 man dungeons, others might be 1000 man A rank dungeons, so it gets crazy.

Our M/C Shin is doing his best to hide his identity (mask) so only his mom, dad, sister and of course the newly recruited Su- Yuen know about the real him and how they're both dungeon explorers.

There is a lot going on and it's only getting better. <<less
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lordofthebooty rated it
Swallowed Star
April 5, 2017
Status: v10c43
Simply amazing. This isn't your typical, pill concocting, OP AF, harem, kill every clan if they piss you off novel.

The MC is a smart, level headed person who knows how to fight and always has a plan. It starts off with just powerful clans from Earth, but then it slowly moves to the universe where we see sooo much more, from different species, universal kingdoms, and much more. Right now, MC is still young, has a wife and two sons, and he is fighting in a universal tournament, trying... more>> to make it to in top 1000 at the Star level. <<less
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Shura’s Wrath
February 7, 2017
Status: c325
In the VR game called Mystic Moon, players begin at Novice Village. After completing quests/killing monsters to reach level 10, you go off into the first city, Azure Dragon City. The VR world for NPCs is called Forgotten Continent.

Players go from level 1-100 right now. The max level right now is only 23, so everyone in the game is still brand new. The monsters here rank from grade 1-5, and then after is Celestial, Heaven's End, Mysterious God and Saint Destroyer.

There are millions of players worldwide, but only... more>> 10 ranked in the Heaven Rankings, our MC being #1. They also have Earth rankings, which are the top 10 for each country. They rank everything from weapons, pets, guilds, levels... etc. They also have hidden professions, obtainable through rare scrolls or hidden quests. Our MC is one of them.

The MC is incredibly OP, but only amongst players. Amongst the actual strong NPCs in the world, he is at the bottom of the bottom still, even with his current power.


Of course, this all changes once he falls off of a cliff, into a hidden area on the map. He ends up going through four rooms, each stronger than the last, fighting strong foes. There is a fight with him at level 5, and a celestial toad. (10 hour fight). THERE IS A LOT OF LUCK HERE. I mean, he ends up killing this insane late game boss at such a nooby level, and gets a celestial weapon. A world announcement goes out and everyone is furious, since a level 5 just got such an OP weapon.

Of course, it can't stop there lol he goes through room 5 and there is this Mysterious God level beast, sleeping. He manages to sneak past it, and enters this garden like room. In the center of this room, is some black ring (Lunar Scourge), which when touching, tries to mentally possess him. However, he is so strong mentally, that he conquers this evil ring, thus becoming its master. There is a woman's spirit, bound to the ring (she is this sexual girl). She can only come out of the ring for about 10-20 minutes a day. We learn that this ring was forged from humans, dragons, demons, Gods, beasts, through war and blood, resulting in this OP OP OP OP God killing power lol.

There are 15 slots in the ring. He learns he has to equip these 12 zodiac orbs & 3 god orbs, each orb having various attributes and skills, making him able to destroy the Gods one day, if he completes it. Of course, these orbs (dragon balls) are scattered throughout the continent. The spirit tells him it could take 100 if not 1000 years to find them all. Due to his incredible luck stats, he ends up finding one after another, some in easy, safe places, others in hell like places, within a few months lol. Right now, he has four orbs, so 11 are left.

The battles are very good. Right now, he has a celestial pet (Xia Hau) who is like a puppy with a horn. It's a support type, capable of finding treasures, & its special abilities are being able to not draw aggro from a beast, and such. He has a Heaven's End pet, a phoenix like creature, which can even turn into its human form. The story right now has him out of the VR world, fighting off against a guy he's fighting in the VR world, this powerful, rich young kid who he has a hidden history with.

You'll end up finding all about it, and it gets pretty sci-fi crazy-ish, but it is still very good.

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Against the Gods
May 26, 2017
Status: c809
It is ranked high for a reason. Plot Armor Yan Che makes it work. The M/C is like Lin Ming from MW, able to fight those at a much higher rank due to his special divine body and find special items that no one else really can.

Our Yun Che has three wives, so you get different girls from different continents lol and he might be getting a 4th if he can ever make it to the other continent where he lived in his past life.

