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kzwkrain rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
September 28, 2016
Status: c325
I've caught up with the latest raw, and I got to say spending 3 days reading it during my holiday was so damn worth.

Here are the reasons why I like this novel.
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1) Realistic plot armor:
Unlike many other novels where the MC and his friends won't die, this novel will. It's realistic in a sense that anything can happen. Killed by stray arrows, getting ambushed and surprise attacks. The MC friends will die. His knights will die. His citizens will die.

2) Harem (why isn't this tag here?) :
Not all "beautiful girls" will be conquered by the MC. I think it's a pity because who doesn't want a tsundere knight? Tsk... But it's kinda refreshing to me as I don't want some cliché harem scenes. It feels natural how the MC harem approaches him. Which is not something you will see in other novels.

3) OP MC but not so:
MC is op, yes. But can he face off a 1000 soldiers by himself? No. He make use of his subordinates to help him. This really makes me happy because I'm kinda sick and tired of MC (especially in Chinese novel) to have super power that kill millions of soldiers and can overcome everything. Also, just because the MC has knowledge of advance technologies, doesn't mean he can apply them in this world. There are many things that can differ greatly to Earth. Gravity, particles, and chemicals. As such, the MC will give the idea, draw the idea, and find suitable people to research on it.

4) Kingdom building:
Many novels have a rather not so in-depth Kingdom building topics. They just give orders to the subordinates and will be done without any problems. But it wasn't the case for this novel. In fact, the author spends a chapter or 2 for management purposes.

5) Politics;
"I will just conquer you because I don't like you." NOPE! The MC won't do that. He will only do it when people attacks him. And when he build up his army, and have strong technology, he did not seek expansion immediately. He will stay in his territory and make the citizens comfortabe first. Like Eu4, you need to take care of your territory before expanding otherwise there will be rebels. Also, there are many trades with other lords which you don't see quite often in other novels.

6) Finally, the plot:
Repetitive? Nope. Rather, it is quite interesting to see the MC going around participating in something rather than staying at the castle and listen to reports. However, the arc might be boring sometimes because it takes too long to complete an arc. But there are time skips here and there so I forgive my the author.

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kzwkrain rated it
Release that Witch
October 15, 2016
Status: c370
One of the best novels I had read. This story focuses on 3 things. Witches, territory management, and politics.

The MC has knowledge of Earth and will apply it into this world. But what's the point of following our step by step history? With the help of the witches, he is able to make steam engines, flictlock muskets (improvised musket), ironclads, hot air balloon, artillery, tnt, lasers and many more!

With advance technology, he can rekt everyone in this world! Typical op MC right? Nah, that's not all. Firstly, he is... more>> not a strong MC in a sense that he can 1 rekt 500 like in most wuxia novels. He doesn't practice fighting (as of c370), so this is a rare Chinese novel with no bullsh*t cultivations! Secondly, it's not like all the technologies just pop up for no reasons. Even the MC can't remember how to create most of the stuff we have on earth. He teaches sciences to alchemists and witches and they will help him to research.

Threats like assassinations are actually quite rare unlike most Chinese novels. So the MC don't have to fight experience assansins and own them.

Wars are actually quite less as well. I can count it with my fingers.

There are some chapters that shows different perspective from side characters and it's interesting to read it. How should I say? Not too much and not too little. Just nice.

So yeah, I recommend this to anyone reading it. Please continue to follow the series and support the translator if you want to continue reading the translated version. Otherwise I think you won't be able to catch up the on-going raws. From my knowledge, the raws update a chapter everyday.

PS: the laser is a joke. <<less
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kzwkrain rated it
Law of the Devil
December 28, 2016
Status: Completed
I've finished the series and I got to say it's worth my time. But I have 3 points that I dislike.

