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Golden Age Legitimate Fei
February 26, 2018
Status: c35
A steady marriage life in the court story (with the usual side of court intrigue and a bit more military).

Selling points so far:

    • MC totally a relatable, middle-aged woman living a quiet life. The image that comes to mind is that old aunt who married a scary military man, who gives out jam jars in family gatherings. You're forever wondering how the sweet mild aunty can marry such a terrifying man.... you just didn't know your aunty used to be MI6.
    • MC and ML's relationship takes off quickly (compared to a heck lot of chinese novels).
    • They actually talk out their differences, and there's none of that frustrating misunderstanding cliche. I can't stress this enough. They're actually friends who trust each other, help each other, and in the process of living together fall in love with each other. RELATIONSHIP GOALS.
    • Loveable side characters who has actual character growth. Particular spotlight on the Xu brothers, and their relationship with ML... too precious.
    • Villains can be more fleshed out but lbr I'm not here for them.
ML's character did veer into the cliche possessive ML syndrome later, but as his background gets fleshed out, his warped character reveal is understandable.

If I were him I'd have strung the scum emperor by his guts, emperor or no.

My only regret is after this turnabout, the writer pushed the cliche too much, irrational jealousy, PDA and all. I'd go so far as saying his previous character was like another person altogether--but then again he did say he deliberately hid that yandere part of him, so I guess fair's fair.
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leva rated it
I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?
January 24, 2018
Status: c32

To reiterate some points:

  • MC and ML aren't blood brothers.
  • MC isn't homophobic, considering laws and values in China it's miraculous he accepted his little brother.
  • Spanking has been and still is a form of punishment in some Asian countries. Yes, I'm Asian.
The summary is a good one to sum up this novel: MC is the doting older brother with a brocon streak a mile wide. He's privy to the novel's ending where ML was tortured to death and vilified, but through his own thinking he found plot holes, and he doesn't agree with that. He resolved to raise his lil bro, the villainous ML, to be a good man.

Surprise surprise, the ML turned out to be the ML from original novel's ending, rebirthed. He's suspicious of his doting older brother, but after some events, he took him as god's gift for every bad thing that ever happened to him in his previous life. Starting from there he grew possessive of this good older brother of his.

This novel is hilarious, because we get both MC and ML's perspective; MC was determined to raise this little brother right, but he has like really thick tinted lenses because of his brocon and already thought of him as the softest, stickiest, best little brother anyone could ever have--despite other people warning him of ML's manipulative/vicious streak. ML's perspective started out really angsty, because he died a painful death by torture, but after he got attached to MC he stuck to him like glue, and tried to keep other people from interacting with MC at all.

I'm looking forward to how their relationship will shift as they grow older, especially considering MC's very heavy brocon glasses. ML has a long, long road ahead of him hahaha. Of course, as of current translated chapter, there's no romance in this--be assured.
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A hilarious YY novel turned BL. If you're not familiar with the term, imagine the standard trope of cultivation genius, a harem full of girls, and villains to faceslap. Except because of MC, the author turned the story down the dark path full of betrayals. MC is transported into the novel with only one ability; he gets restored back to his initial state each midnight.

I'll be honest and say behind the truly funny writing, this novel is heart-wrenching and liable to make you cry. At a glance it seems like... more>> one of those Japanese webnovel about entering an otome game, but

    • MC hasn't finished reading the story. His omniscience stopped where he last read the webnovel, and the longer he stayed the more things change.
    • He tried so hard to change ML (protag of the novel) 's fate because of his guilt over the author twisting ML's fate, sticking up for ML every single time, giving him everything. But with his poker face and social awkwardness it kinda backfired and made him seem distant and out-of-this-world for ML, causing more mental issues later on.
    • He already got peeks of a future where ML destroyed the world because he lost someone. Foreboding continues throughout the story.
    • The development of his relationship with ML will make you cry. And you'll feel the same guilt as him for ML's turning black. And when you get over that, another bomb is dropped....
    • The smut is hot ofc what are you expecting??
    • Really, really neat wrapping up of loose ends. This is far more than I can say for lots, lots, lots of random transport-to-another-world novels.
Overall an excellent read. Props to translation team, thank you guys for this gem, this highlight of my day. <<less
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leva rated it
Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away
September 18, 2017
Status: c26
This story is a very fresh take on the reincarnation/transmigration trope, since the MC insists on acting the fool to protect herself from palace intrigues that she unwittingly knows. At the same time, her unassuming demeanor makes her a confidante to a lot of people and that just adds to the secrets that she knows and has to keep herself. Through all that, she's still a very self-possessed person who can deliver witty, stabbing comebacks at the most opportune moments, which makes for a lot of humorous situations.
If you're... more>> used to most chinese webnovel's sledgehammer-crash-and-destroy plot, this one is far subtler, from the perspective of the MC who holds palace secrets but refused to be included. There are a lot of foreshadowing of the trouble since the prologue but we are only seeing the start of the conflict now.
I also wonder who tagged this with comedy--although there are indeed a lot of funny situations, and the MC's rendition of events with tsukkomi added in is hilarious, the overall tone of the story turns very melancholic and tragic rather quickly. <<less
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leva rated it
Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter (LN)
March 24, 2018
Status: v3c12 part3
The better written version of the WN.