After these last few chapters where... more>>

Jasmine reconstructs her body at the Devil Sword Conference and destroys all of those evil 'Yun Che plotting' douches from the Four Sacred Grounds,

OMG. Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for lol this made every other action scene just seem so pathetic after this sheer massacre, and we've seen our M/C massacre entire sects lol. <<less
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lordofthebooty rated it
Master Hunter K
May 21, 2017
Status: c115
The M/C is the last person to survive in a raid after his team was betrayed by this mage called SpellMaster Ed.

As a result of being the last survivor, the system "Operator" allows him to reset and sends him back in time as a reward. He is now at the very beginning, where Earth is just now getting summoned.

The game is simple, if the final 10 raid heroes can defeat the last raid boss, humanity will survive as a species. If you lose, your species will be destroyed. Everyone that... more>> dies along the way is transported to this place called purgatory, waiting their fate.

Our M/C starts off with knowledge of what's going to happen, thus he uses it to his advantage to get ahead of others, such as killing the first boss and then the hidden boss, gaining better items. His goal is to find 9 trustworthy, strong individuals where they can eventually clear the last raid boss.

He is called Master Hunter due to gaining that title. You get titles based upon your progress/actions. If you excel at swordsmanship and kill say 1000 enemies, you might get Master Swordsman, or for magic pros, SpellMaster. If you're a troll, you might get the title "Pirate." or if you're a troll hunter, "Adjudicator." Each title grants various bonuses as well. For Master Hunter, all stats increase by 30%. Some people in raids have "Treasure Hunter" titles, allowing them to get 2 location hints during the raid to find hidden items. Not everyone knows about titles, so every few raids, some people will explain to others what they are, and will also tell them about hidden bosses as well.

After successfully clearing a raid, each person gets a notification. It'll usually go like -

[Your Contribution is 52.8%. Stat points 6653 points Black coins 6653 points.]
[Raid Clear Bonus 2500 Stat points and 2500 Black Coins awarded.]
[Item effect ‘Additional 10% gained’ activated.]
[Distributing 9153 Stat points and 10068 Black Coins.]
[And now we will distribute the items.]

Then each person will get an item (s) based on your progress. It might go like -

[Artemio – Mage Bane] - Legendary Scimitar – Strength S Dexterity A

Passive Skill
Spell Eater (II) – Reduces damage taken from spells by 20%

Active Skill
Reflect Magic (IV) – Reflects offensive type magic spells under 6th Circle back at the caster. Cooldown 10 minutes.

Sword specially designed for Mage Hunters.

Each item is usually based upon the boss. So if it's a fire dragon, you might get some fire armor with fire resistance. If it's a necromancer boss, you might get some undead mount or some undead items. If it's an orc, you might get some greatsword with strength bonuses.

After getting your stat points, coins and items, if there is enough time left, you can choose to fight the hidden boss or try to find the hidden items. Or, you can teleport back to your dimensional home space. Every single person has their own dimension and in each dimension, everything from food (any you want), to smiths, merchants, secret shops, summoning pets.. Etc exist.

The normal currency is black coins, which everyone gets after completing a raid. In a secret shop that exists at 4am, they use black coins and special white coins. White coins are obtained by our M/C only right now.


He finds a special merchant shop, it exists only at 4am. There, a mysterious man sells rare items of all kinds. Our M/C now has special ring called 'Ring of Helrick'. If someone kisses this ring willingly, M/C will receive 1 white coin. The person that kisses the ring however, takes a permanent 10% penalty in all future raid coins. However, there are items that can offset the money penalty.

He can buys "Holy Water of Baptism." for one white coin. If he uses this on a person, they become a "Chosen One." If you are a "Chosen One, " you will receive 20% of M/C stats. Also, once a day, each Chosen One can summon our M/C into their dimension as well, whether it's in the middle of a raid for help, or just bored at their dimension home space. M/C also buys a staff, Helix Staff. So now, once a day, he can summon every Chosen One in one spot.

Our M/C also bought a special item from this secret merchant allowing him to travel to different raid dimensions. He does this to kill trolls, the people that ruin humanity's chances at survival. Of course, he also is searching for more Chosen Ones, to build his faithful, strong raid team.

