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kublikhan rated it
The Human Emperor
February 1, 2019
Status: c218
Been awhile since I seen writing this bad. Every female character in the story turns into a raging hulkamaniac who attacks the MC whenever he enters the scene. Ex: His female allies were in the middle of a battle against the enemy. MC shows up to help. After killing the enemy, his female 'allies' turn on him and attack. He explains he is on their side. They reply "All men are pigs" and keep attacking. WTF?!?! It's like the MC infects women with rabies just by being in the same... more>> room with them. The author must suffer from fear of woman to write female characters this bad.

Then there are the plot holes. MC gets into the business of making and selling swords. MC sees a golden opportunity no one else thought of: Sell swords to the army. Really? No one else ever thought to sell swords to the army? Are you f**king kidding me? Before that he saw a golden opportunity: Buy super ore for his swords! It had a high price tag that no one could afford: 90, 000 gold. Yep even the biggest sword smith clans in the capital could not afford it. Yet they have no trouble whipping out 1.5 million gold later when the MC needs money from them. Then when he sells one of his special swords it sells for more than the entire annual gold production for the entire kingdom! I guess the author failed grade school math too.

I stomached 200 chapters of this sh*t but can't take anymore. Dropping novel. <<less
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kublikhan rated it
I Said Make My Abilities Average!
August 30, 2018
Status: c147
MC is OP and an airhead. These 2 qualities combine to often land her in trouble. The story started out good with some nice humor in it. However after the school arc ends it starts getting boring. Just randomly roaming around going on quests without any point at all.

And although much of the story seems like a fluffy slice of life piece there are parts that descend into some dark & nasty threads as well. It gets pretty messed up. Apparently no matter how bad the actions of the bad... more>> guys are they must never be killed. This is not the modern era with jails and trials and attorneys. In this era killers were summarily executed. Yet the powerpuff girls don't wish to dirty their hands in that manner. All bandits captured alive when team powerpuff enters! Crap like this comes after a chapter long lecture on how they should just fight to kill. BS your readers some more why don't you? It gets worse later on. Apparently even when people are being kidnapped and enslaved, you can't bring back even one of the slave drivers to question them. Because that might be interpreted by the slave drivers as hostile action. WTF?!?! Some really screwed up values here.....

Also, I get she's an airhead but there are limits to how stupid this girl can be. She has a radar that can locate anything. She is looking for something. Something she wants to find very badly. So naturally: use the radar to find said something right? Nah. Her plan was this instead: "I will ditch my 3 best friends so I can wander aimlessly around the world alone for years. Maybe I'll run into it accidentally." WTF?!?! That logic is along the lines of: "I have a nail I need to pound into the wall. I have a hammer in my hand. The only solution to this problem is to drop the hammer on my foot and bash my head into the nail until it goes in." This is no longer in the realm of dense protagonist but bad writing.

Finally, I got tired of the same theme repeated over and over: person (s) x are doing evil deeds. However after team powerpuff got involved it was discovered they were really good people. They were only doing bad things because they had a situation. So team powerpuff let them off the hook after resolving their situation. All past deeds forgiven! Screw that. Everyone has a situation. You don't get a pass on criminal activity just because you "have a situation". You do the crime, you do the time. <<less
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This is the story of the MC's love of the apple tree. Oh how he loves apple trees! He loves planting them. He loves making them grow. He loves eating the apples. He makes apple pie from them. And guess what happens when it's time to fight? That's right. "Go forward my apple trees! Catch my many enemies in your branches! Become apple tree golems for me to fight with. Fire your apple seed gun at them! Let them all perish under the might of my apple trees!" And of... more>> course we get to witness our MC get stronger. At first, he can only make one apple tree golem. But don't fret dear readers. Soon he learns to make 20 apple tree golems at once. Then even 100 at once. He also spends much time carving their faces and making them scary looking. You'll even wet yourself when you see how scary the apple golems are. The other characters certainly did. In fact, just looking at our MC is enough for you to piss yourself. Again and again and again. And of course we can't just leave the piss soiled dirt in front of our precious apple trees. No. We must scoop it up and dispose of it like kitty litter.

Now you might think the MC would run out of apple tree related things to do. Hah! I haven't even told you about the golden apple yet. Or the storehouse he builds to hold the apples. Or the room he stores all the wood from the apple trees. Or about apple golem storage room. The saddest part was when a dragon attacked and charred a whole room filled with apple golems. I wept apple juice tears when that happened. Sometimes our MC even goes into battle himself with his special apple tree armor.

Summary: Slice of life with an ignorant overpowered MC, some fights, and lots and lots of apples. <<less
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kublikhan rated it
Kuro no Maou
September 23, 2018
Status: c148
I do not recommend this novel. First off, no matter how much the MC struggles, all of his work gets undone:

... more>>

First the MC is kidnapped, tortured, brain controlled, turned into a murder toy, hunted, etc. Wow, bad luck huh? Well many characters have a tragic back story, maybe his luck will turn around right? Nope.

