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Dark Blood Age
August 22, 2016
Status: c500

The MC drifts from place to place falling into trap after trap like someone constantly slipping on banana peels. New plot lines keep opening up whilst old ones are left hanging. New questions continually pop up while previous questions go unanswered. MC was given the task to find the 5 pieces of the map from the first few chapters, after 500 chapters of not minding his own business he still hasn't found the 4th piece and decided to concentrate on revenge instead. Most of the setting (99%+) is wasted as the MC keeps going to new mysterious places and f*cking about while everyone he cares about gets murdered. You could say the author is just making sh*t up as he goes along. And you'd be right.

The author's exact thoughts at the time of writing the MC:

"How can I write someone to be as miserable and helpless as possible?"

Here's the story in a nutshell:

Oh look here is a random village that I don't need to enter but I will do so for the lulz
Oh noes random people are getting chased by monsters I must protect them even though I've repeatedly said that I'm a selfish bastard but actually I'm a nice guy
Oh look, a power struggle between random strangers. Must... not... get... involved [gets involved anyways]
[100 chapters later]
Wow I just found about the existence of aliens maybe I should keep my book a secret
[reveals he has the book to all the aliens]
[LITERALLY 400 chapters later]
[1000 chapters later the aliens are stronger than ever and he is still a weak shit]

So the premise of the story is that the MC has a magical book that NOBODY knows exists because it's f*cking thousands of years old and everybody thinks it's a pile of junk. Also nobody could read it. Otherwise they would've taken it away from him already. The magical book contains magical spells and cultivation methods and deadly strong fighting techniques that can destroy entire armies with a single attack. The book tells the MC that the world will plunge into darkness in 2012 and a new age will begin that lets him use magic.

Of course the MC is a blabbering idiot and tells everyone about 2012 by POSTING IT ON PUBLIC INTERNET FORUMS.

The problem with this is that the MC states that he's incredibly selfish and cold and will place his own interests over other people's, and yet his actions show the exact opposite. Let's think about this. If it's true and NOBODY ELSE on the internet predicted the darkness then it means it's either:
1. Top secret information that the government does not want anybody to know
2. Information that even the government does not know

Regardless of whether if it's 1 or 2, the government as described in the story would obviously arrest and torture the MC and everyone who has ever had the misfortune of being in contact with him to find out how he came across the information. The MC's actions do not make any sense. Even Jesus reincarnate wouldn't go blabbering on about the darkness since NOBODY would believe it, and it would bring trouble to him later on because he would get arrested. Thus posting about it on the internet forums is the worst decision in every possible situation.

There are a few more really dumb things that the MC does, like creating and wearing flashy looking armor that is instantly recognizable from miles away that NOBODY ELSE is wearing, using flashy fire and ice spells to kill bugs IN FRONT OF EVERYONE and so on. I'm actually surprised that the MC does not get found out by the aliens sooner.

So after doing all these incredibly stupid things the MC doesn't go into hiding and instead tells his real name to everyone that he comes across, which I think was pretty dumb.

I've noticed that a certain mental illness, which I'll call "Revenge Disease" from now on, tends to afflict mostly MCs from Chinese webnovels. To use this MC as an example. Saving his family becomes his number 1 priority after the darkness descends. Then his colleague from work gets murdered by a bunch of thugs AND FROM THEN ON REVENGE BECOMES HIS SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT MISSION IN HIS LIFE AND HE SPENDS LIKE 50 CHAPTERS TRACKING DOWN HIS FRIEND'S KILLER TO GET REVENGE.

So here's the thing. The thugs who killed his friend did not do so because they were deliberately targeting him. They didn't know who he was, they just randomly picked out a guy to sacrifice to save their own skin. In other words, if he let it go, then they would have just left him alone and nobody would have been any wiser. Even if he just left the group to travel on his own it would have been fine. Instead he attacks the group of thugs immediately and for the following WEEKS AND MONTHS he does nothing but constantly attack the thugs to get revenge for his friend. All the other important long term goals such as SAVING HIS FAMILY just get tossed aside like garbage. It's like: "Saving my family? pfft, who cares about that. Revenge is more important." This is what I call "Revenge Disease".