He has 3 Chosen Ones right now, Franz, this guy from Britain. Also, Nada, a girl and another girl, Serin, she is a great archer. There are some future potential allies from earlier chapters like this samurai Chinese guy Watanabe or this African cop, Gerald. Right now, the story is VERY GOOD. He just bought 4 more Holy Water of Baptism, so he is planning on having four more Chosen Ones, so 4 more future teammates. When he died before, he was not at "The Last Raid." However, when he buys information from the mysterious secret merchant, he learns that he wasn't far off. The Last Raid was very close, so he has some hope.

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X-ray Is More Than I Thought
May 20, 2017
Status: c78
You get "Plot" and real plot lol. The first few chapters = villain scum M/C, x-ray manipulating/raping. One girl likes the r*pe, but most don't.

Still, it is surprisingly good afterwards. He is the villain that kicks a group of bad guys ass for messing with other women. He doesn't do it to save the girls, he just doesn't like those guys so he crushes them until they beg him to stop and are afraid of him.

Anal/s*x toys/ bjs/ r*pe/making a girl cum like 20 times (pu*sy torture) just everything and... more>> anything lol it in sane but still good

If you can get past the dark stuff, then you'll like it. <<less
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The Charm of Soul Pets
May 18, 2017
Status: v2c59

This is like Pokemon x Hunger Games. The variety of Pokemon/Companionship + Survival Game/Brutality.

We have many pets from plant, ice, fire, lightning, darkness... etc. Some areweak, good, strong, commander ranked, monarch ranked, and even some ancient/legendary/godly beasts, with many unique abilities. The pets can evolve and possess many skills, so you have to fight smart.

You have phases/stages for pets. Phases come first, then stages. For example, a second phase, third stage Yo Me beast is weaker than... more>> a fourth phase, first stage Ice Falcon. A fifth phase, fourth stage Multi Colored Devil Tiger is stronger than a third phase, ninth stage Demon Plant.

Our M/C Chu Mu starts off as the useless son of the clan master, in the Chu family. His name is Chu Mu. We learn that Chu Mu had a soul pet, but because his soul pet ran away, he can't summon it, and now one of his soul pet spots that should have a pet, is left vacant forever. This means when other people can summon 3 soul pets at his level, he can only summon 2 pets, due to that soul vacancy.

We learn that someone from the Yang family wanted to kill him. However, this assassin didn't kill him, but kidnapped him and sent him to a group of islands called Nightmare Island. We learn that he is on Cyan Nightmare Island.

Cyan Nightmare Island has a few hundred children on it, who have to survive or face death if they fail. Over 95% of the children have an already strong soul pet, but they are not strong enough to summon it. All the kids received a Cyan Nightmare (wolf type) pet. It eats a large amount of soul force everyday and if they fail to feed it once, they will die. Some even have a Blue Nightmare (one rank above Cyan) and our M/C has the Monarch ranked White Nightmare, so it eats even more soul force than the others.

Since the children can't even summon their cyans to fight, they are stuck using other pets that they capture on the island, which furthers their soul consumption. We have constant battles, reducing the numbers until only 10 can leave the Cyan Island.

Our M/C has a Moonlight Fox pet. At first, she is not strong at all, but he discovers that this soul pet is actually a rare mutating pet. He found her when he was in a tree, camping out, trying to find a soul pet for the upcoming battle.

The fox would come back to the food trap, but each time, it would be a different fox. Sometimes it'd be the Moonlight Fox, sometimes it would be the Silver Fox, or the Fire Fox.

Our M/C captures the cute fox, names her Mo Xie and as they battle, she eventually transforms after eating a fire soul crystal, (he wants her to be fire based due to its strong offense) turning into the Six Tailed Demon Fox (she is at the fifth phase now). He is now off of the remote island after surviving for a year on Cyan Island.


It has been four years since he was captured. He spent one year on the Cyan Island and due to his potential, the person that kidnapped him, took him to a place called Prison Island. This is a place where 3000 people fight to the death daily, with insane creatures as well, and only 1 person walks off of the island alive after fighting for 3 whole years!

