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Recommended practice: If you can, avoid the prologue. Frankly it has little to offer and many things to irritate. But chapter 1 onward is funny to read. Also the tittle. Best to ignore its meaning entirely~

Recommended reader: The story is somewhat low humour, and I think, from a breast-feeding maniac of an author. No hentai though, at least until c10-3. So if you expect H, you will be disappointed. If you dont like humour, you will feel bored. And if you dont understand obsessions of maniacs, you will feel uncomfortable... more>> with the way things going. <<less
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An interesting approach to the usual Hero-return-Japan: survivor's guilt.

Nice and slow pace, too~

One sentence description: Ex-hero's modern harem of fathercon girls.
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laclongquan rated it
Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite
June 4, 2017
Status: c50
The pace of the story change, and the direction

can change much more than imaginable.

Dont be discouraged by the few first chapters, as it will change later.

... more>> Dont get comfortable with the change either, because a huge climax is happening right next.

And after that, a change of direction, nearly a change of genre happen.

And boom, it change direction once again and drag protag back to the initial genre.

Kinda like reading a GRR Martin's game of throne series, what with the changes.

NOTE: due to the heavy element of the first part (rape, sex, double personality...) it seem no LN deal will come for this series. <<less
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Abyss Domination
August 23, 2018
Status: --
The reviews here seems to be waaaay off mark so...

Setting: Faerun/Toril/Abeir world in a period of upheaval, one or two years before the next Times of Troubles where gods fallen to the face of the world. System using DnD 3.5 concepts.

The original is a Chinese web novel. You know Japanese web novel is like. Think of the most longwinded one, then double its word count. That is a chinese one. Chinese novels get written because authors get inspired then written, not because of fans' egging him on. So if he... more>> decide to get long winded, that because his muse demand it so. You can do nothing about it.

The especially serious problem of that translator, is that he doesnt know about DnD, he doesnt care to know about it, and he dont have friends in that aspect to trade ideas with. Further example

Arcane Missile instead of Magic Missile, the 1st tier basic ranged attack spell. or Night Baroness instead of Shar.

Of course, if you glare at it, they could be playing a deception game as they are publishing amazon ebooks (I can recognize what they are doing and for what). Still, in that case, they trade financial goals for clarity and quality of the project. <<less
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laclongquan rated it
November 28, 2017
Status: c19
A lazy exterminator who doesnt want to do adventurer's work has to be efficient and smart to work less and live lazily. The strongest slow travel life of a lazy bum who doesnt want to keep any slave for long.

He got slave? He release!

Current slave: a head maid with the disposition of a Slave.

Current companion: an ex-guild-instructor adventurer in bikini armor

Release slaves: a potential magician who get sponsored into magic school in Capital, and a beastman who get sponsored into a gravekeeper for the starting town.
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Indeed, it's a good similarity to Death March. But with more focus on sweets and pastries than skills, enemies, and items.

If you dont like slice of life, slow, cooking genre you wont like this series. There's only two fights in 13 chapters, and it's nonlethal both.
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Help! Gooogle-sensei!!
July 7, 2016
Status: v1 extra
An interesting series with less-use setting and funny anecdotes.

Dont let me the few first chapters fool you, it's pretty interesting later on
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