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kelicant rated it
My Ranch
October 16, 2016
Status: c1
Not what I expected from the synopsis for sure. This story so far is a story of a modern day Asian coming to America and learning how to run a ranch. He has a 'power' that has ties to ancient chinese myths but it doesn't come into play at this point. The MC is a bit stubborn in personality but is humble and interested in learning.

I'm really looking forward to this story going forward.
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Rather than a story, it's more of a light read. It doesn't focus on a big plot or realistic fantasy system. It's a short slice of life story of a kid who has convenient magic to solve his problems. It's enjoyable if you go into it focusing on the lighthearted slice of life tags of the story.
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kelicant rated it
Virtual World: Unparalleled Under the Sky
June 20, 2016
Status: c47
Very good VRMMO story, with awful personal relationships. This story can be categorized in the 'author writes the MC as kind and loved by girls while he is really a total asshole to them'. The MMO story part of the story is pretty good: with plenty of action, MC working to overcome his disadvantage, MC vs the established guilds.

This isn't much of a spoiler because you find this out in the first few chapters but the biggest problem with the story and example of the MC's personality:

... more>>

So the MC has disabled reaction time and so he is no longer a top player anymore. When he is at his lowest he meets his boss, a beautiful successful woman who pulls him up and gives him a purpose. When they meet in real life there is an attack on the boss's life where the MC saves her but gets injured himself. His response when it becomes clear his boss is being targeted? Pretend to be dead and cut her off completely. He starts playing the new game that's out and trying his hardest while saying that being ahead early is super important, intending to recover and rejoin his boss's guild. Then he finds out that his boss is mourning his death so she's not playing the game (thus getting super behind and lowering the chance of the guild succeeding) and her career is suffering as well. His reaction this time? Feel bad for a moment and then ignore it completely. His reasoning is that he is 'diseased' now with a skin disease that can be cured by standing a few minutes in the sun, so his boss that accepted him while he was disabled in game wouldn't want to play with him in game.

TL;DR: The MC is a complete asshole towards the people who care about him while the author pretends like the MC is perfect.

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Advent of the Archmage
September 5, 2018
Status: c430
It's a pretty good story with decent world building up to the mid 300s chapters. The story sets up how the laws of the world world and all the legends/timelines of how the world exists. But then the party goes to another section of the world where the power scale is completely different and the gods/divine tools of the world up to that point are weak in comparison. It breaks all continuity and seems like the author didn't want the story to end at 400 so he had to adjust... more>> for power creep to scale the characters back. Up to that point I think the story was really strong. <<less
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