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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN)
June 25, 2017
Status: v15 intermission 9
A lot of people seem to hate on Death March because its "cool" to hate on the long running popular stuff. But overall it is a pretty interesting story. There are ups and downs here and there but overall the characters are pretty fleshed out and well done with their unique personalities. If you like adventure with casual slice of life and OP MC, this is a must read.

Now then to address the complainers:

  1. There are some complaining that there is lack of a plot, but that is not true. The plot is just nothing grand like going to kill the demon king or etc. It is pretty sad when we devolve to needing the plot spoon fed to us like a child. The plot of Death March is pretty simple, the MC ended up in a new world and goes to discover and learn about the world, how he got there while at same time enjoying himself. There are also plenty of sub-plots in each volume. There is also nothing wrong with the setting.
  2. The MC has plenty of reasons for not wanting to stand out. Initially his plan was since he doesn't know how this world works, it makes most sense not to stand out until he learns all the details. Which is the smart thing to do. As it goes on and MC gets better understanding of the world and his power, the MC decides to keep his strength hidden in order to protect the girls. While he is very powerful, he couldn't be everywhere at the same time and the girls could be used as hostages or etc against him. So he chose to let them gain strength and fame so that no one would think about messing with them. And since they think he is their weak point, all the plots would go against him instead of directly at them. After they become strong enough, he has no problem revealing that he is strong.
  3. Just because the MC reincarnated into a 15 year old does not mean he should act like one. There is nothing wrong with him acting like an adult. And by the way, if you didn't notice, the MC is into older women. It isn't even about morals but his preferences. And just because someone loves the MC does not mean he should automatically love them back. He also does go after someone romantically and seriously (100, 000 year old high elf). I will also remind you as far as brothel goes, there is a big difference between love and s*x. Or are you saying he should make out with the 14 year old even if he doesn't love them in that way?
  4. I am not a big fan of too much focus on cooking either, but its not too bad. And last I checked it is Fantasy, Action, Adventure AND Slice of Life. Not sure how some miss that genre and complain about it having Slice of Life.
  5. They don't particularly go too deeply into the system, but there is no indicator that it is bugged. Things have skill point values, and depending on the difficulty, things have different values. I will also remind that killing monsters is NOT the only way to level up, it is just the fastest way to level up. Arisa leveled up without killing a single monster simply through reading. I am sure there are other ways to level up as well.
  6. Being 250 levels above is not the be end all, skills and having combat experience are also a huge factor (which is explained later on if you bothered to read). To give and example with the demon, he had a Petrify ability. The MC was lucky he resisted due to higher level, but the possibility of him not resisting was not 0. To say he had no risk to himself is nonsense. Even people who played video games know there are skills that can cause instant death even if your char is higher level. When you don't know all the rules of the world and your life is at stake, of course you would be cautious. And him hesitating is perfectly normal, stop thinking novels and video games and think real life. If a giant demon who can wipe out an army appears in front of you, even if I tell you go in there it can't hurt you, you would still hesitate as hell while pissing in your pants.
  7. Every female does not exist to fall in love with the MC, and every male char does not exist to make the MC look cool. There are plenty of females who do not like or hate the MC. That said, the MC is very popular and for good reason. He is a popular noble akin to a war hero. And he is filthy rich. Every character has growth during this series, even side characters who have no importance in the future which most novels wouldn't even bother covering, the author still provides their growth and stories in the intermissions.
  8. The level he got was 310, not 3000 something. And how he killed them was explained, Meteor Strike as per developer notes was added as a 3 time use to wipe out the entire map, no questions asked. If the dragon god was sleeping, he would easily be wiped out due to the inherit ability of the spell. Not sure what you mean by 2 lolis and 1 normal girl and decided to raise them as pets, but if you mean the beastkin, they were slaves, so it takes time to adjust them to living more normally. Overall though he treated them like his children, not pets. But he does acknowledge their beastkin natures as well.
  9. It is sad when people read too many novels and lose their sense of realism. It is unrealistic for the MC to not save everyone just because he can? Really? So you are saying the MC should just turn into a robot and become a slave of justice doing nothing but saving everyone? He is a human being who wants creature comforts and enjoy life, and him not taking any risks is BS. In an unknown world, risks can appear from anywhere. He learned that the hard way when a dragon bit through all his defenses. He saves the people he can save, but at same time he still wants to maintain his own life. You can save a lot of lives in Africa by donating the majority of your salary and just living on the basics, it poses no risk to you and yet I don't see anyone doing that... why not? It is unrealistic that you choose not to save people when you easily can! Oh wait... please stop pretending with the BS of what is realistic and what isn't.
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I really wanted to like this novel, I started to read this based on same author as Maou-sama no Machizukuri! Which I do like.