After escaping his hideous ordeal, he finds a nice friendly village, makes friends, and enjoys life. Now a scary evil army is coming to destroy all that. MC goes off to desperately fight the commander of the enemy army. He gets his ass kicked and the whole village and all his friends are wiped out. Ouch. More tough luck. Well, now his luck will start to turn around right? Nope.

This time the author has a 50 f**king chapter buildup of the MC's desperate actions to save the remaining villages from the evil army. Only to destroy all the work of 50 chapters with one sentence: "Oh hey MC! Nice job repelling 5000 soldiers with your band of merry men! But while the author was writing 50 chapters of bullsh*t I slipped in and destroyed everything you care about when the readers weren't looking. See ya!" I always hated storylines where nothing the MC does matters. Hey author: we don't need three tragic back stories per character, nor for them to last for 50 chapters!


Second reason I don't like this story is all of the characters keep getting killed off:


First off he is separated from his friends and family after getting kidnapped. Then all of his friends in the village he was living in are killed off. Then all of his new friends he made after his old friends were killed are killed off. It seems this author only know how to write two types of characters: Those that get triple analed with tragic back stories left and right and those that get killed off in a few chapters.


Third reason, MC doesn't go through any growth. Right from the start he starts off fairly strong. Although there are many others in the world MC can't even touch. So we get to witness our MC get stronger right? Nope. He never levels up. He stays with the same power he had for the next 150 chapters. Sure maybe he adds some new spell/equipment/party member. But the same bad asses who were kicking his ass at the start of the novel are kicking his ass again 150 chapters later. <<less
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kublikhan rated it
Library of Heaven’s Path
November 30, 2018
Status: c602
I recommend this novel to anyone looking for a light hearted read with a dense OP MC with some nice comedy elements in it. The MC is generous to his friends, ruthless to his enemies, and oblivious to his offensive actions and words.

However many of the plot elements and comedic aspects of the novel are recycled many times over. That joke was funny the first time. The 10th time? Not so much. Wanting to see how that plot point turned out was interesting the first time. But the 10th time?... more>> Also, many parts of the novel feel contrived. The author intentionally chooses dialog for the MC so that it can be misinterpreted by the other characters for comedic effect. Ex: "I need to check your wife's pulse" instead becomes "let me touch your wife." Or: "You have an aneurysm that is about to blow" instead becomes "You're f**ked in the head!" Other times the author tries to portray the MC as wise and trying to give good advice only to be ignored by foolish idiots. Instead MC's actions and word choice make him come off as a narcissistic asshole.

Take what should be a simple conversation:
MC: "Don't open that door."
MC: "There's a hoard of blood thirsty monsters behind it."
"Oh f**k that then. I won't open it."

This is instead how the author writes the conversation:
MC: "Don't open that door."
MC: "If you won't grovel on the floor at my every word then you are not even worth speaking to."
"Christ it was a simple question. We traveled 1000 miles to see the person on the other side of that door and you refuse to even explain why we have to turn around empty handed? I'm opening the door."
<party is attacked by blood thirsty monsters>

Now what would be a logical follow up to this conversation?
"Asshole! Why didn't you just say there was a horde of monsters about to attack us?!"

Instead, author has the other party say:
"My god we were fools! Not only should we have listened to every word he said, we should have sucked his d*ck in gratitude for his wisdom!"

Another aspect I disliked was how every area he is in is presented as prestigious and fit for a king and attended by the cream of the crop. Only every time he leaves he says "man that place was a sh*t hole with a bunch of backward idiots who couldn't find there ass with both hands. The area I'm in now is really the cream of the crop." Only for that area to turn into the new backward sh*t hole. This keeps going on and on until the size of the planet they are on increases to ludicrous proportions. The size of this planet quickly passed Earth's size, then Jupiter's size, then the size of the sun, then hundreds of times bigger than the sun. Ridiculous.

So good novel early on, but lower marks as the story goes on. <<less
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kublikhan rated it
The King of the Battlefield
August 9, 2018
Status: c99
Not a fan of this one. The MC is not just a sociopath, he's also very stupid. Author seems to think people can fight and train endlessly for days on end without food and water. I guess he never heard the expression "An army marches on it's stomach." You got 50 strangers in a room who get attacked daily by monsters. Only the top 3 fighters get food and water. The other 47 go hungry. Our hero MC is of course the top fighter and gets all the best food... more>> and water. The rest can f**k off. Oh, but he sneers at them when they don't train for hours on end like he does. Yeah, I'd like to see how much training you can do after days without food and water asshole. Oh and keep in mind a big boss battle is coming up and he can't possibly win it alone. So just maybe he should share a bit of his knowledge and food with the rest of the group? For his own self-preservation if nothing else? Nah, let him hoard all the food for himself while the rest start fighting each other over food. And instead of resenting him for not sharing, they start worshiping him like a god. They donate what little food they have to him and even start to kill anyone who slanders him. "Oh great asshole god! We have killed all who offended thee! We offer thee what little food we have! We can survive for over a month without food and water from your presence alone!" I don't mind if the main character in the story is a sociopath. But don't have the other characters worship him for it!