If you're not familiar with the webnovel version, the gist of the story is Iris' life after being appointed representative duke to her father's fief. She's using her knowledge from her past life to push for various reforms in the fief--things unthinkable in the monarchy and aristocracy setting.

Selling points:

  • Strong af female MC who doesn't kill people. Well, not directly....
  • Reasonably not omniscient and omnipotent MC. Some would argue that she knows too much about some things, but I think those can be sort-of handwaved... I do know some rather random things too....
  • Excellent buildup to main conflict. The arcs are all overarching into the climax, and it gets really intense later.
  • You get chapters dedicated to the view of other characters, even, dare I say it, cannon fodders. It gives depth to a heck lot of side characters.
  • You have chronic Second ML Syndrome (just like me) ??? This will cure you. At least during reading this novel. Lol.
Not-selling points:

  • THE f*ckING STUPID SECOND PRINCE. *cough* I mentioned that some chapters are dedicated to cannon fodders and side characters. Well, 2nd prince must be neither cannon fodder nor side character... because he don't got any. Which is also weird as heck, because he was Iris' fiance. His character is the most flat, unexplored template of lovestruck idiot. He's so cannon fodder even his 2nd fiancee colluded with his mom instead of him.
  • First Prince too f*cking perfect. I mean he's basically MC but male, with strong martial arts so he can protect her... *cough cough* I'm not complaining though
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leva rated it
The Legendary Master’s Wife
September 16, 2017
Status: c238
This is a cute and easy read. Compared to a lot other xianxia/xuanhuan novels, the romance is far smoother and natural, and the side characters are not just stepping stones/faceslapping targets.

You do need to have a relatively thick face to read this through the first ~200 chapters. Because the MC virtually can't oppose the ML and is pretending to be ordinary, low-talent disciple in front of everyone else, he comes across as kindhearted to the point of stupidity and so soft he might as well be spineless. He gets better... more>> and better as they adventured, and although I cried myself stupid when it ended, I loved the ending and the bond MC shared, not only with ML but with his contract beasts, his friends, his senior brothers... this novel is full of heartwarming and hilarious moments.

Another thing that I like from this novel is the very real feeling of being stranded in a foreign world with zero foreknowledge about it. From cultivation things like the level of violence to everyday life like financial condition, the MC basically has to learn everything about that world and cope with the differences compared to the modern world, and it's conveyed wonderfully without wall of texts filled with facts. <<less
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leva rated it
Reign of the Hunters
August 28, 2017
Status: c126
At a glance, this seems to be a generic reincarnation story with OP female MC, but in actuality the only part of her reincarnation that she used to cheat were regarding which people to befriend (in theme with her effort to actually keep some positive social relations, despite the utterly selfish reasons she scouted them), some dungeon glitches (as expected), and in-game real estate developments (I'm just???? dude).

... more>>

She's not even the strongest hunter in the game


Because she does a lot of new things it ends up very fresh; quests she hasn't even heard about, treasures she didn't get the first time around, feuds and friendships with a lot of people.

The dynamics with other players, as well as exploring the game world, are the main attractions in this novel for me. The conflict of interests are engaging, and her impulsive bravado and ruthlessness makes for a lot of interesting situations.

Granted, the writer could expand some more on her friends' perspective... like literally her guildmates, but well...

A light read, with overarching plot clues scattered from the start, don't expect extreme complications (... uh, well, maybe except the last plot twist), but very enjoyable nonetheless.

Last but not least, one of the best light novel TL I've ever read; reads very smooth, props to TL team. <<less
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leva rated it
The S-Classes That I Raised
December 30, 2019
Status: c248
This novel will surprise you with hidden depths, chapters down the line. I have to admit the writing style takes some getting used to--it's MC's perspective, a reckless, fearless (literally in his case), headstrong young man trying to mend his relationship with his (physically stronger, more handsome, better) younger brother. The flavor is very shonen-y and some questionable topics (abuse, harassment, misogyny, inherent sociopathy in some people) are handled rather lightly.