So, as you can see, already at this point the MC has shifted his goal from protecting his family to avenging his dead friend which neither benefits him nor anyone that he cares about in any way shape or form.

After completing the revenge the MC goes into the city to find that it's cruel and evil with normal people literally treated like garbage and left to starve to death. In order to survive, his sister was going to eat poisonous food which had an over 50% chance of causing death and survivors are usually left with permanent damage. The MC had 2 options: 1. Take them out of the city and protect them with his own strength, since by now he is able to control the bugs so escaping from danger should not have been a problem at all. 2. Leave his only family in the hands of corrupt officials who look upon them as if they're worms. The MC naturally chooses the latter and of course the government kills his family after they find out that he has the book. MC is totally shocked by this revelation 400 CHAPTERS LATER as if he had no idea that the government would do such a thing when it has been doing such things right from the start of the story and the MC knows it from repeatedly getting scammed by the government (on multiple occasions he almost dies from the government literally shooting nukes at him).

It's almost a running joke through the novel that every time he makes an agreement with the government (e.g "I kill the bugs and you help me get back"), the government breaks the agreement as soon as physically possible. The MC knows this and still keeps falling for the same thing over and over. I just don't understand how this guy thinks. He says he's not the smartest guy in the world but the way he acts is dumber than a 3 year old. A 3 year old would at least learn not to fall for the same trick over and over but this guy just doesn't learn.

I don't understand the Psychology tag as there is barely any psychology in this (compared to say, Dungeon Defense, which has a pretty decent amount). I mean sure, it does describe character motivations, but these are one-time disposable characters and never mentioned again, and most if not all of the characters are just selfish assholes. It's like the author created the world to be as insane and as edgy as possible so pretty much everyone has a slave mentality. Actually most of the character conversations revolve around their petty inter-tribal struggles which have literally nothing to do with the MC nor the main plot, and yet these conversations tend to span multiple chapters. The author apparently thinks this is a good way to keep things interesting, I beg to differ.

The entire webnovel is basically just the MC falling for other people's schemes repeatedly. It's not fun or interesting because you get a sense that the MC does not control his own fate, he has no agency, he feels like a puppet in the hands of aliens who control everything, manipulating him in order to make his life as miserable as possible. That's basically what this entire story is about.

The writing is 3rd rate. If you compare it to Death Knight (written by Protector of Time) it's complete garbage. There is nothing quotable, humans from different countries, even aliens, all talk the same way. Obvious things are expressed in a roundabout and awkward manner. Descriptions are imprecise, for example objects are often described as "huge" without any comparison to other objects of known size nor are measurements given to inform the reader about how big the object actually is.

Novel spends a lot of time explaining how the powers work even though that is totally irrelevant to the story and he doesn't do it well anyway, explaining things in a confusing manner.

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keklel rated it
The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
January 3, 2017
Status: c9
After reading up to chapter 9, there are some things that I do not really like. The novelty wears off pretty quickly and then you're just left with a frankly boring plot with mediocre, uninspired writing. That's right, a story about a necromancer can somehow be boring. Read the story to find out how. Let's start with the premise of the story. The entire thing is caused by a God making a mistake by giving MC's powers to some other guy just because their names sounded kind of similar. Really?... more>> A God with divine powers being that incompetent? Sorry, but literally any other backstory would have made more sense. And then after the God realized his mistakes, he made the most half-assed attempt to fix it, resulting in the ridiculously contrived situation that the MC found himself in at the start of the story.

I felt that the MC's mom getting

r*ped and murdered


didn't really do anything for the plot. The MC had already gone through much worse, so it's not like he's learning about how cruel humans can be - he already knows that. So I feel like it didn't really add anything to the story. The MC tells himself not to take revenge for his mom because that would expose his existence and attract more powerful enemies - so, you'd think, if attracting attention is the main concern, then maybe take revenge more discretely would be a good idea.

What does he do? He makes golems out of all the walls and homes of everyone who lives in the city, whilst leaving the mayor and people who tortured his mom totally unharmed. So what does this achieve? 1. It's flashy and attracts lots of attention. 2. It doesn't actually harm those who he wanted to get revenge on. So basically the worst possible decision he could have made.

