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This is honestly one of the best light novels out there right now. In a market that’s saturated by reincarnation fantasies there are few genuinely good fantasy novels out there. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a light novel that isn’t just a summary of the main character’s stats. SukaSuka, however, goes beyond that benchmark with great world building that slowly develops over the course of the series. The world actually feels lived in with characters whose lives actually make sense. Not to mention the mythology and lore... more>> behind the series is great. The MC also isn’t a overpowered badass like in other series, but he’s not a pushover either. He struggles with just about everything and doesn’t always win, which makes him much easier to root for. Once again I can’t stress enough how good a series this is. It doesn’t stick to common light novel tropes, but it’s also not a too edgy for it’s own good subversion of the genre. Instead it focuses solely on being a good fantasy series, which is why it works so well. <<less
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