WARNING: Real Spoilers that will spoil many things, so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK

... more>>

1. Romance: Along the story a rich, single merchant lady will appeared as a potential love interest. This 30 years old lady looks young as she is a half-breed of an elf and human. Thus, many people wanted to marry her but she rejected them all. Throughout the story, the lady showed interest in the protagonist. She confessed to the protagonist earnestly, dared to make a move on the protagonist, and even wanted to eat a pill that will shorten her life span in exchange for a 100% chance of the protagonist to fall in love with her. Yet, what did the protagonist do? He rejected her, over and over again. He has chosen the clumsy dragon female, and her sister instead. I mean, if you're already going for the harem route must as will take in one more right? The lady confessed to you under the moonlight and with the correct atmosphere, didn't he skipped a beat? Wtf man? You cock block is it?

2. Power: During the story he will have a chance to get the previous traveler's power. What did he do? HE REJECTED IT!!! Wtf man? You dumb or what? There's a super op power for you and you rejected it? Served you right for unable to use magic after that.

3. Ending: Wow, I'm very disappointed with this. He came out from a time-distorted portal where he was in it for a few hours while 10 years had past in the real world. He found out that the rich lady's sister that I had mentioned above was forced to get married to the mad king and he killed the mad king. And that's all. The chapter was done like that. It felt rushed... After spending hours upon hours to read 1000+ chapters, with the ending ended like that... I'm disappointed.

Extra: I'm f**king disappointed when he killed the miko, in a terrible way as well. f**k him. But he has a reason behind it but still, I don't like it.


Oh well, that conclude my rant on this novel. It's so-so but I'd recommend it since the plot is quite thick. Fking plot twist, my brain hurts. <<less
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kzwkrain rated it
Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
January 7, 2017
Status: c188
At first I didn't read this LN because some of the reviews said it was repetitive. But after having no LN to read and gave this a try, I regretted not starting this LN earlier. Who said this is repetitive? The LN is filled with mystery, but the author will slowly reveal it, unlike many LN. I also love the POV chapters of others. The story plots are carefully planned, and there are no inconsistency. The translator's English is good as well so there are little to no grammar mistakes.... more>> The release are fast. This type of standard is equivalent to a proper Light Novel.

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kzwkrain rated it
Boundary Labyrinth and the Foreign Magician
February 21, 2017
Status: c8.5
The story is interesting but...

It is getting harder and harder to read. The story won't make sense have I not change the tenses to present tense. Please read the following paragraph.

Although she had (has) the patience to create a semblance of a relationship with Kennel, he might run out of patience quickly if she relied (relies) on him. After thinking about this, she realized (realizes) that it was (is) still impossible to predict all the work she still had (has) to do in Schirn. However, she knew (knows) she had... more>> (has) to gain a monopoly over skilled Adventurers.

The ones in the bracket are more suitable than the original, no? The problem with the translator and the editor has is the past tense. You only use 'had' when an event is completed. Or rather, using mostly present tense makes the story easier to understand. If they put it in past tense when it is actually not, the readers will be confused. <<less
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kzwkrain rated it
Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai
December 26, 2016
Status: c114
Wow. Just wow. To be honest, the summary of this light novel is mainstream. But what separates this from other novels is the author did a good job giving supplying new information. There are many mystery surrounding around the hero and his lover. But the author won't hide it until we forget about it. He feeds new information when the plot is needed. So far, there isn't any plot holes. Character development is there. The story is interesting as well. So yeah, a 5 star for this.
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kzwkrain rated it
Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki (WN)
December 31, 2016
Status: c45
It is fun to read, except for the following.

... more>>

-Bragging on the Internet. "I can connect to other world!!" "Post it on the forum as an anonymous!" "Share photos on the Internet!" That's quite a dumb thing to do. And the forum took up an entire chapter. So far, 3 chapters were wasted.
-Parasite. He is a NEET in the real word, relying on his parents wealth to take care of him. In the other world, he asked someone to pay for his slave, repairs his mansion and buy him horses.
-Obstacle. No obstacle for the MC. Everything goes smoothly. Just a slice of life novel so far.

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