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A story about an idiot protagonist surrounded by idiot people. The use of slaptic comedy is overwhelming, I suspect the author is an idiot themself. 1/10.

The novels from volume 1 to 5 are fine story-wise, but afterwards the author put a lot of unnecessary fillers and slaptics comedy, which is the lowest form of comedy.
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I've waited until chapter 100 to write this review in order to be as objective as possible.

The premise of revenge to stupid gods and 100 people with god-like power is very interesting. The MC development is also very stimulating to follow, especially with his inherent inferiority complex that thinks that he would definitely lost against a god if he's not strong enough.

I read similar novels which are Arifureta and Overlord, and have to say that unfortunately The Death Mage is a little bit behind those two in terms of story... more>> progression. But The Death Mage character development and the abundance of different personalities makes you want to follow their development closely.

4, 7/5 <<less
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1/5. Good theme, bad execution, lacks depth.

The premise is good that the MC is overpowered, hiding his strength, but hated by the authority. Kinda like spooderman.

But the the writing style is bad, the story is lacking depth.

For example on the first city, the author forget to describe the city properly such as the building style, paint, height, density, people, dresses, etc; instead he simply write it as 'european style'. Which 'european style'? Europe is a f**king continent with many countries, cultures and style.
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korneliswicaksono rated it
Magi Craft Meister
June 4, 2018
Status: c295
Unique and fun to read at first, but the quality of the story decreased overtime. 5/10

The main character is a summoned person that beside owning the knowledge of a modern-Japan high school graduate he also worked as a metal-factory worker. At the new world he get additional OP knowledge about magic.

HOWEVER, even after travelling to a lot of places for a year, he's so stupid to not learnt anything about that world common sense.
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korneliswicaksono rated it
Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken
April 29, 2018
Status: c55
1/5, the writer put less and less emphasis on story and more on the harem.

I waited until chapter 55 before writing this.

In the beginning the story were good, the usual overpowered main character stuff. However the story begin its downward spiral the moment MC got his first girl. Afterwards its focusing on the harem stuff. Heck, the author didn't even specify the looks of the girls, it's just 'she looks good'. F**k it, worst story telling ever.
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The author is clearly uneducated since the plot is so basic, the villages (any settlement less than 1000 is a village) have so few problems, and lacks research to deepen the plot.

But what irritates me is that the author lacks commom sense of how currency works and developed. A simple google search could settle that, but no, the stupid author didn't even bothered.
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korneliswicaksono rated it
Dragon Life
July 18, 2018
Status: c31 part1
1/10, cliche love stories, bad writing midways.

The story at first was unique, but from ch 20 onwards it become a cliche love story where an indecisive girl fall in love with a dragon knight.

Moreover the writing style is bad as the author tend to put as many sentences as possible without actual story progression. Theres no way someone could think a 2 pages thought in 5 seconds only.
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korneliswicaksono rated it
In a Different World with a Smartphone
June 24, 2018
Status: c174
The story is quite nice, really showing the laid-back nature of the MC. But the harem 'humors' about MC that is so stupid in love are too forceful makes it not funny anymore. 1/10 cuz of harem 'humors'.

8/10 without harem humor.
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