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lafiel11 rated it
Evolution Theory of the Hunter
July 28, 2016
Status: --
I read the reviews and thought it's some great story, but no it's not. When I look at this novel from every angle my conclusion is that it's mediocre at best -and I get the feeling it will stay that way.

Nothing unique with the premise - it's a reversed another world dungeon rpg novel. The MC is the underdog as you'd expect, he gets his "cheat" named Effort. Which lacks "the true effort" and even the MC commends on it. Him obtaining his skill makes the current dungeon system change... more>> with new one. Good for MC bad for the rest seniors.

MC personality is quite uninteresting. Power and money obsessed. Not because life kicked him in the guts but his own choice. Finished uni but sucked and couldn't get a damn good job. His job porter (bag holder of dungeon party) is his choice. Taking drugs to make-do and taking every insult for measly money and health danger. High risk low payout basically. After he becomes a "unique new -system rpg bringer hunter" his goal to own a millions of money and live good and have an apartment are put to back as his craving for power and cold blooded killing flares up. The side cast has some humorous moments (his party). But really the romance harem with DENSE MC just ain't working as it makes the story really bad. Nothing funny comes out when the dense romance is forced for readers.I treat it as filler and just skip it. Typical girls fawning over the dense MC in short.

Not to forget the other most boring sh*t in this novel : talk about money. Every dungeon item is money, every chapter is 1/3 money talk and haggling to spread loot, 1/3 girls fawning over and dense MC 1/3 story progress. So when I skip a chapter I skip almost all the number sh*t and talk between girls and MC. <<less
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lafiel11 rated it
Death Notice
July 28, 2016
Status: c1.3
I have to say from the very first chapter I got hooked into this series. The idea is amazing, but what it lacks is a dedicated translation group. This story is 5/5 no questions asked at the moment of writing this review. Maybe it has its ups and downs, but I really want to see how this unique story unfolds!
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lafiel11 rated it
The Lame Daoist Priest
October 25, 2016
Status: c16
The Lame Daoist Priest.

The name of this novel really does sound lame, but it describes the MC: a man blessed with unfortunate destiny sets on the path of becoming a righteous daoist priest. The first chapters may not interest you (like one -two thing may feel forced), but please bear with reading through so you can more easily and enjoyable immerse yourself in this great (for now) story!

I am up to date and have to say the series is really interesting, the writing style works great in telling properly a... more>> story. There really is not much to add, beside urging you once again to read it through - it has only 16 ch for now, but I will be looking forward for this series from now on :) <<less
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lafiel11 rated it
World of Cultivation
July 28, 2016
Status: c319
For the hundreds of Chinese novels I have read... This is my favourite.

Worldbuilding, flow of story, distinct characters, funny interactions, hints of romance, weak to strong progress done absurdly good, combat scenes that blows out the mind all congeal in the journey of our money-grubbing sharp tongued main character Zuo Mo.

There is always good discussions going on each chapter, as the translator himself almost always points out the hidden plots or problems going on at the time. That is to say, every chapter has it's meaning and people that hate... more>> character filling will greatly like this story. I read it 3-4 times to enjoy everything there is given to us.

The only downside is maybe the 1 chapter a day, but if that's a downside to you... heh all I can say is this series is pretty damn good!

Hope it stays the same in the future and as for now how the series is, I can only encourage you to read it! <<less
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lafiel11 rated it
Master of the Stars
May 8, 2017
Status: c118.1
Good stuff. More like a book than a novel.

My summary:

Sci fi world meets cultivation in goodly executed way.

... more>> Focused characters are far from two dimensional. Lenghty explanations that are hard to skip by. Enganging writing and impressive overall thought up chapters.

I was really surprised this is considered a novel, because it really feels like reading a book bit by bit.

The "action" and tropes I often stumbled upon reading in the translated chinese web novels are missing here and it forms a sharp, enjoyable contrast that I experienced reading this work.

What can make you dislike this novel and drop it, is the feeling not connecting with the MC.

He is an anti-social person with questionable morality.

But it's gradually expanded on his backstory and so on. Thought, I am looking forward to how he overcomes his problems and grows up as character.

Edit as of chapter 118.1 :

I am honestly surprised what I expected from this novel to hold true for so long. MC is developing and coming out of his shell by force. Also potential readers don't drop it at the early (3 or 4 arc?) Gear arc. It was a low point for me, because of the long selfless and non action descriptions of MC. But it sure picks up. Awesome story, highly recommended! <<less
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lafiel11 rated it
Undefeated God of War
July 29, 2016
Status: c131
The novel is a type of weak-to-strong with clear goals defined and very likable cast of characters. The world building is good, not great, but it helps to entrance you.

I think It's another great novel by author Fang Xiang (World of Cultivation).

Why I enjoy reading this series are the following reasons:
Tang Tian, the main character of this story isn't a whiny loser nor a pathetic dude that is depressed because of his lack of strength. He is introduced with some problems in his pasts and mysterious "cheat" left by... more>> his mother. He isn't one to cry, rage and get the phony determination to get one over the Heavens which have somehow wronged him with this destiny, with this life.

Fighting the Heavens for justice, Benevolent Buddha with heart of murderous desire, sending every "evil" guy for eternal swim session at the Yellow River... no, this xianxia is directly opposite!

MC is extremely positive, you can feel his passion about cultivating and getting stronger to attain his goals. With a catchphrase in mind he is ready to pull all the stops in training and fights. Surpassing his peers is just another way to better himself. Hardworking, with dreams and blunt personality.

