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koichi rated it
Loner Harem Meister
June 14, 2017
Status: c23
for a harem story that use modern earth as it's setting, it's quite interesting, because the author provide ratherreasonable reason of why polygamy/harem is allowed for the background story.

The protagonist so far is a loner (although having attract 3 older girl so far) because his mother and sister murdered and he kill the killer, which make the other think he's a psycopath.. making him isolated and being the target of bully

The story pacing is rather fast because it doesn't take long for the heroine just to confess to the protagonist... more>> and he accept it easily....

the only thing that rather still questionable is why the killer in his past target his family.... either just to create tragic protagonist or there's other reason that connect to the story later....

overall, for those that like harem story, this quite recommended story <<less
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