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Renegade Immortal
November 16, 2017
Status: c627
I've read a lot of cultivation category fiction and this series is the best by far for a few reasons. The author's description of the MC's lack of cultivation talent holds up throughout the story. Many other series start off with the same premise but abandon it and allow the MC to rapidly rise in power due to finding some legendary item or bloodline inheritance. In this story the MC makes up for his lack of talent with cunning, intelligence, and perseverance. These qualities are inherent in other series' characters... more>> but the difference in this novel is that the author goes to great lengths to explain the MC's schemes, deductive processes, and cautious nature rather than lazily making the claim that because the MC was smart he/she immediately saw through his/her opponent's plan. While some might still say that Wang Lin is talented by simply looking at his cultivation speed this was completely negated when considering the introduction of the Red Butterfly and her ability to reach late stage soul transformation in only 100 years while it took the MC 500 years to reach that point, even with his great fortune and intelligence. With respect to the criticisms I have seen regarding the MC's character development claiming he is too arrogant and ruthless I would argue that their reality's moral compass is different then ours and the might is right philosophy is omnipresent in that world. It is required and commonplace for cultivators to act in that manner. In fact, after the Heng Yue sect arc I can't recall Wang Lin ever meeting a fellow cultivator that wasn't aggressively opportunistic or predatory. Even Situ Nan suffers from that fault and I would bet money on the All-Seer following that route as well by using Wang Lin as a sacrificial lamb like Qian Feng. While this is the inherent nature of a cultivator, the mortal emotions of characters aren't disregarded and contrast and complement their cultivating nature. The best examples of this are Zhou Li's obsession with the Celestial Emperor's daughter, Wang Lin's platonic relationship with Li Miuwan, and Wang Lin's time spent as a mortal and seeing the differences in how they operate peacefully when compared to cultivators. Eventually, even the MC understands this dichotomy and chooses to embrace it as a way to defy the heaven's will. I now realize that I have written too much so TLDR: The story's character isn't stereotypical and, with the author's great imagination, uses his cunning and wariness to ascend in a brutal world. <<less
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