The problem is that its really painful to read. The MC has an issue in his family and he reminds you of this issue multiple times in almost every single chapter. But the author neglects to tell you what said issue is. And its not like a literal element where MC is interrupted or something thus not being able to tell you. More like author spends 100... more>> words going around an issue that can be explained in 1 sentence. It would be fine if the author doesn't mention it, but no the author rubs it in your face every chapter or so but doesn't want to tell you what it is.

I'll spoil it for you right now without a spoiler tag because it is stupid.


There, I said it 11 words that the author spends thousands trying to not say.

Other issues is that MC is practically making out with the beastkin (well not physically), but they sleep together, tell each other how much they love each other, talk about how something they made together is like their child. BUT they are not actually in a relationship. They are just servant and master who claim they see each other as friends. And its not like they are dense or anything... it just feels too unnatural.

The MC also is able to learn things like the sword and magic in 1 week to high proficiency. Not sure why he hasn't done so for 10 years...

I am hoping volume 2 fixes things and moves to actual territory management and makes the whole relationship official. There were hints of that, but somehow I have a feeling the new noble girl is going to make things difficult... <<less
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lnv rated it
Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono
February 17, 2017
Status: v1c29
I think a lot of people are being a bit unfair to this series. While it is still early and sad that the series has been in hiatus making it a bit early to judge. Based on other reviews they couldn't be more wrong. I think a lot of people were expecting otome game or something, it isn't. Now to address a lot of the comments and misconceptions:

... more>>

1) People seem to claim that her personality was better prior to gaining their memories, which is false. We know very little about her personality prior. The few things we do know about her prior seem to be the same. Her personality did not change much, other than interest in magic. She was a hikkimori in both lifetimes. Just because she acted cool in 1 scene in the beginning doesn't mean she acted like that in every minute of her life.

2) People say that this is generic, but it isn't. While the theme is generic in general, there is a lot of uniqueness to this. From the characters being smarter and actually noticing the change in the MC, to her abilities being out in the open. And so far, no harem. People are not falling for her left and right, they are interested in the heroine more and she is fine with that and encourages that (despite hating the heroine).

3) People seem to think that by her being a Japanese, she somehow becomes unable to be human. I know a lot of JP novels try to push this nonsense of how "Japanese values" have transcended them beyond humanity. But that is nonsense! Let us break down what happened. She was with her little sister in a store, and suddenly she got kidnapped with her sister and knocked unconscious, when she woke up she was tied up in a basement being threatened by some bandit. Out of desperation she unleashed her magic power and killed him. She then threw up because she didn't feel good about killing people. She then went to rescue her little sister and escape.
I also find it interesting that people seem to think it was the Japanese hikkimori that let her kill people, and not the noble from the middle ages who has sword training. People seem to forget that nobles during middle ages didn't think much of commoner's life. Or do people think "Japanese values" > all?
4) People seem to say she has no regard for human life, except she actually rescues a person when they were attacked (when no one cared, because guess what in middle ages life was cheap). And she doesn't kill the attackers either, the only time she kills is when her life and her sister's life was in danger. That was it!

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (LN)
June 8, 2017
Status: --
Advice: Read the Web Novel instead of the Light Novel.

The Light Novel Gets rid of the best action scenes. Tries to add foreshadow and other literary devices but most of them feel forced or just random information drops. Since they still try to stick to the original story overall, plot holes are pretty much added everywhere.

