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kraya rated it
Love Me Again
July 5, 2018
Status: Completed
I-I-I just wanted to read a little romance since I was bored...

I... I know that its my fault...

I knew... from the reviews...

... more>> But... after reading this, I was still immediately ANGERED!

I thought, "What is this fellow writing?! Isn't he ashamed writing a novel that is so... SO!!! GIRLIE!!!??!!"

Then I came back to NU. I was supposed to ba...*kuhum*... ba...*looks left and right*... bash... this novel and... rayyy.... rate this with 1 star. (Sorry guys... I mean, girls. I'm usually a person who doesn't do this sort of thing *at least not in novels*, but...) But, while... hesitating to... to... tag this novel with... withhhhh... NTR!!!!!!! (I'm really, really sorry girls for having a thought like that!!! Pls forgive me 🙏) I saw the authors name. I sighed. "With a name like that..." I gave up my thought and just wrote this review.

I'm actually really possessive when it comes to heroines (and Female protagonists), so I couldn't help but... almost made a mistake.

Though I am honest when it comes to good novels. (That's why I rated it as...)


Jokes aside...

It was a good novel... I think... But, if the Protagonist was actually a male, it will probably be one of the best reads for me...

I didn't really had much of thoughts about the novel, except... how long is the chapter and when would it finish... *I didn't want to leave regrets behind...*

I was also expecting the epilogue to have a baby. But I didn't expect the author to suddenly put that... hmmm... ending? Though I already had a thought that it will have a twist that the two actually had the same thing happened to them and admitting it to themselves.*this didn't happen* (before reading this I was actually reading Very Pure and Ambiguous: prequel)

Anyway, it was a good novel with a good... 'action'... and a great male lead (I don't like the protagonist's stuborness, but I think its cute).

Hey, if you misunderstood me, it isn't ntr. I wanted to put it because the protagonist annoys me.

And yes, if you're thinking that I am laughing at boys reading this novel, then yes, I am laughing at them (including myself)

*reads the whole review* doesn't seem wrong.

end. <<less
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kraya rated it
Netorare Pilgrimage of the Saint
February 8, 2019
Status: --
This is actually a good one. Its just too short of chapters so, I won't do any reviews. Just see the others' if you want one.

Also, saying that this novel is recommended for all masochists is a bit rude. I like ntr on hentai stuffs, but there's a line between hentai and proper stories. I don't like ntrs on stories with plot. Though I feel weird that there's actually a hentai ntr novel in NU where its full of proper stories, but if the author is gonna be direct about... more>> it (to the point he titled it as ntr), why not?

Also, -1 star for only few chapters. Hahahaha <<less
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