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kenneth223 rated it
Inside the Cave of Obscenity
August 23, 2016
Status: v1c2
Trust me, not for the good of the heart. You will feel weird inside and even your PP will feel weird when you're reading it... must fap more!

An Intellectual slime; Tentacle rape with possible impregnation. Basically, just tentacle rape play.


PS. You will definitely 'fall'.
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kenneth223 rated it
Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex
December 16, 2016
Status: c129
As a person who reads this translated novel and went ahead to animesuki forums for spoilers, I can tell you guys that this author carefully plotted out the story, the characters, the environment, the foreshadows and the MC himself. Yoshida is 'broken' and by broken, I mea- just read the novel. Once you go past the FIRST yukino rape arc, many characters will introduce themselves and slowly, they will be a part of yoshida's harem (in a good and kind way, not the mean and rape-face way).

The story ITSELF will... more>> explain slowly as you read along and the ANSWERS in which you asking yourselves "Yoshida is a f**king rapist, he doesn't care about the women's well being blah blah" will be answered during your time reading this 'big ass pile of gold' novel. There is no NTR (netorare) in this novel, absolutely none. Each arc AFTER Shirasaka Yukino consists of one character, and it will heavily focus on that character. Cuz 'Yoshida is our Lord and Savior' -Wuhugm

I advise you to go past chapter 20 if you aren't sure if this is the novel for you. Don't judge by just a few chapters, judge it after reading past those few chapters and continue venturing through till you have reached your final answer in giving this a good and reasonable rating. It's obvious that by reading 3-5 chapters in the beginning, you would heavily criticize the author for creating this novel, but you haven't reach the very very very tip of the ICEBERG. You are just at the bottom of the soil.. (Damn that's cold)

But I can tell you this, up until 250 or somewhere around there:

Shirasaka Sousuke, the Sadistic man who raped Sensei and her 12 yr old sister will get what he deserves and be sent to the deepest level of hell!!!


If you can't handle rape and psychological sh*t that's throughout this novel, I SINCERELY RECOMMEND YOU PEOPLE TO NOT READ THIS AS THIS IS NOT FOR THE WEAK OF THE HEART. Only true men can handle this hell!

Good Luck guys.

Edit: Things have now gotten way serious after the Maika rape arc. Plot has begun to move, and it's almost over a week till the end of Golden Week. For now, the first boss has made it's appearance and that boss is after Nei. But we all know that the first boss isn't really the 'first' boss as the first boss is always Shirasaka papa. The scale of this first battle will be very interesting but we will have to wait for it patiently. <<less
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kenneth223 rated it
Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?
December 26, 2016
Status: v18 afterword
At first when I read volume 1, I thought to myself "Great, this is another boring novel". But when I read volumes 3-5, it gets pretty interesting as the plot started moving forward after volume 2. I legit read all 18 volumes, 5 days straight! With food + drinks!

Now the plot and if you don't want to spoil yourself, do not click the spoiler:
... more>>

v1-2 is the introduction of all the main characters arc and the start of the plot
v3-7 is the 'Blue Knight Play, Yurika's 'identity', as well as Kiriha's first love arc
v7.5 and 8.5 is the 'Past' Forthorthe and the Legend of the 'Blue Knight' arc (read volume 7 first as you would be confused if you skip volume 7.5 and 8.5 should you directly read v8. it's pretty good imo).
v8 (yes its in that order 7.5>8.5>8) introduces another main character, Maki
v9 Ruth's fiancee and the invasion of the Rebel army of forthorthe (this is where we know of forthorthe kingdom's situation and Satomi's 'badassness'.)
v10 Travelling back to the present and Kiriha's 'secret' (This is during Past Forthorthe arc and I was actually blown away when I read this as I was like "eh, no way.. that's her?!")
v11 Sanae and her 'still alive' body (This is about Sanae and it's pretty amazing imho. This also introduces a certain 'being' in which you saw in 7.5... which you will see in future volumes, HYPE)
v12 Yurika's role being revealed 'again' and the invasion of Darkness Rainbow (Harumi's power is revealed and you will be in for a surprise~)

Next is where the plot starts moving forward along with Satomi's feelings of the girls and what he's trying to change inside. He's not dense, it's something regarding the past that he can't accept the feelings of the girls 'yet' (if you read v10). This is also where Harumi figured out the Satomi 'that's distant towards others' and why he's in the knitting club.

v13 The second coming of the Blue Knight and the Truth that's revealed to Theia (This is the epic part of this novel.. read it then you will know what I mean~ Also Harumi is now a harem member)
v14 Shizuka's 'mass' (lol) and the events of Forthorthe 20 years ago (You will understand why it was 20 years ago if you read volume 8. Satomi mentions about keeping 'it' a secret).
v15 The Beginning of the Radical Faction's Invasion part 1
v16 End of the Radical Faction's Invasion and Kiriha's 'Invasion' part 2 (This is where we first start seeing the power of the Demonic energy that's being granted to Tayuma and the 'black' hole)
v17 Everyday Life
v18 Yurika's determination, Nana's start of revival and the foreshadowing of Folsaria, the Magical Kingdom
v19 To Folsaria; Darkness Rainbow vs. Rainbow Heart, and the Rise of the Magical Girl, 'Rainbow Nana' (Tried to make the title badass but she's f**king back!! Also, If you still haven't gotten the meaning behind the name Folsaria, then you will know in this volume... probably).