People who should have died are now saved just because. Now don't get me wrong, in the WN he later on can save everyone due to how OP he was. But early on due to... more>> his inexperience, not everyone could be saved. That part built up the character. Now he is pretty much could save everyone from day 1.

Aka, the character is made far more generic.

The goal of the LN seem to be to widen audiences while same time try to differentiate the content enough from the free WN. But the results are pretty bad.

Again, read the WN. It is worth reading. This? Makes me cringe the more I read it. I still read it due to being a fan of the franchise, but its painful. <<less
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I Never Run Out of Mana
November 4, 2017
Status: c32
In this novel, people can randomly awaken to powers. When they awaken they start at level 1 and granted a unique power. MC who has been bullied by someone with power awakens and gets the power of pretty much infinite mana. Like many KR novels, MC only has his mother and is low on money (in debt due to father) and uses this opportunity to make money. Each awakened person also gets to chose their own path like warrior, mage or healer and get skills based on their class (skill... more>> books drop in dungeons and you can sell and trade them). There are also monsters immune to physical and magic. Obviously through MC cheat he is able to use all classes spells while at same time leveling those powerful inefficient spells no one uses (cause you level spells through usage and MC can just spam everything)

Now then, I will say this. When you see CHILDISH MC tag, that is an understatement! (More like Obnoxious MC) To explain the MCs personality, if you are familiar with the typical bully found in anime/manga/novels. He tends to have 2 followers, the skinny guy (henchman #1) and fat guy (henchman #2). Well the MC personality is pretty much henchman #1 (only difference is he is the one being bullied, but personality is pretty much that annoying squeaky guy who doesn't know his place and always screams 'you'll pay for this' as they run away). You get to experience henchman #1 from first person POV, so if you can stand that annoying personality, this may be a more entertaining novel. MC is obviously reckless, stupid, self absorbed and simply fails to prioritize despite his own goals.

Now I will cover some of the issues behind the spoiler tag:


    1. First thing MC does is go into a dungeon alone with no party like an idiot (don't get me wrong he is successful but totally reckless)
    1. He then at one point does get into a party and while he does hide his ability to some extent, he makes it pretty obvious something is up.
    1. He is too focused on short term money almost dying due to his carelessness, if he wasn't saved from the poison after coming out he would have died there.
    1. Obviously despite starting to make so much money, he hasn't even spent it on his mother or his life but simply buying new spells. (I get that is important, but he could have easily used a small portion for his mother). Until of course the plot forces it.
    1. This is the most glaring of them all: He finds out the guild he joined is actually a terrorist organization that has no problem with killing people, holding hostages and doing all kinds of dirty stuff. So MC does the most logical thing possible after seeing how powerful they are during a guild war. He lays low till he gets stronger than them, gets help from outside sources all in preparation to leave. Haha, I'm joking!
      He walks up to the leader of the guild, returns the weapon and says "I quit". Yes, seriously!
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Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho
March 2, 2017
Status: v2c16
There are a lot of reviews who only read a few chapters and complain about things not making sense or the world building. They have no clue what they are talking about! They are simply too used to your typical isekai where the MC is fed information on a silver platter. This novel has deeper world building than most isekai, but that information is relayed little by little, and once you get that information it requires thinking about the implications. People really have to stop the bad habit of trying to pretend everywhere is the same. Culture can change dramatically just by going 100km here on earth, let alone another world. Only by understanding the backstory of how society actually got to where it was can you understand why the world is what it is. I wrote in detail in the spoiler below that debunks the ridiculousness of these reviews. But I still urge you to read for yourself and judge for yourself without going through the spoiler. Keep in mind you have to actually read quite a bit of chapters to piece things together. The MC also thinks this world makes little sense, and part of the plot is unraveling the mystery of what happened in the past to how society ended up as it was. You can't fix things until you know why it is broken in the first place. And a lot of the disconnect between the MC and the society stems from these differences.