If he was so scared about attracting attention then he should have just left the city alone, and if he wanted revenge so badly then he could have just gone and killed the mayor and the torturers. Instead he does the complete opposite - attracts attention AND fails to avenge his mom. Just genius.

He also has some OP skills that he almost never uses - mind control of the dead for example, meaning whenever someone dies their souls become mind controlled by him and he can get to know everything they knew. So far he has only used this ability like once or twice, when he could have juiced every soul he came across for all their information. Again, doesn't seem very pragmatic of him.

All the characters up to chapter 9 have been just puppets of the MC. The only independently minded character to begin with was his mom, until she died and became his puppet. His only companions are walking skeletons and dead souls, who are mind controlled by him and do not have independent wills - his servants basically. Reading their travels is like reading about a kid playing with his toy soldiers. Very boring and repetitive - skeleton man kills a bandit, bone bear kills a goblin, etc.

I don't know how you can manage to make a story like this boring but this author has managed to do it. Kudos to him I guess. <<less
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keklel rated it
Seoul Station’s Necromancer
July 25, 2016
Status: c94
I'm on chapter 94 right now and it saddens me to say this but I have to revise down my rating for this novel (I initially rated it 5 stars at chapter 7).

... more>>

The thing is, novels often make some kind of contract with their readers where they give a sign that things will get better later on. The readers latch on to this and believe it will keep getting better, and when it doesn't the readers are sorely disappointed.

That's what happened with this novel.

The situations in the novel are contrived, the personalities of governments are distorted so as to let the MC get his way. For example, the MC went to North Korea and blew up a ton of shit, threatened the North Korean leader's life, and gets off scot free because - get this - the North Korean leader is secretly a fan of the Roused.

The MC beats up a guild leader live on TV and yet he is not taken to prison for assault. Why?

He makes enemies through pure recklessness left and right (several large top-tier guilds, the north korean government, the south korean government, the US government, and counting) and nobody things of doing things to disturb him like kidnapping his family or girlfriend or anything.

If you are making enemies with governments and large organizations with significant amounts of resources, influence, not to mention PEOPLE WITH f*ckING SUPERPOWERS, I would expect them to be sending assassins and hitmen after you and your family and anyone associated with you. The fact that this doesn't happen at all is another weird thing. It's like the entire universe conspires to let the MC have his way.

Chapter 94 is the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back for me. He gets attacked by a terrorist (hired by one of the 72 minions of Trahnet). Okay. Then he goes on a rampage and decides to "kill all terrorists". I'm not sure if this is a translation error or... what is his definition of a terrorist, exactly? What counts as a terrorist organization? Anyone who wants to blow up other people for political purposes? How the f*ck is he going to find all of those people?

I can understand this if he has telepathy. He doesn't. He can see people's souls, but that didn't stop him from getting blown up by a girl who had a pure soul. So he can't actually tell, just by looking, who is a terrorist and who is not. So I ask again how the f*ck is he going to kill all the terrorists? How does he know who is a terrorist and who isn't? No answer. The novel just says yeah so he kills all the terrorists. gg. Doesn't give any indication of how he accomplished this task, which by all that we know about his abilities, should be impossible for him. The thing is these terrorists could be hiding in the mountains or anywhere, and he doesn't have any abilities that will let him just sniff them out.

It just smacks of the worst types of power fantasy. You know the ones where you get to disregard world governments and just do whatever the f*ck you want, assault people on live TV and get off scot-free, kill all the insurgents (that Soviet and later Coalition forces couldn't root out after decades of constant fighting and trillions of $$$ spent) and kill hostages without consequences etc. Which would be okay if his abilities allowed him to do it, but he clearly does not have these powers (the least that would be required is telepathy, else you have no way to kill all terrorists), plus everyone else acts retarded (not attacking his family etc). Just... not as well thought out as I expected it to be, I guess.