And then we get further into the plot, delved around the reason MC wished to turn back time: his brother's... more>> awakening, estrangement, and death. It's both good and bad for me because I'm not really a fan of the very game-esque lingo and mechanics, but the sprinkles of information is tonnes better than infodump, while also working to further the plot as MC discovers the hidden side to whatever's going on in his world.

Pros for me:

  • Family fluff to the extreme, both of the blood and found kind.
  • MC is sass king, literal twig trashing people with muscle mass twice his weight.
  • Younger brother is literally the cinnamon roll who can and will kill you all in one package.
  • Character development all around!!!
  • Seong Hyeonjae.

  • Very heavy game lingo
  • Seong Hyeonjae.
TLDR: fantastically developed unreliable narrator MC ft. Family feels, action, and issues. Not BL, but some very heavy undertones to that front. I guess if endgame isn't BL then /shrug/ it isn't BL. <<less
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The King’s Avatar
March 15, 2018
Status: c987
Best gaming novel I've ever read.

MC Ye Xiu has the personality of someone who's beyond good (godly, even) with the self-assurance and mental strength you'd expect from repeat champion. Add to that his shamelessness that's on par with FOD's Wei Wuxian, he makes awesome focal point of the story. A good chunk of fun in this novel is from Ye Xiu's interaction with people in-game.

Grinding and the detailed fight scenes can get repetitive, but it's not so bad. Again, largely because Ye Xiu is literally God in game skills, he... more>> quite easily gets around situations... you can say it's like the staple faceslapping scenes, done in Wei Wuxian's shamelessnes. He's someone with lots, lots of depth behind the casual savagery hidden far, far, faaaaaar down inside it only surfaced every hundred chapters....

A very good direct quote from translation to illustrate Ye Xiu :


"To think you'd be able to pick up two players like this in the tenth server. With the blessings that the God of Glory has bestowed upon you, you'd better return to the Alliance and win that championship." Wei Chen puffed.

"God of Glory? You mean me?" Ye Xiu replied.

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leva rated it
Kenkyo, Kenjitsu o Motto ni Ikite Orimasu
October 7, 2017
Status: c167
This is a slice of life story that can be savored anytime you want, in my opinion. You'll notice the narrative is from Reika's point of view and she's a very very quirky common girl behind her ojou-sama persona. Her ojou-sama acting, compared immediately to her inner monologuing, makes for humorous read. However, she's also a very very unreliable narrator, and it's exposed in the rare side character POV chapters that what she thinks of herself and what the people around her thinks of her are vastly different things (at... more>> least in the beginning). As the story progresses, Reika makes a lot of friends everywhere, but sadly no romantic relations. She bemoaned this fact rather frequently and would often compare herself to her peers. All in all, Reika is a very relatable female MC while not being boring at all. I just wish author-san would take pity on her love life... xD <<less
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I Have Medicine
November 11, 2019
Status: Completed
Sweet, sweet slowburn. If you're here looking for quick romance, look elsewhere because. The ride. Is so long. The progression is so natural, throughout the years they stay and grow with each other, from contractual relationship, brotherhood, until it evolves into something else.

A lot of people pointed out the similarities IHM have with LMW. I love LMW (the second danmei I've ever read), but a lot of faults LMW has, IHM addressed neatly. They are similar, yet polar opposites in some aspects: IHM has about 80% less dog blood drama... more>> than LMW. IHM also refrains from the repeating rival trope LMW uses. IHM also, in contrast to LMW, does not jump to papapa in 200 chapters (so if you don't like to read them, it's ways away, and very minor). The biggest difference, however, is the balance of relationship between Ah Zuo and Tianheng compared to Momo and Ling Xiao.

In every sense of the word, Ah Zuo and Tianheng are each other's golden finger (just as in the summary, lol). Because they both started off from literal zero: Tianheng chronically ill, couple years off impending death, and Ah Zuo freshly deposited in another world. There is codependency born first from the contract to keep Tianheng alive and let Ah Zuo cultivate the system, then from their shared secrets, living together, hunting and cultivating together and protecting each other. It's also even more emphasized, later on, the difference in power and roles between a pharmacist and a martial artist, and they complement each other (just like in the summary, lmfao).

My favorite part


has got to be the arc where Tianheng went on a mission and got attacked by a higher cultivator, causing him to be stranded in space for a long time. Ah Zuo went ballistic and issued bounties for each head of the cultivator's family members, depending on their cultivation level, until the cultivator is forced to suicide himself in front of Ah Zuo to save his last descendants. GOOSEBUMPS.