This is a very interesting reincarnation novel where the MC is fairly powerless but does all she can to improve her life and in many cases the lives of those around her. There is no OP MC or anything of the like, even in a world of magic, she can't use it. It is mostly based on her knowledge of her past life,... more>> but even then there is limits of what she can do due to her position. Which does improve little by little. On top of that she has to deal with an entire new culture and adapt to it, not to mention deal with her past trauma. A simple to read and interesting novel.

Now there are some people hating on this novel due to certain stuff, most of it is baseless which I will address below in the spoiler. It would be best not to read the spoiler because I will spoil things. But if any of the negative comments is making you not read, I suggest reading this first.


1) There is nothing crazy about what she introduces early on. At 8 month old she introduces making sandals and basket (used as a trap to catch fish) out of grass. And even then she has the help of her older brother (who does all the actual work). The limits of a baby is mostly due to lack of muscle buildup, if someone retains their memories, building up their ability to talk and basic muscle action is not an issue (and even then she couldn't walk well at 8, and again her brothers help is only reason she got things done). Once the starving children got their hands on food due to her, she was able to command them without issue. From then on, she got some recognition from the starving village little by little. But the things she introduces is very limited, basic agriculture reform (which she only just barely introduces prior to being taken away, this took her 10 ENTIRE YEARS). And a few simple to make tools. All of these tools can be made by anyone with access to wood. There is no decades of experience here being crammed in.

2) A lot of people also seem to miss out on the cultural issues. For example, why the parents sold her after she solved the hunger issue. But there is a few things to be noted:
a) If you follow the story so far, outside of mages, civilization seems to have been on purpose bred to be docile. Ever since the revolt centuries ago, the mages seem to have undertaken measures to insure that there is total reliance on mages, even if you want to eat, you have to rely on mages. Nobody has any weapons, even a basic knife. All weapons are made by mages and can be dispelled by mages.

Aka, people are bred for stupidity and reliance. This is why even merchants are in reality just decedents of nobles who did not get peerage. At first it might seem silly, but once you understand the culture and history of the world building it makes a lot more sense.

b) In those ages, being sold to a noble is most likely considered a priviledge. They did not exactly cover commoner marriage in the novel, but in most middle age societies. The girl leaves the family and the house has to provide a dowry. A noble paying you silver for your daughter is not a bad deal to them. And neither would they think it is a bad deal for their daughter either.

Actually there is even a practice if your child is a mage to give them to nobility. So they are also in a way trained in such actions.

c) To be honest we don't actually know if the parents even know her value. Most of the aid she got was from her brothers (who actually do care about her, one of them even drops everything to go search for her after). The only time she got her parents to do reforms was by tricking them telling them she heard our neighbors do it and etc. Aka, it is questionable how much their parents actually knew about her value. Now don't get me wrong, they knew she created some tools that helped and etc. But it is hard to say how much they actually understood. Because the only thing they thought about is if she was a mage or not.

Also, the villiage they live in is an expiremental villiage. Aka, these villages are not ones where people who knew each other from birth lived in. These are villages that were recently formed. So the conection between villagers is pretty weak. Aka, it is more like everyone for themselves rather than carring about your neighbor that much.

3) The noble DID NOT buy her to be a s*x slave. The noble who bought her wanted to educate her. But education can only be given to nobility. So what he did was to make her a temporary maid at his sister's house to get an education along side her son under the pretense of having a maid same age as her son to get along better. Once she got the basic education, he planned to make her his daughter and eventually his wife. Once she has meen a maid at his sister's house for a few years, the sister proposed to use her to offer s*x education to her son. (Which by the way was part of maid duties in some places during middle ages as well). The noble did not like that either, and took her back. (They did not try to hide her, she just got taken back because he had no excuse left for keeping her with his sister as he did not want her continuing her maid services there). Instead she would work as a merchant apprentice. On the way there, she got kidnapped by bandits.

4) Only mages or their spouses can be nobles. Period. The only reason why the nobles are hard working is due to the decline of magic users being born. The society they have is slowly collapsing which is part of the story. Back in the day when the system was set up, there was plenty of mages to go around. So there was little work. As the amount of mages declined, they ended up doing hard work due to being too much work. Hence the setup of the expiremental villages to minimize use of mages.