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keklel rated it
God Of Slaughter
September 1, 2016
Status: c1608

FINALLY completed this novel after about 300 hours of reading. It began to feel like a chore somewhere around chapter 900 or so.
There is a sh*t ton of loose ends. Like 90% of the characters introduced are never seen again even though there is heavy foreshadowing e.g one of the demon kings escaped with his soul intact, we never find out what happened to him. I know it's normal for characters to get introduced and then forgotten later on but at least give some closure. In this novel there's a ton of characters who get like single sentence descriptions, and then a few chapters later they're mentioned again but you've already forgotten who they are. A few characters like the MC's grandpa are reintroduced every so often just so they can pat him on the back "as expected of my grandson!" even though they have absolutely nothing to contribute to the story whatsoever. It is very weird that these useless characters are repeatedly mentioned just so you remember that they exist and are useless. I can't even remember what happened to his mom and dad since they're never mentioned again. It is constantly mentioned how the girls who turned him down earlier are regretting their decision because now he is strong. This is repeated every 5 chapters or so. It is very jarring and does not seem to serve any purpose. Am I supposed to feel sad for these girls that they didn't get to bed the MC? Most of the text is pointless like that.
Lots and lots of repetition. Often times one character will say one thing to one character and that same thing will be repeated again by another character to a different character, and then the author will reiterate the same thing yet again.
Lots and lots of the setting go unused. The actual "powers" used in the story are space, time, the 5 elements, and the "evil" powers. That's about it. Even though the narrator says there is an endless number of powers (or martial spirits or however they translated it), only a handful are ever shown in the story. In particular, the devouring power is apparently OP and beats everything else so nothing else really matters, which I think is pretty stupid since in fights it's said "everything has a counter", which apparently does not apply to MC's OP power.
Also, this has been bothering me ever since I read Dark Blood Age (which is one of the worse CN webnovels out there) but:

You can't have fire counter water and then have water counter fire at the same time! That makes no sense! If fire counters water, then if you have the same amount of fire and water then fire will win. And vice versa. I hate authors who can't keep track of something so simple as "X counters Y" rather than the other way round.
Too many pointless sexual/"intimate" moments with random women we see at most 3 times in the entire story (the encounters consist of conversations about some plot device or a few pages of s*x talk or ecchi, often interrupted by other people walking in). The MC has sexual encounters with something like 20 different women at different points in the story and even though he has a "main" love interest, they barely spend any time together. Instead the MC spends more time with random women who appear for a few chapters and are never seen again, like that time he had s*x with 4 women in the city. It was very pointless and those women are mentioned only once or twice after that arc. It feels like all these women do is:

1. Stay a virgin all your life, devote yourself to cultivating your power.
2. MC comes along and steals your virginity due to some bullsh*t contrived scenario like you got poisoned and the ONLY WAY to save your life is to have s*x with the MC, or you accidentally drank aphrodisiac and had s*x with the MC.
3. You are now a s*x fiend who can't live without MC's dick. Your entire life revolves around him and you think about him 24/7 for the rest of your life.
This same pattern is repeated throughout the novel and the MC has s*x with like 20 different women this way (the ones he didn't r*pe, at least), who become his companions 4 lyfe (actually not, they're never mentioned again after the arc ends).
It is often mentioned that the MC is supposed to be super wise, smart, cynical and yet he acts on his impulses all the time. Often he does not need to kill someone and yet he does because "she tried to kill me", then it turns out the person he killed was the daughter of some powerful cultivator who then goes on a rampage and kills a bunch of people close to him. For someone who is wise and smart he sure acts impulsively. He couldn't have just let her live. No. He just had to kill her and make enemies for absolutely no reason.
Most of the novel is just pages upon pages of useless backstory or boring fights.
Every fight goes like this:

Bad guy: You stole my woman! Prepare to die!
MC: She chose me of her own accord you cuck.
Bad guy: Let's see how you fare against my special weapon!
Bad guy proceeds to beat the living sh*t out of the MC
MC: Holy shit! I'm about to die!
Suddenly special power comes out of MC's soul and kills the bad guy in one hit.
MC: Phew! That was close!