I seriously recommend this, and for those that read past v1-2, props to you because you will see that you would want to know more about the story when the plot progresses forward and you will keep reading it till you won't even realize it.

Each novel focuses on one character for that novel as it's relevant towards the plot.

And you will know how I feel afterwards~ <<less
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kenneth223 rated it
Yuusha-sama no Oshishou-sama
October 12, 2016
Status: v1c22
A boy who's an orphan wanted to become a knight, but lacked the mana that was inside him. Now with the conviction and desire to be a knight even without magic is a very hard path to follow but he will slowly become one.

A girl who was stupid to the point where her family never cared about her went to an inn just to play around found a boy who was swinging his sword which was taught to him by an adventurer (I think lol) ; she was very curious... more>> as to why that boy was swinging it.

When the girl wanted to know why he is swinging the sword, the boy told her that it was pleasant. And then they began helping each other out, teaching each other, sparing, and competing to see who will win. They eventually become best of friends and then the girl was chosen as the brave, had journeyed to fight the demon king. She who wasn't noticed by her family as well as her families servants and maids had found a reason to fight. It was because the person who taught her carefully and slowly which was different to her private tutor at that moment was that very reason.

Awww, Its been a long while since I saw a romance novel like this~ Love is blooming in the air~

Wait... was that a description I wrote at the top of my head just now? Well, that's how I describe this novel, like seriously.. <<less
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!
November 17, 2016
Status: v9 epilogue
A chuunibyou mage named Megumin (lol) who likes Explosions and lives to show off explosions. A goddess who's INT won't increase (meaning her brain cell won't multiply) no matter how much she levels as she is a priest who's EQ is lower than that of an idiots. Aqua (lol) is her name. A masochist crusader who enjoys being punished and insulted who's name is known as Darkness (lol) And here, we have the MC being sane and smart; doing whatever he can to survive in this fantasy world where trouble... more>> always comes to him because of his 3 female members. Always in debt, always screwing around, being a shut-in, and trying to live a rich and carefree and lazy life lol

Read this for the comedy, you will lose lots of oxygen due to laughing too hard~ <<less
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kenneth223 rated it
The Bloodshot One-Eyed Zombie Emperor
January 1, 2016
Status: --
I-It's not like I like this kind of genre! B-Baka!

Humans that were now dead and are undead with a concious of a dead person can regain their concious back as a living being through
... more>>

The magical "sperm"


I think the tag should have Revival of human concious or Zombie with human concious because it feels like when you do s*x, zombies gain back their humanity although they are undead. Weird eh?

Give it a go, you might hate it because it's the usual zombie virus outbreak and all of a sudden you get a cheat and necrophilia (sorry I said that..) because web novel... but believe me, I read this and it gave me a "eh? zombies can be human again? wtf?" kind of feeling when reading it.

If you dislike reading this, then tell the readers what you hate about it even though it's your usual zombie outbreak and not giving us some useless review about it. Yes, I gave this a 4 but it will change when more chapters are released. <<less
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kenneth223 rated it
Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons!
December 23, 2017
Status: v3c19
This a really good novel to read!

A Chinese novel that I finally am glad to read because most CN's I've read are about narrating the entire time, I'm not kidding, and I feel this is the correct way to flesh out a story! It's actually a bit on par with Jap LN's is what I feel.

Good comedy, lewds, romance, pacing, and plot.

... more>> Why plot you ask? Because starting after vol 3, things pick up and our MC will start to have a huge change.

Why change? You'll see once you read past volume 3, everything will move from there.

I suggest you all give it a second chance and keep reading, it gets interesting at vol 3 on wards, trust me!


Vol 1 + 2 are just 'warm up' introductions to the 2 moms and the girls of our MC! But there'll be more to it!

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This novel is OK. It has this game element within the context of the novel. MC uses a spell that turns back time and he's successful.