5) A lot of people also do not get why people are being so lazy saying "this is too hard" or etc. The reason comes down due to difference of perspective. The main character thinks of efficiency, aka how to make Job A easier so more people can do Job B. The responses she gets is people who are used to doing Job A, don't want to bother with Job B which they are not familiar with. Same reason why your parents don't want to bother learning the computer and always call you to do it for them. They are used to doing things one way and have no interest picking up new things. But again, I repeat, they were bred for reliance.

6) Also, it should be noted that magic in this world is also harder to compeat with for tools. Particularly because 1 yarn with magic can turn into 3. So it isn;t about just making yarn with tools. You need to build a whole supply chain to sustain 3X more yarn to compete with a mage.
7) Also one person complains about moving around and character development. Every time the character moves, they are fairly well developed. Not to mention there is hints these characters will show up again (And some do). Her moving, a lot of it is outside her power, that is just the reality of a harsh world. Some moves are planned by her, others are forced on her against her will. Welcome to real world. But the things she does do not just disapear, there is plenty of buildup and domino effect.

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The Strategy to Become Good at Magic
April 30, 2017
Status: c93
A pretty funny and interesting story about a person who gets thrown into a game world that seems to be many years later since the game. The MC is an assassin and a complete jerk, but in a funny and sometimes cruel way. In that way it is pretty unique.

The MC's goal is to return back to her world, while at same time maintaining her safety. So she power levels while making friends with the most powerful beasts. And also abusing those who come to research the World Tree she... more>> stays at. Her goal being to extract information that may be linked to her, while at same time make some cash on the side.

There is very little talk about becoming good at magic just an fyi, at least for the chapter 86 there is none, so it might be something later in the story. (Edit: The story as of the 90s seems to now show signs of why it is labeled "become good at magic")

To address some of the criticism posted:

    1. The criticism that infant animal knows how to speak language. The animal is first of all a divine beast. Second of all, it is a contracted beast. Understanding of language is pretty common with contracted beasts, otherwise the contracted beast wouldn't understand you! And people should really read more than 4 chapters before claiming something has no plot.
    1. There is nothing stupid about the MCs actions, her lack of confidence comes from not being stupid enough to risk her life. Because you know, you may not able to load a saved game anymore! People really underestimate the risk to life in these kind of scenarios.
    1. She knows fairly well she acts like a tyrant. So what?
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To start out, this novel is definitely worth reading for a few arcs, once past the school arc it start to decline somewhat until the tournament arc where I dropped it because of some really terrible development, more on that later, but I'll say it is worth reading the first few arcs as it is really good.

To summarize the story, the MC is a special agent who finds himself in another world after he dies as a nobles unwanted son. He learns that he has non-attribute magic which is considered... more>> terrible in this world. The reason is because non-attribute magic functions similar to molecule control magic. Since society doesn't have a good understanding of science, they can't take good advantage of it and it doesn't help that there isn't much research on it.

The MC in this story trains his non-attribute magic himself while training his body (becomes OP obviously) and at same time there is slice of life interactions between his 3 attendants. These interactions are done really well, and unlike many others the MC doesn't add one of the attendants to his harem. I personally like his story with Erina quite a lot. He later on finds 2 slaves of a boy and girl wolfkin which he frees and ends up training (of course he has to first earn their trust which does take some time). The MCs goal in this world is to become a teacher, not a hero or anything of the like. So as others mentioned he tries to keep a low profile as he watches his students grow. Of course he has plenty of opportunity to shine, and he also uses his modern knowledge combined with magic to create new magic tools which he sells works with a merchant to sell. But he rarely the one who steps himself in the limelight.

If I were to rate the early parts, I would give it 4.5/5. This is also one of the few novels which did harem well (initially)

So why did I drop it? Let me get into this with the spoiler.