MC wins all his fights via deus ex machina, like the ray of light that randomly appeared out of this treasure the MC happened to have at the time when the shapeshifter tried to kill him, or the demon that instantly got summoned from billions of km away when the MC was about to die. The magical ring also saves him on multiple occasions, as in a magical light comes out of the ring and kills the bad guy. It's very boring to have all fights won by deus ex machina and the MC goes into most fights without any planning. There is basically no tactics involved during fights at all. Even at the very final chapter where the Big Bad was revealed it was very anticlimatic and the MC wins via pure luck.
Big Bad: I planned this entire story out since billions of years ago when I dragged your soul into my universe.
MC: I can't die because I'm not from your universe.
Big Bad: f*ck. I lost.
The closure was terribad and in the end the MC can apparently bring people back to life, so he should bring back like people who was close to him and died hundreds of years ago right? I can't even remember how many people he wanted to bring back to life. In the end he only remembers a handful from the last arc. Also, he is apparently God now and can create and destroy life as he wants. Also he is going back to his universe but it will apparently take billions of billions of years. I don't even know how the laws of physics work in this universe. Is the author aware of entropy?
Overall it was much worse than I expected and just kept getting worse as we went deeper into the story. I kept on expecting exciting tactics (like in Dungeon Defense) or characters I actually care about (like in Reincarnator) but there was none of that. None of the characters are ever developed beyond "she loves the MC" or "she's a bitch". They have no substance. The sentences go something like:

>MC is about to die but suddenly female #1241543 saves him but gets seriously injured while saving him.
>MC heals the girl and they have s*x afterwards. She has a smile on her face as they leave their hideout.
It is not developed beyond that and it is very jarring. The MC has s*x with tons of random girls and they all fall for him for no reason other than because they had s*x with him or he saved their lives once. They don't have hobbies, they have no personality beyond loving the MC. The MC and his love interests never discuss any tactics or exchange any ideas whatsoever. In fact all the dialogue in this novel is extremely boring consisting purely of plot exposition. "Did you know that MC did X?" "Wow! No way! I don't believe it!".
The author does not understand show not tell. An example is the "battle formation". So MC's faction knows powerful "battle formations", literally how to arrange troops in battle. Are these formations ever shown? Never. He tells us they have these powerful formations but never shows us, nor does he explain how or why they are superior. It's like saying MC is strong, but not explaining how or in what way he is strong.
All in all a very forgettable novel. On par with Limitless Sword God, but not quite as bad (not to the extent of forgetting about resurrection items since there are no resurrection items in this story - not until the last chapter anyway).
I would say the first few hundred chapters of Realms in the Firmament and Transcending the Nine Heavens are much better than this, so if you want a CN webnovel I would recommend those over this one.

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keklel rated it
Coder Lee Yongho
July 28, 2016
Status: c55
This novel should be renamed Code Monkey Lee Yongho.

Null pointer reference errors, how exciting. Tell us how to fix them senpai! Oh wait you can't because it's fixed by MC's f**king MAGICAL ABILITY. I don't think I have to go into computability theory to explain why bug fixing is impossible in general (I'll invoke Kleene's theorems if necessary), but that ability is so f**king DUMB it's unbelievable. Not only do you make something completely impossible (even in theory) but it's also incredibly boring and limited in use. You literally... more>> have to be an Android developer to make use of it. An ability that is only good for debugging apps. And I don't think it fixes errors in program logic or design either, seems like it just fixes errors caught by the compiler or run time errors, which makes it even more useless. EDIT: Now it seems like it can solve problems like cold start too which just makes it even more ill defined. It seems like the author can just stretch it to make it do whatever he wants.

Story plot lines: companies doing stupid sh*t to save money, claiming to do agile when not, etc. If I wanted to get depressed I'd look in the mirror. I don't need a novel to do that.

Endless lines describing him talking to his parents and colleagues about nothing important over dinner. It's like watching a boring soap opera on TV.

1. X problem happens
2. Nobody can solve it
3. Lee Yongho knows how to solve it because he has magical powers
4. His boss doesn't believe him and bullies him some more (the bosses that this Lee Yongho guy has to deal with are some ridiculous morons for sure. Look at this: His first boss tells him No internet access, no IDE, and ctrl-c and ctrl-v prohibited. It's like one of those disposable gangster minions you come across in a shitty 3rd rate xuanxia novel)
5. Situation finally explodes and some higher up gets Lee Yongho to fix it
6. He fixes it
7. Goto 1

That's basically the story in a nutshell.