So basically, when he "was" old, like ojii-san old, he only cared about fire attribute/element instead of his other attributes/elements which he neglected so he kind of face-palmed to himself saying "wtf am I doing with my life". He didn't care about girls in general because he was obsessed with fire. Then the turn back time spell which you read (in which you will read... more>> at the beginning), reverts to a child in elementary, starts to better himself in which his potential lies in the other areas of the attributes/elements on which he is f**king good at; starts being mature and gets girls, like literally gets a harem without knowing that the girls will fall for him because of how he knows all sorts of magic and time spell (self created) and how knowledgeable he is. Context (setting) : 4 --> Because it's somewhat (?) of a new thing in LN's now.

Characters: 3 > 3.5
*might add more and will change rating if it gets good in future chapters. For now, please take this review as an overview because I merely summarized the setting*

Overall: 3.5
Because it's how OK it is~

P.S. Read, this. You might like it because you wanted to get a different taste than repetitive genres of other LN's; you might hate it because 1) It doesn't suit your taste, or 2) You hate it because of magic system and MC. Either way, what's to enjoy? Right? <<less
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kenneth223 rated it
Dragon-Blooded War God
December 9, 2015
Status: --
This wuxia novel is an awesome one because the MC has obtained ... more>>

dragon powers, if that's even a spoiler...

from his father and now he is trying to save his mother from evil even though he will be scorned, despised, and hated against because of how he is a useless playboy. If you still don’t get what I'm saying, just read and you will understand what I'm talking about.

The plot in the beginning may be slow but it is worth the time for readers to read further as the conspiracy is about to unfold itself

Bai clan actually killed MC’s father and tried to take away MC’s mother

but that’s just the first arc.

This novel is a mix of ATG, MGA, and Coiling Dragon [btw, that is how I view the wuxia novel because it’s just that great] (well the

dragon bloodline pendant and the seal of the dragon scroll which harbours the immemorial ancestral dragon which is like you know OP as f**k

of course) and since there’s only 40 chapters as of now, I feel that there is romance, but who knows? Maybe there will be a harem to boot but since there isn't any at the moment because it’s only the first arc maybe in the near future chapters there will be. Lets hope or not hope there will be one.

Rated this as 5 stars in terms of plot, action, fantasy, and ruthlessness.

p.s. Read this wuxia novel because it is highly rated in china’s website thing. I am also reading it and finished 1-40 chapters of this in a whole day and because as of now I’m craving more of it! <<less
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kenneth223 rated it
Spirit Realm
February 1, 2017
Status: c145
So far I have read to where MC reached armament city, became an outer sect, and trying to find the killer and the plot is good so far.

The thing is, the females need to be more uuhh... noticeable and we as readers need to see how they are doing from their pov (although it is rarely seen). And the romance needs to be more active but I'm rarely seeing it and I have a feeling that the good romance will be in the late 800s... The beginning romance with ling... more>> yushi and MC is good.


s*x scenes are in 1000s and Main harem members are: Ling Yushi, Song Tiangyu, and Tang Siqi; don't know if the slave girl MC got from the void god realm counts..
I was hoping for Zhuo qian and Xie jingxuan to be in his harem but it isn't happening.. It's a shame, really.. Also, the story goes bad near the end after 1200 as there is plot armor and 'luck' as I read spoilers. No marriage and no kids, almost like an unfinished product at the end.


Overall, its a good story, just don't worry about the romance aspect, it'll come and go. Romance for this novel is 'meh' (3.5) as it wasn't fleshed out to make this story better.

Read this if it's to your taste. If you can handle the somewhat mild romance, then you have good tolerance. <<less
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Dungeon Defense
August 29, 2016
Status: v2 afterword
Okay, I caught up to the latest translated novel and I gotta say, IT'S SO F**KING MANIPULATIVE! I actually got hype for this!

I mean, when I was reading those 2 novels, I wasn't expecting the MC to 'see' that far 10 steps ahead as he is very calculative and cunning. His personality is so dark and twisted yet at the same time kind and benevo-scratch that, he actually played me like a child who doesn't know anything and I never knew why he did those things.
... more>>And it was all to get to his 'prey' FROM. THE. VERY. BEGINNING./spoiler]

*I use DD instead of the full name: Dungeon Defense

Reading the first novel, we get to see why the mc's personality became like that and it was because of his father who had 5 wives. A sack of sh*t who doesn't properly take care of his wives. Also, the first novel introduces us to the DD system. We also get to see how psychological he is towards his enemies and how he will "make use" of his vassals and his enemies towards his whim. Since he played DD, he is able to know the weaknesses of each demon lord which in turn he can basically take total control of the world.

I will leave the rest out as you have to read it in order to fully understand what kind of MC he is. If he is cunning and calculative, then he is something more... after all he 'was' the hero of DD.

Read it, explain to yourself why his personality is like that, tell yourself why he outdone us readers, and most importantly, why he wants to manipulate and take things under his 'control'. <<less
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