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knighteem rated it
Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
June 24, 2016
Status: c290
This is an awesome novel. Very different than most novels with OP MC. It tells the story through the eyes of a normal person (Actually somewhat below avg) being forced into another world to take responsibly of a "debt" of his parents. Although the parents not informed but somewhat prepared him, he ventures into another world basically as a discarded hero. If I were to word how the story explain of him, it will be "He is a true and blue commoner but walking a completely different path of one"... more>>

Its a slow paced with some interesting plot twist and concept. The author pays quite an attention to its world creation. The world has sufficient info and growth. MC is weak mind and willed but he easily obtains power that rivals god. When reading, u need to try reading on a blank slate. Don't expect too much then u can really enjoy him and his journey to return home.

This series explores the world in the eyes of a normal guy being forced to separate from his family and discarded by the god he was supposed to "serve" and has extremely unfortunate luck that in normal cases, would kill any other people. It is more of a character development type of story where we slowly see how the world change him mentally. The change is 100x slower than mushoku tensei mainly due to MC doesnt intent to change anything of himself "willingly". <<less
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knighteem rated it
Knights & Magic
February 2, 2016
Status: --
Very unique story where MC slowly makes robots of his dream. Anything related to robots will have his 100% undivided attention.

The are reviews are good enough but I just want to inform you new readers something abt this series. The review from chojen is good but there are a few facts that he didnt really mentioned which makes his comparison a bit off and wrong. I will try explain in more details so chojen and bakadogeza, if u are reading this, no offense intended. Skythewood translations is actually a chinese... more>> to english translation. The translator doesnt know anything about japanese. Meaning its a double translation from japanese to chinese to english. In this context, There will definitely be mistranslated portions here and there. Another point to note is that since he is translating the chinese version, he needs to wait till the chinese novel is release so he is actually not dropping it. Just waiting for the new release so that he could translate it from there. Therefore, even when the japanese versions are already a few volumes further, if the chinese version is not released, our translator have no work till then. you could say that he is doing his best effort to give use quality work and he also doesnt mind if there is anyone continue his work. Since I have been following skythewood, I could not compare it with Bakadogeza objectively.
i have read his work and in terms of quality, I feel its lacking and a bit weird sometimes. I do not know weather that translator is doing a jap to eng translation or double translation same as sky. It is due to this that it is hard. I could sense the level of perfection when I read sky's work tho there are a few grammars mistakes, he is updating it as u can see a v2 on the links on his content pages. another thing to note is that bakadogeza's work isn't that consistant. Doing only a certain few chapters and most in parts (which isnt a problem for me tho). Unlike sky who did 3 whole volumes with great consistency, baka has only done about 4 chapters in weird order. A prologue, chp 20, 24 n 29. With this in mind, I could not grasp the quality of his work and it seems to be more appropriate description that he is translating by the moment. <<less
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knighteem rated it
Dungeon Defense
September 11, 2017
Status: v4 afterword
The series is like many other world / game world transport kind of series. The backstory is good and gives a strong backbone to the story. The MC is a genius and successful, retires aft his sworn enemy, his father, died. Became a neet and enjoy his "retirement" (tho u dun know how old is the MC, I suspected its late 20's). Found an good game and mastered it 100% completion. Given a survey then thrown into that game world, 20+ years b4 the events of the game started.

Generally a... more>> dark, narcissist tone throughout the series. Death and gore is a thing. MC will lie n back stab to survive and since he know how the whole game will proceed, he takes advantages of it all. Although he plays the game as a hero, he now lives through it as a demon lord.

Although his actions are horrible in every way of the word, he is actually trying to save that world instead.


Generally its an awesome series with lots of twist n turn. Follow the bad guy, fulfilling the bad role and become the worst of the worst. <<less
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