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History’s Strongest Senior Brother
November 6, 2017
Status: c576
This novel started out very promising (and boy do I still remember that, 570 chapters down the road) because of the inverted trope and the multiple villain protagonists. The worldbuilding is magnificent and the main character, since he was indeed still low in the power scale, out-schemed stronger cultivators and sects. It kinda went downhill from there after the first arc is over, though to be fair author-san did warn us (through MC's insistence about being low-key and lying low before being able to stand for himself) that someday he's... more>> gonna be the ultimate faceslapping godly martial saint. One thing I got to give though, he does that with style. I mean it. You know it's faceslapping but it's... so tastefully done it's all feel good, look good, who are you people??? <<less
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leva rated it
Shini Yasui Kōshaku Reijō to Shichi-nin no Kikōshi
September 11, 2019
Status: c137
Absolutely mindblowing worldbuilding and writing. Translation quality is top notch (a very big thanks for enabling us to read this masterpiece!)

I will be honest and say that reading this made 95% of isekai novels I read very lackluster, boring, and predictable (with the rote faceslapping etc). Be it the worldbuilding, character development, or overarching plot progression, the writer packs everything beautifully. That said, the pacing is rather slow, so if you're looking for instant gratification, then this novel isn't for you. Savor this novel slowly and enjoy the easter... more>> eggs throughout the arcs--there are plenty exciting, hair-rising moments and calm times in between to soothe after each of her brush with death.

If you are looking for romance--be prepared to wait. This is more mystery/thriller adventure fantasy, and since the novel follows Erica (whose main concern for the time being is to survive), there is nil space in her head to think of romance. It doesn't mean other people doesn't think it, of course, but it makes progress nonexistent. Harold best boy fight me (´艸`) <<less
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CUTEST. ML. EVER. I need to say that first because, duh, he is.

If you're ever tired of MC who's shunned by family, angsting super hard about just about everything in their life, and cultivates like there's nothing else in this world, this may be the novel for you. The quintessential face-slapping and plot twists, as a result, are far more lighthearted in tone (although be forewarned this novel can get quite descriptive in violence), and the MC frankly is also adorable, with hilarious interactions with people around her. Her revenge... more>> on people who wronged her and her friends can range from unfortunate death to funny prank, and since she's the righteous type, I don't foresee that happening a lot. Scratch that, it's still a dog blood cultivation novel, lotsa people gonna die... but only author and translator-san knows.

Major selling points for me:

  • MC and shameless sister being shameless girls, facing shameless people, and out-shameless-ing them
  • MC unintentionally picking up handsome boys like flowers
  • Her glorious, glorious pranks
  • ML being his sweet, caring, strong, handsome, perfect self. Seriously. He's struggling with health but he tries so hard, always goes above and beyond, always supporting her, WHAT MORE CAN A GIRL ASK
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Observation Record of a Self-proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance
February 19, 2019
Status: c17 part2
This is, clearly, a cute, light, fluffy (and diabetes-inducing) read that isn't meant to be taken seriously at all. We have no exposition of Bertia's past life beyond "she played this otome game"; whether she was a child when she woke up in this world or not, etc etc--there's nothing. The heroine is portrayed in the same manner; she knows the characters and events, but we know nothing about her.

If you are to enjoy this novel, some (or, like, a lot) suspension of disbelief about mental growth of people is... more>> needed. As well as thick face to read through the secondhand embarrassment. This novel is chock full of "dumb kids are cute" feeling, otherwise Bertia's desperate bullheadedness will irritate you quickly. Dare I say it... you need to put yourself in the prince's mindset, yandere he might be... to enjoy Bertia's cute flailing and "scheming".

Selling points:

  • A heck ton of fluff. If you need a pick-me-up feel good novel, this can be it.
  • Straightforward plot resolved in small number of chapters. The chapters are long as heck but you know... the count.... indicates no unnecessary side dramas or cockroach fairies who won't die after 1k+ chapters. /shudder/
  • Reading the prince's evolution of mind as he grows up around Bertia is just so precious. He might be a bit blackened at the end, but it's under control.... probably.
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Assassin Farmer
October 11, 2017
Status: c43
The cute, feel-good novel you want to read when you're down.

This novel will also make you feel 'I want to have a relationship like that, too' (excepting some outlier preferences).

Yes, they're that cute. Rather than the intrigue/fighting that's vaguely mentioned as background, the focus is on their day-to-day life after MC rescued ML. Granted the element of luck on her part is rather... super, and the ML comes across as affection-starved (or just kindness-starved) poor sod in that he's so quick to adapt to the utterly mundane civilian life with... more>> MC and taking care of her, but other than that they're super cute and lovey-dovey and why do I not have a relationship like that?!?!?! <<less
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