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knightcliff rated it
Masked Knight
March 17, 2017
Status: c23
This novel has a great potential. It has a room for a character development because the MC isn't a reincarnated creepy old guy chasing underage girls. Yes, the MC is quite perverted but it can be understandable he's just a normal teen who has s*xual fantasies.

The mc's background is a poor orphan that wants to be a warrior he has a decent talent in swordmanship (even a master swordsman praise him for that) but due to his background he can't get recognition from the academy. As for the... more>> supporting characters they're very interesting.
-Seth a young master is a successor of military family which he don't like as a result he indulge in debauchery and being branded as a waste but he is very clever he has very different outlook in life he likes to be free and he's going to be a sage as the novel hinted.
Laura, as the older sister of seth she's responsible on maintaining their declining family. You can really feel the struggle that she's been experiencing and the measures that she's doing in order to bring back the family. I don't really know why people calling this novel idiotic without justification I know there are minor flaws but it's not on the point of stupidity.

It's a good novel and I do expect that this is not a one man army novel because we have too much of it in this community

Ps:sorry for the wrong grammar lol <<less
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