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This novel is extremely overrated, mediocre at best.

If you are coming here with high expectation due to the rating, and you don't have a "Female protagonist" or "Gender bender" fetish, do not expect too much, as those two tags are the only reason this is popular.

The plot is pretty linear, not many surprises, not much suspense as MC doesn't face real challenges/danger, and the comedy is pretty bland.

Overall 3/5, just average, but highly rated because it's an action novel with Female Protagonist who isn't completely retarded
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lolerdog rated it
Advent of the Archmage
July 30, 2018
Status: c285
Started off quite strong, but as of chapter 285 things are really starting to go downhill...

Author makes every human other than MC utterly retarded. Doesn't make sense how the humans are still alive and have a large territory when without Link they're useless. Also Link isn't too smart either tbh

... more>>

Whenever Link captures important villains and gives them to the guards to send back to the city, they ALWAYS escape, it's so predictable and Link doesn't seem to learn, he should just kill them or escort the guards, but instead he decides to just let them get rescued so that he has more time to study.


Another big problem is that the author is so bad with power levels


Nana is a magic puppet who was semi-legendary, defeating people with divine arms and level-8 characters with total ease, and then Link upgrades Nana with some space time powers and epic equipment, and then somehow she can't even kill a random level-7 demon?? Even though she shat on Wavier who could take hits from Level-9 spells??


However the world is cool, MC pretty badass, and abilities are fairly interesting

It's been 300 chapters and only the recent 20 chapters or so have been painful to read, the rest is pretty cool, there's still time for the story to get back on track

Overall 4/5 <<less
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lolerdog rated it
The Ultimate Evolution
July 30, 2018
Status: c839
Extremely underrated novel, at first I was turned off by the sub-4 rating, but holy **** it's now my favorite


No, this is not just one of those novels where the author says "oh look MC is super genius he learns god technique with one look."

MC is actually a genius, he takes simple clues over the course of an arc, and he puts them together to draw logical conclusions that make sense. It's like watching a detective show, there are clues you see that don't seem to fit... more>> together, but when the detective explains the mystery, everything suddenly makes sense.

MC then uses these conclusions to his advantage, and creates plots and schemes to beat people rather than just being like "oh look I'm MC I am already stage47 enlightened but enemy is only stage46 enlightened, haha take my super boom I win"

Anyways 5/5, best novel I've read here, small issues with math here and there where author adds the money/exp together wrong, but those are barely noticeable <<less
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