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lenneth rated it
Reincarnated Swordmaster
April 25, 2018
Status: c779
This novel's MC is untalented and d*ckhead, idiot, foolish dumb-ass ever and super ugly face

and he's not great man.

he is Selfish and impulsive like many ordinary people.

But he was born with a gift that no one else could have.

... more>>

In fact, this world is the Cthulhu mythology universe and a mixture of Chinese myths and the myths of many countries.

In the cause of MC's the fourth death, identity of the monster summoned is Shoggoth.

so hopeless cosmic horror world

and MC got a a talent for be loved from all of evilthings. MC does not want to be, but he is too much badly loved.

and this novels keyword is law of Causality.

Every event has its cause.

If anyone break that law, will be doom

It is an absolute rule and fate that even the gods can not avoid.


It's a long story. But great plot and too many Foreshadow and unexpected story.

Foreshadow working is perfect.

Trivial information is also important after many hundreds of chapters. <<less
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