Really liking how people who know they have reached their limits in cultivation decide to help him not only because they want to see young people succeed in what they could not, but kinda test him if he is worth placing their dream on him. The always cheerful vibe around the MC and the supporting characters quickly makes the dull overused tropes seem to be done right. There story flow is great, as training, serious battles and lots of jokes all congeal into great detailed and engaging story which pulls the reader in enjoyable state.

Now to explain some things: his "cheat" isn't anything heaven defying and possibly unique to him. What gives our MC is the opportunity to get stronger and how do you ask?

Training. The hellish kind of training that requires one to have an indestructible determination and willpower that will lead you on the path to look down on Heavens. It's portrayed as show, don't tell.

As for the "Undefeated" in the title to me it suggests that in a life and death battle he is undefeated. Any other battle that doesn't have his life on the line isn't battle to him, but a way to temper himself for what's to come.

I rate it 5 stars as the balance between quality of story, different cast of characters and new locations that doesn't make you feel like story is following a formula doesn't make me lose interest and also enjoy the journey!

Not to forget to thank the translators that give us lots of chapters! <<less
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lafiel11 rated it
Cheating Craft
August 7, 2016
Status: c45
Honestly, I too don't get why this got so much one star rating. Angry people on streak without commenting?

If anything, the story is unique, the characters are distinct with diverse personalities, no character filling, all in all it is awesome read I'd recommend you guys, don't miss out because of rating!
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lafiel11 rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
August 11, 2016
Status: c11
An overpowered MC with the lonely perk. I see in the future tons of harem with oblivious MC trope. Hope it doesn't end this way, as for now it's a good series and looking forward to it. Recommended for read.
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lafiel11 rated it
The Avalon of Five Elements
August 14, 2017
Status: c102
After 100 chapters I find the story good, but I find the development to be very slow and uninteresting.

20-30 chapters in, I found the series great. But after that there is 80 chapters of build-up (training, encounters) , but there is no suspense at all, including the "training" battles MC had

I expect this to change, I won't doubt Fang Xian (author of WoC) , but some people might be turned away early by this.
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lafiel11 rated it
Heaven Awakening Path
February 27, 2017
Status: --
The slow initial pace of the story coupled with the not-so-fast translation takes a star away for me. The cultivation/power method feels really fresh when compared to other novels in this genre. The setting and the foundation of the story strech for sometime, but what it leaves to the reader is solid and engaging story. Humor, dangerous moments and badass scenes are written together in such a great way, that I had to acknowledge that this story isn't mediocre! A must read novel (if you can be patient)
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lafiel11 rated it
The King’s Avatar
July 28, 2016
Status: c408
A must read if you'd like to experience the journey of the top-tiered "Glory" player Ye Xiu. After machinations of his previous pro-level team, he "retired" from the pro-gaming scene. His goal is to get back at the top -this time with his own created team.

What makes the story great is that it's not about some Virtual -reality game, where the character gets a cheat and makes an op progress. Here everyone is on a level-playing field and each can reach the top if he has what it takes. Time,... more>> mentality and other stuff affect the MC and everyone else as well.

Anyway it's about a PC -MMORPG style game, the one you play with mouse and keyboard. Handspeed, macros, eye to hand reaction speed everything that is present in modern pro-gaming. The fights are written in a way that makes you think that the author is a genius with such imagination and able to put it into words. Some have mentioned that their ability to think up that (such as game mechanics, skills, balance...) have really left them impressed and I am one of those people as well.

Only reading about this may seem boring to you, but each character has their own distinct personality and they evolve as the story goes on. Add in the fun and comic relief moments which are expressed naturally and will make you crack a big laugh everytime there is one.

But I will give it 4 stars as it's not perfect or straight up monster quality. The story has it's downs such as :

Personal story of the MC takes quite a bit of time to be revealed. At the time of writing this review it finally we readers got to know all about it. Not saying that we weren't teased with what happened, but yeah thats that.

I have to say I really liked the moment when the MC said that even if he plays 10 more years he won't get tired about it, because it's his passion


For romance lovers, at chapter 408, there isn't much going on actively. Probably will stay that way until the end with ambigious romance.
Not saying a good story must always have a romance, but this story wich focuses on RL stuff, gaming and evolving the unique side characters is certainly missing an active romance element.

I am sure it would have made the story even more famous if, because those who are not interested in game novels would be pulled in the fantastic reading experience I currently have with this novel.

One of the series I read every day - highly reccomended ! <<less
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lafiel11 rated it
Thriller Paradise
January 11, 2018
Status: c110
Awesome story so far /ch110. So here is the review :

Thriller Paradise is a VR game - detective and action /mystery centered story somewhere in the future. Starting point is, MC has a psychological problem /unable to feel fear/ due to unknown circumstances.

So his plan to somehow deal with his by doctors "uncurable" condition is to enter this fear-inducing game.

Believe me, our MC is a total weirdo. He isn't normal functioning human. Plenty of fun moments and interaction with other people. Also he describes himself as "a reasoning detective novelist... more>> ".

The style of story telling can be somewhat compared "Gate of Revelation" - there are Intermission (RL stuff chapter/arcs) and various Scenarios (VR game) arcs.
Majority of the time the POV follows the MC.
The in-game "Thriller" stories are generated and unique for each scenario.

They are divided in Solo normal / nightmare, Team normal / nightmare and PvP solo /team.

The "PvE aspect" is either more action - oriented with hints or more deduction with less action.
So far I found this story to be really consistent (or atleast made me believe to be so) , it has set a solid background world, one-of-a kind characters - everyone has their own motivation, quirks and backstory. And there is the element of mystery present as well ! First "nightmare" solo arc was absolutely awesome!

Some people may think that the author self-inserted explanations parts are immersion-breaking, but to me it's just a different way of storytelling. They are not often and happens when it's not a culmination point in some arc, but at the start. <<less
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