First, I want to get in how well the initial harem was made. The wolfkin girl who is the primary female lead does end up falling for the MC pretty fast. But it is more of a childish love at first and she wants to more or less serve him as a servant more so than an actual lover. She also admires Erina a lot who is the main servant of the MC. As time goes on, her childish love becomes more and more into real love (though of course part of that is mostly because the MC is such a high bar it's pretty much impossible to compete, even more so since MC is very mature for their age due to their previous life). In the school arc, the second female lead shows up. Over the time of the school year, the second female lead eventually falls in love with the MC (probably due to the food :P and other reasons), but the second female lead also looks up to the first female lead and has ZERO interest in taking the MC away from the primary female lead. The one who actually proposes that the secondary female lead also become MC's wife is actually the primary female lead. Partly due to her knowing the feelings of the secondary lead, and partly due to the primary lead feeling inferior to the MC. She also feels a bit conflicted about her role as a servant and her desire to be his wife. Since both of them get along, they agree with each other on this aspect.

And not only do they do that, they even agree that the first female lead has first dibs and that during the time that the first female lead makes their relationship official, they wouldn't interfere with each other. Aka, each character is given time to sort out their feelings and also time to spend with the MC without any shenanigans.

So consent from first wife, each one works out their own feelings and has their own personality, perfect (at least by non-romance webnovel standards)

Now then, fast forward to the tournament arc. The MC has the boy wolfkin enter the tournament to show his skills to the entire world. (The wolfkins second master who taught him the heavy sword won this tournament so he went in). Then as the arc progresses, the 3rd harem member shows up (the MC rescued her prior but after going home she couldn't come out until 10 years passed). I will refer to this harem member as Elven slut going forward.

Elven slut shows up and then tells the second female lead that she wants to bang the MC, but since she is so nice she pushes the secondary female lead to go bang the MC through peer pressure. But Elven slut is not done just yet! She then gets the primary female lead drunk to extract information on the MC and their relations.

Then Elven slut and MC take a walk around town and like all harem members she brings her own set of problems when a bunch of people who have been tracking them show up. Now normally the MC would just beat them up discreetly and call it a day. BUT, now the MC has an Elven slut! So he throws out all his resolve through out this entire story and everything that he has learned in his maybe 70-80 years he has been alive to declare that he will enter the tournament to gain fame so he can walk around with his elven slut. What about his student? Screw them, he has an elven slut now!

I don't know how the tournament came out or what not cause at that point I couldn't stomach it anymore. What used to be one of the better takes on harem and characters in OP isekai setting has turned into one of the worst takes on harem.

I have no clue what brought this on, maybe due to it starting to slightly decline, the author decided to go for something big to change the decline and instead destroyed his entire story and premises. Or maybe the author died and got replaced by someone else, I have no clue. But I simply couldn't stomach reading from there.

PS Erina's death was done beautifully and Hokuto is probably the only reason to read the story after the school arc. Hokato is the best character BTW. Ask anyone.

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Invisible Dragon
October 18, 2018
Status: c1-50
There are already a lot of reviews of Invisible Dragon that point out how good* it is. It is highly suggested to read it if you are a veteran reader, if you are a new reader, I would avoid it until you build up your reading list and can truly appreciate it.

To put it best, Invisible Dragon is like fine wine. Give fine wine to a child and they will find it icky, but give it to an adult who understand wine, and they will appreciate it that much more.
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Tilea’s Worries
May 4, 2017
Status: v3c16
One of the best comedies on there is on NU! And really a must read! Of course like all comedies, it is important to note sense of taste in jokes. If the comedy does not suite your sense of humor, the story becomes extremely painful to read. Hence why in general comedies do poorly in ratings, it all depends on individual sense of taste. So I would first read a few chapters and see if it meets your sense.

The MC in this story is super OP, like literally over 100X... more>> stronger powerlevel then everyone else. Except she does not notice it and thinks they are an ordinary cook. Her sister then claims to be a demon general reincarnation (which she is), but MC thinks she is Chunni instead and sets out to set her sister straight.

The misunderstanding are endless, and really funny. From taking down dragons thinking they are puppies with illusion magic on them to facing off the demonlord army thinking its a chunni fanclub. A must read if you enjoy misunderstandings.