Our M/C also obtains an ancient egg. How did he get it? Well, he had this little insect bug (was not his soul pet) that would follow him around, and this turned out to be an ancient soul pet. At the start of the island arc, it would alert him to dangers and it ended up going in a cocoon for 3 years. Nearing the end of the island arc, it transformed into a legendary cyan dragon! At the very end of the prison island arc, we see this dragon battling an even scarier soul pet, some godly purple/red bird creature in the sky.

This was a god creature that Chu Mu first saw when he arrived here. The god bird/dragon fight is a very good fight but neither pet wins. One of the major guilds spots the dragon and realizes it is the ancient cyan dragon that they were looking for, so they try to capture it because they know it has an egg. The dragon obviously escapes lol

So, our M/C puts the egg away, knowing one day it'll hatch into some legendary pet. Chu Mu is the sole survivor, deemed King of Prison Island and he gets invited to the Nightmare Palace. Due to his strength, he easily defeats one of the royal, cocky princes with his weakest pet. Chu Mu tells the prince that he is weak, since where he came from, the thousands of contestants were much stronger, so this was not even a battle to him.

The person that kidnapped him becomes his somewhat mentor (he wants to surpass him/kind of kill him as well one day lol)

So, he makes Chu Mu the nightmare prince, (there is a pretty strong princess who also has a white nightmare soul pet to feed) The Nightmare Prince is a very high societal position. Each major region has a nightmare prince. It's a rank 7 position, the highest he can get for his age. Even the few palace kings can't do much besides secret plots to kill. The highest position rank is rank 9 overall.

Okay so right now, our Chu Mu went to see his family after four years of missing them. He tells them he was kidnapped and escape and he just got stronger somehow. He wants to keep his identity a secret right now.

We are in the tournament arc, a competition called "Recommendation" This determines your status/resources, so the Chu family has to win, they were already on the decline. This is a fight between the four main families. Chu, Yang, Qui and Zhou family.

This is a 5 vs 5 battle, where one person battles at a time, and you can only use two soul pets to battle.

The Chu family just defeated the entire Zhou family with Chu Mu beating three people himself, and the Qui family took 3rd place.

The audience was at first, laughing at Chu Mu, because they remembered he was trash, but he came back and just destroyed the Zhou family (even killed one of the Zhou sons) so now everyone is wondering how some kid who lost a soul pet, came back so strong after 4 years. They think the Chu family hid Chu Mu and secretly trained him lol.

FINALS ARE HERE. He is now fighting his first opponent in the finals, someone from the Yang family. This person is also the one who hired the assassin to kill him four years ago, so yeah, things are heating up. Also, no one but his few secret nightmare place rank 3 servants know of his true identity, the nightmare prince/King of Prison Island.


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lordofthebooty rated it
April 21, 2017
Status: c274
I would rate it 5 stars but the translation speed is dropping at a scary rate. There has been a few times where you wouldn't get a chapter in a few weeks, sometimes a month. Other than that, it is a great novel. The MC is one of the last humans in this race-war, and they use dragon magic to send him back in time, right before the great wars start occurring. He has to start all over again at square one, back in tutorial mode with the other humans... more>> that were abducted.

MC goes up each level, doing his best to pave a way for humanity's future survival. <<less
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lordofthebooty rated it
Warlock of the Magus World
April 5, 2017
Status: c523
READER BEWARE. THIS IS AN EVIL ASS MC. Our MC just kills anyone if he can gain some benefits. He won't go out of his way to help you, unless there's something in it for himself. That's just how he is. The MC is not a hero, he is not a good guy; he is just a rational, evil villain lol.

Even though he's killed so many people, I still love the story. The rank goes from Acolyte 1-3 then you process from Magi 1-9. There are different continents where... more>> certain magi averages are, like in the main central continent, there are mostly magi 1-3 pretty much everywhere, unlike a few other places where that is very rare. Our MC uses a chip that fused with his soul to do his scientific work. The chip is pretty damn amazing as well. Right now, he does settle down (he now has a wife and wants children) but he is still farrrr from accomplishing his goals. He is only a rank 4 magi, so he has a longgggg way to go. When I first started reading it, I was disgusted at how evil this dude leylin was, but you get used to his sh*t and just go on with it. <<less
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