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Limitless Sword God
May 28, 2016
Status: --
Guys this novel is great on it's own way. I like the mc's attitude, it's unique and fresh.
1. He's not arrogant or humble. He acts according to circumstances.
2. He focuses on his single goal and all other things are trivial.
3. He's firm with his resolve. Other reviews say that he is wrong in raping that fox girl., he really did wrong but so what? He needs to become stronger, his goal is to save his love one. Does he need to care about every single people? Not... more>> to mention the girl herself killed people for her own interest and protection. Su Yun just did the same concept. It is her fault for not being the main character but at least she is destined to be a waifu.
4. He is OP and fortunate but he knows how to distinguish what to do and what not to. He is not like those sh*tty hero whana be, he's not putting himself in other people's business except if it will benefit.
The novel is descent and currently it is moving the proper pathway. Read and enjoy!!! <<less
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krakers rated it
Martial World
May 20, 2016
Status: c220
This one is a well balanced story. Although the MC himself has a fortunate encounter, his strength doesn't just rely on it.. He is very matured and hard working, his heart towards the dao of martial arts is powerful which make him deserving of the cube he has acquired. The path where the story travels is gradual and interesting. He creates opportunity for himself unlike other mc's which was given everything the world has to offer. The female leads are decent too. His relationships has no negative effects towards his... more>> goal unlike other novels where pretty ladies are scattered everywhere just to say there's a romance or harem. There is no waste of characters everyone has their own role in the story unlike other novels where the author put an almost non existing side characters just to make the novel longer or what. So if are finding a novel to enjoy, this is one of those few. <<less
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krakers rated it
Battle Through the Heavens
May 18, 2016
Status: v3c420
Guys I can only tell you 1 thing... read this. This is my favorite novel among all xianxia's out there (issth, atg, tdg, csg, tmw.... etc). First, the concept is fresh, you can never find the same plot, story building, power development, relationship progress, and balance aspects in any other novels.

2nd.) He is OP for me but the opness doesn't just pop out of nowhere. His strength was well developed and very reasonable. The training arc is boring but once you get yourself out of chapter 300 you will think... more>> that the novel changes it's author or the author himself is enlightened. Starting from the point he fetch his very first heavenly flame the story becomes much more interesting.
3rd.) The story revolves completely around the MC... because other novels out there tend to focus on side characters that it seems like they can be the MC if the author changes his mood. Don't get me wrong because I also like those novels that builds the side characters but please men know the limits... it's suffocating to see other characters get ahead of MC in terms of development.
4th.) the idea of flame mantra is really good. It keeps me interested to the point where I even want to read the brain wretching machine translations.
5th.) Just read it and you can even create 6th, 7th... 100th good points out of it. Enjoy!!! <<less
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