Besides the above, the novel itself feels like reading an event log from an action role playing game. All that ever happens is the character gets some new piece of equipment, skill, or summoned creature and goes off into battle. This is basically the entire story:
MC gets new stats/skills from training
MC gets new stats/skills from equipment
MC gets new summoned creature
MC battles using the above

Rinse and repeat ad nauseam for an endless cycle of equipment hunting and monster bashing. <<less
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kublikhan rated it
Night Ranger
June 28, 2018
Status: c134
At first I was excited reading this. But I soon noticed some problems cropping up:

Too much of the "story" is the MC off looting crap. "I must get my territory back! My people are depending on me! I made a soul promise! But first, let's see what kinda sh*t I can loot from that douchebag I remember is camped about 2 weeks from here." WTF?!?! "I just got a letter my people are almost out of food! They're going to starve! I am rich, so I can easily buy all... more>> the food they need. But first, lets go on a quest to pick some stupid flower. On my way, let's explore a career change option as a blacksmith." WTF?!?!?! This guy talks like he will always be there to protect his people. Yet he spends all his time off questing and looting. While his people are on the brink of starvation. Better not demand your lord actually feed you though. You'll get your throat cut. Instead of the kind, protective, caring overlord his is described as his actions are aloof, uncaring, and cruel.

MC is also described as clear headed, calculating, and not one to take unnecessary risks. Instead he is wrathful and rash. "I would never take unnecessary risks. I am not a fool. Oh look. An evil monastery guarded by a legion of troops many times higher level than me. If even one catches me, I'm dead. Let's break in see what kinda sh*t I can steal!!!" WTF?!?! Is this guy a kleptomaniac? This "never take foolish chances" MC spends half the story rushing headlong into danger and barely making it out by the skin of his teeth.

MC gets away with way too much sh*t. He goes on murder rampages, get's huge bounties put on his head, and nothing ever comes of it. I guess every bounty hunter in the game is deaf, dumb, and blind. Even when knights come to arrest him he gets out of the situation by yelling at them and telling them to go home. Seriously. Then he pisses off the most powerful wizard clan in the entire world. Maybe some plot development will actually happen? Nope. Author has a dragon eat them up.

I kept hoping it would get better. But after reading other reviews it seems it actually gets worse. So I am stopping here. <<less
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kublikhan rated it
To Be a Power in the Shadows!
August 31, 2018
Status: c100
This is a good light hearted novel with many comedy elements. The novel also an overriding plot good enough to want you reading more with interesting side characters. MC is a ridiculously OP chuunibyou who's strength is only matched by his stupidity. Yet somehow his chuunibyou delusions end up as reality with his idiotic antics working out in his favor.

I recommend this novel to anyone who wants a light hearted fun ride that leaves you wanting to read more.
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kublikhan rated it
Abyss Domination
August 28, 2018
Status: c75
This is 1/10 web novel and 9/10 Wikipedia entries. These entries describe every little detail of this world. Classes, skills, items, blades of grass, etc. It gets old very fast. What little story there is is decent enough. But I quickly found myself skipping through 9/10 of the filler just to get to the 1/10 content.

About the story, MC goes from weak to strong, but not overpowered as there are always enemies stronger than him he must be wary of. He is ruthless against anyone who comes after him or... more>> his sister. However he is not a sociopath and just wants to keep her safe. It's not all about the MC either. There is good development of the side characters as well.

Overall, I think the underlying story is good enough to dig through the filler to get to. Just prepare yourself to do a lot of filler skipping. <<less
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kublikhan rated it
Advent of the Archmage
July 1, 2018
Status: c217
This novel has a nice balance between combat and non-combat. Some novels have the character go from one battle to the next ad infinitum. I would find myself getting bored with the same crap over and over and start to skim over the battles. While other novels would end up as a boring slice of life. That is not the case here. The combat scenes are riveting and unique. And the MC often is faced with enemies he cannot defeat himself. So at some times you will find the MC... more>> stealthing his way through an enemy army trying to escape. Other times he is buying time for allies to arrive. Other times his allies are dying while they buy time for him to take take out some tough SOB. The first arc is a combat arc and is particularly well done. Although I feel some of the fights in later arcs were more meh.

Things slow down in the academy arc. I was ok with this as the first arc was almost nonstop action and I could use a break. I'm all caught up with the translation and there hasn't been any romance as of yet. I guess that comes later. Another part of this story I liked was where the MC is building up his territory after the academy arc. The MC puts in some serious cash and elbow grease to improve his lands. <<less
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