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lifeisbittersweet rated it
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July 13, 2018
Status: c31
I confess, I started reading this for the smut (oh such top-grade smut though), but grew to love it so much for the writer's handling of the emotional development between the MC and the ML. This is definitely something I didn't expect from a gay video plot. I was grateful there was no unnecessary third party, and the most that the two had to overcome was the MC's internalized homophobia.

This delightful blend of deliciously well-written, nosebleed-inducing smut and rolling-in-the-bed fluff is on my fave danmei/yaoi list, and I heavily recommend... more>> it for any fujoshi/fudanshi/open-minded reader. I also must commend the high-quality translation; it certainly made the read much more enjoyable.

Come on! Give it a try, lucky you. It's now completely translated and you don't have to wait weekly like we did (though it made my day every time I saw a new release on my feed) ! <<less
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