There is only 1 demerit I find to the story, Tilea sometimes goes a little bit overboard in explaining what Chunni is and how it works. To the point that it sometimes takes up half a chapter just to explain the chunni. Its to the point where she might as well be a teacher in a classroom analyzing chunni to the detail. Maybe it appeals to a certain other comedic sense, I don't know. But other then this 1 thing, is comedy gold! I haven't laughed so much on any novel.

Now to address some of the complaints I noticed from others:

  1. Some claim MC is ridiculously stupid to not notice these things. But at same time, even the smart people are not noticing these things. Have they maybe considered there is a powerful spell cast that insures Tilea does not find out? I mean its a world of magic after all! The MC is also in pretty huge denial too because their Chunni lead to their deaths.
  2. If you find the comedy annoying instead of funny, don't bother reviewing! You reviewing a comedy that is annoying to you is not a matter of quality of a comedy, but your personal sense of humor. There are plenty of comedies that other people like which I do not, since I don't like the comedy in those stories, the story ends up annoying. But I don't go rating it poorly because it does not fit my sense of humor.
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Will the Re-Summoned Hero Live as an Ordinary Person
April 30, 2017
Status: c31
It started out pretty good but it has a lot of consistency issues. Not to mention... there is something off about the tone. I don't know if its translation thing or just how the author does it (though I am leaning more towards how the author does it). There are a lot of boring events which are made a big deal out of as well. But the MC in himself also seem to be a boring type.

There is also a HUGE inconsistency in his experience and being naive. He sounds... more>> and does a bunch of experienced things like a professional. And then does completely naive things like someone who has no clue what he is doing. Its like the naive things are put in by the author on purpose to move the plot along but seem completely unnatural.

To list some issues:


When they get summoned, MC just tells the king "Hey, I am not a hero so can I just go on a trip all alone?". And the king is like "good idea!". His classmates get a bit worried but just accept it. Something seems totally off about that interaction.

    1. If the king wanted to get rid of him, wouldn't he instead assign a knight or 2 to him and then isolate him in some mansion or something. Even his classmates under normal circumstances would insist the king send someone with him for protection or work out a job for him or something. As far as anyone knows, he is new to this world... walking out with nothing makes it odd from all sides.
    1. The escorts were mind controlled to kill him. Not sure why... wouldn't capturing him and using him as a tool be more useful than just killing him? It seems stupid and inefficient... even if you wanted to get revenge for him speaking like that to the king or something, they would still capture him and torture him. Killing someone right after they left just leaves too much of a trail and suspicion.

The MC then

does a dialog how this place is bad and plans to use the heroes and etc. Then puts on a disguise and settles at a nearby town.

His goal is not to stand out but he also personally brings king class cores to the guild. (we are not talking about someone who is here for the first time, we are talking about someone who should have plenty of experience to know how to act if he is trying to keep a low profile)

And that is just a fraction of the issues.

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There are too little chapters out, so for the time being I'll highlight the differences between the manga and web novel out of what is out now, then make a review of this once more chapters are out.

So far, the biggest difference is in the manga, the MC is in a VR game, they accept being transported to another world simply by just saying yes to everything without listening due to being overexcited. When they wake up in another world, they think it is part of their sage quest to... more>> be transported to a new map only realizing that this is reality a bit later.

In the web novel, they are playing a PC game, unlike the manga, they agree to it thinking it is a bonus map that is available to high level players only (she had to get mage to 99, then priest to 99 to get sage). When she gets sent to another world, she obviously doesn't think it is a game but so far treats it as a dream.

