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Stellar Transformation
May 20, 2016
Status: Completed
I'm still forcing myself to read this train-wreck, because I'm a completionist.

I'll skip the plot-holes and bad writing and go straight to the last battle,
which is where the author had a mental breakdown and spit in the face of readers.

... more>>

Three times in a row, 40 of the wisest, oldest, all-seeing godkings are running after an artifact like a bunch of monkeys without any strategy or thinking, disregarding the political structures built up through many books.

They obey enemies based on no reason and kill allies without reason as well.

It was made clear that either the strongest individual, or the leader of the strongest group will get one of the artifacts and no other person.
The members of a group are only there because they are the leader's followers and must be there.
If the followers somehow get it first by accident, they have to give it to the leader.
If someone outside their group gets it, they get killed.

Then dozens of independent hidden godkings start following orders of established groups,
even though they don't have to,
even though it's clear that they will get no artifact,
even though they'll only survive at best and will probably die.

MC does absolutely nothing to punish the man who tried to murder his wife and his unborn child???

jiand lan gives the two most precious items to the man who helped murder his wife and tried to murder his niece and her unborn child, just because he wants him to be nice to the MC????????!!!?!?!

I'm turning insane from rage at this


How can the ending be so boring and unimaginative and have so many loose ends?


He reaches the level of the strongest by doing nothing and waiting on his technique to complete itself?
He gets many "amazing abilities", no explanation on what they are tho...
He goes off to work on his cosmos and do stuff. What a great description... The end.

What abilities does mixed bird (who comprehended time acceleration as heavenly deity) have now that he's a godking? He didn't even fight anyone.
What happened to the demon emperor kid who MC taught in the immortal realm?
What happened to his other acquaintances like old and new gold punishment lords?
What about his first son? He had almost no development after the first few years of his life.
What about the guy from his clan who inherited his cosmos creation technique?
What happened to all the realms and the people he encountered after more than 20 thousands of years MC spent in the divine realm?
He goes into his cosmos and that's it?!.....

I will never read anything by this author again


i eat tomatoes is the McDonald's of novels. <<less
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listy rated it
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
June 28, 2018
Status: c1261
why am I still reading this....

a few points of the plot are interesting and I wanna know what's gonna happen, but this is torture.

can someone explain to me why the main character with all the powerful people at her disposal, says "I'll do this my way", then plays convoluted schemes over months and many tens of chapters (that also gives the enemy time to torture and kill many innocent people in very over the top horrible ways), to in the end say to the main enemy "haha, I fooled you,... more>> you didn't see that coming" and then orders her powerful helpers to kill everyone......... (she couldn't do that before people got tortured and killed? because she wanted the enemy to feel a little headache because of her schemes? especially around chapter 1100. whoever came up with that writing style of forcing a dramatic situation, kill yourself)

exactly the same thing has happened five times.

and then both leads are praised as "made by gods and unparallelled" or "the most intelligent who has no peers"

extremely obnoxious, arrogant and psychopathic


wtf. in chapter 1249 she tells an important enemy who they can kill right there, to leave so they can be alone with the other emperor, so he escapes, and later in chapter 1261 she tells her subordinate to find and kill that enemy from before.

why did you tell him to leave then? you could've killed him and you would've been alone as well, but you would't allow him to escape and you wouldn't send away your strongest available ally, making yourself weaker against badly written future attacks and drama.

everything here is self-inflicted stupidity. terrifyingly bad writing. lowest level of waste. the author has brain damage. and I'm an idiot for reading <<less
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Otherworldly Evil Monarch
July 20, 2018
Status: --
I was immensely impressed with TTNH in the beginning and very disappointed at the end. Yet there was still a lingering sense of respect for this author. Now, after reading 500 chapters of his next work, I have nothing but contempt for him.

A cold unemotional assassin who has zero interest in women because they're "bags of meat and bones when they die" and who has no pride because "one cannot be a prideful assassin", later calls himself "a proud man", molests women and thinks of impregnating them, and also commits... more>> borderline bestiality.

Anyone reading this should have no ability of critical thinking and a bad memory, or the hypocrisy and logical fallacies will land you in a world of pain. <<less
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Pursuit of the Truth
July 8, 2018
Status: c686
This novel is a rare gem with a long and extensive buildup where all the individual pieces are meticulously prepared separately from each other and don't seem to make too much sense at first. Then they begin to connect and the growing picture made out of them is amazing.

It feels very rewarding to look back and realise the meaning of the encounters the main character went through when he was still ignorant hundreds of chapters ago. Whatever people say or do is a puzzle piece that has meaning and will... more>> come together to reveal more.

I'm immensely happy about finding this novel. <<less
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Tales of Herding Gods
August 5, 2018
Status: c224
Wow, love it! There are very few asian novels that don't follow the same types of script and this is one of them!

Most importantly, I can't predict what's gonna happen! Every time there's a typical situation from other novels it develops completely different. It's like watching live people act!
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