To be continued... <<less
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lnv rated it
ReBirth ~ From the Upper World to the Lower World
February 17, 2017
Status: c45
There are some people who complain about the heroine's behavior of accepting slavery from the get-go. While it is rare such behavior is possible, especially when people have fear of being abandoned. The bigger problem is that there is a lot of issues with the MC behavior. From somehow knowing that the merchants guild can hire ninjas on his first day in town (within 1st week of coming), to his contradictions about how they are going to take quests to level up for the dungeon, then takes a hard quest... more>> and then says "lets go to the dungeon to level up for this quest". (And everyone else is fine with it). Not to mention how because of him being a salaryman in his previous life he thinks it is a-ok to act like a PMS teen. (I mean I would think that growing up to an adult you learn the difference between taking things as a salaryman, and not acting childish over minor things). Not to mention 1 month in he already feels he can conduct interviews on proper etiquette (Aka, he thinks he knows more in 1 month than someone who has lived their entire life in that world). And that is not even the worst:

The MC reckless behavior is beyond stupid. Like when he sees that all he needs is attrition until his friends come to help. But instead of waiting for them, he notices the higher level death knight's sword has a drain life ability. So he does the most sane thing possible, he jumps and gets stabbed through by the death knight on purpose! So that in the off chance the deathknight drains his holy power as he casts heal. I can understand being so reckless as a last resort, but he just does it based on his mood. Who the hell jumps on a drain life sword held by a high level undead?!?!? To be honest only reason he made it out is plot. There is 0 way he could have survived that, 0.

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lnv rated it
September 27, 2017
Status: c77
To give a summary of what this novel is about, the MC who was a hacker dies and when he wakes up, he is in the body of a level 2 magician boy (closer to cultivation level than gaming level). The body of the boy is weak and frail and he has a girlfriend who is his master's daughter who is a level 2 swordsman.

He starts out in an incident where he is being harassed by a competitor to force him out of the magic store business. The MC uses... more>> his programming knowledge to help improve his magic and create magic scrolls faster. (Unfortunately the author does not seem to actually have any understanding of programming and it is portrayed more like you see on TV than reality)

Then MC makes a IronMan outfit and names himself Tony Stark as an alternative identity. (he also gets an AI which handles operation and he names it after Ironman's AI).

Overall it is a typical XianXia where MC rubs some people the wrong way for one reason and another and MC ends up killing them. It is though a bit unique in sense of the MC being a magician and not a fighter and the whole secret identity as a magic warrior. But other than that it is a XianXia in European medieval setting.

One of the biggest issues is the MC takes the whole thing as a joke. He is more focused on looking cool with his armor then actually doing anything.

Also to correct some people, this is nothing like a JP novel. Just because it takes place in a European setting and has magic does not make it a JP. It is a CN novel through and through. The MC is also not a wimp either, I mean he kills people without issues. The only thing he gets wimpy about is that he gets "henpecked" by his girlfriend. Other than that, the guy has no issue even stabbing himself without complaining one bit.

Even 77 chapters in it is kind of hard to say where the goal is as the MC isn't particularly aiming for anything. But he is already going out of his way to make it difficult for himself by claiming he is the contact for his alternate identity. Thus he is going to be forced to now juggle identities for reasons I don't understand why.

So far this isn't a novel about getting stronger or anything, its about a child who wants to look like a superhero while pissing off people in a typical xianxia fashion. They even have ridiculous scenes where MC comes into the house with 2 swordsman who want to kill him and he goes "give me a second" and walks upstairs and somehow has time to put on his armor and face them before they catch up and knock down his house...

To be honest, this feels like an English Cartoon written by a CN XianXia author. <<less
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At first it was an interesting casual slice of life where nothing major happens. (Even the demon king is defeated before lunch time offscreen). MC is crazy overpowered because he learns magic from reading spell books (manga) which others spend decades to learn.

There are a few iffy parts like having 2 child wives as a child but since it is mostly innocent and the like him while he mostly takes care of them as his children in a fluffy way, sure w\e. I'm sure when they grow older they will... more>> decide if they still feel the way they do and MC does not seem like the kind of person who wouldn't let them go if they chose.

Though it gets into real iffy territory when the queen of another country starts casually hitting on the MC which MC casually ignores, then ends up turning her into a child and marrying her for a stupid reason. At least the first 2 had some reason despite it being a bit iffy at best, but this one was just too ridiculous.

Oh and the queen now also acts like a child for some weird reason due to the magic. So its effectively brainwashing...

Up to that part it became a bit unbearable to read... <<less
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