>“Oh! So, I have to add this AddVMOption-Xmx256M thing.”

Thanks for telling us. Also explain how solve the blue screens on windows 95 and how to debug DOS and CP/M programs whilst you're at it. It's incredibly interesting and helpful for everyone to know these amazingly useful pieces of information.

Let's face it. Pretty much everything this Lee Yongho guy does is code monkey work. Setting up the configuration, watching the server, fixing permissions problems, installing programs etc.

Also, I f**king hate how the author throws technical terms around like singular value decomposition when he doesn't give any explanation for it and expects the reader to just understand it. Like what the f**k, you should at least give a basic intro to matrix decomposition before throwing around terms like that without any explanation as to why it's relevant in this case. Furthermore the author omits all the interesting details of how a problem is solved... lame. It's obvious that he doesn't know how the problem is actually solved. I mean, for christ's sake, just go read it up on wikipedia. No need to invent something that sounds weird, vague and stupid when you have problems and solutions already made for you. One of the problems described in the novel was getting a high rating in the Netflix challenge. If you just go on wikipedia you will find a ton of interesting solutions to this made by teams who won in the past. Yet the author has to go away and invent something completely different and then not explain it at all. Why?

>Content : The system performance is not meeting up to the user’s requirements due to the first-rater problem or the cold-start problem which is a problem in collaborative filtering.
>Result : Various algorithms, including classification and singular value decomposition should be used in combination.

Uhmm what is "classification" supposed to refer to? There are a sh*t ton of classification algorithms. I'm going to assume he meant a content-based classifier to deal with the cold start but... what's with the vagueness? If you're going to get technical and mention SVD then at least go the full way and explain how you're going to solve cold start. Don't just drop a name and expect us to understand. SVD is just a dimensionality reduction technique and doesn't solve cold start at all so you might as well not even mention it to begin with. Most of the "solutions" are like this which is why it's so annoying.

And why is Android renamed Indroid whereas Eclipse stays Eclipse? Why is Stack Overflow called Stack Overfly? Netflix becomes Netflax? These are the lamest excuses for names ever. <<less
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keklel rated it
Yuusha-sama no Oshishou-sama
November 22, 2016
Status: c12
Nonsensical and boring. The MC is the blandest, most boring and most overcliched character in existence. He spends all day swinging his sword and washing the dishes, even when there is no reason for him to continue doing these chores since now he is enrolled in knight school and his job is to learn shit, not f*cking do chores all day. He ran away from Letti, his childhood friend that he had not seen for over 4 years, the day after their reunion because she was a noble and he... more>> was a commoner, even though Letti herself never made a big deal out of this. Why the f*ck did he do that? He never cared about her class before (see the earlier chapters where he realized she was from a noble family) but now he suddenly starts caring? And the taunts - he never cared about other people's opinions before, he spent all his time training and doing chores, and how he suddenly starts caring about what other people think? WTF? Also, Letti has literally no reason to love this bland and generic MC. It is stated that she loves him because he accepts her and is not scared of her, but there is no reason for people to fear a little girl. She's just a normal person who is stronger than the rest. In real life, many people would love to befriend a strong person, as long as that person isn't psychopathic (and there's nothing to indicate that Letti is a psycho), so there is literally no reason for EVERYONE to fear her. It just doesn't make any sense. In real life she would be someone who's popular and well liked, with plenty of friends. But the story is so contrived that everyone has to fear her and not be her friend? Even though in the earlier chapters, when she was younger, lots of boys tried to be her friend? WTF?

That was probably the worst excuse for a heroine to fall in love with the MC in the history of bad excuses. At least in wuxia novels a girl can fall in love with a man who sacrificed himself to save her life, that kind of excuse is semi-passable (though it's still really shitty). Here the author doesn't even try. He just makes Letti fall in love with the MC completely randomly, and then makes up some shitty excuse (hurr nobody accepts me for who I am even though that's not true at all). Also, having "swordmanship" be separate from "magic" as a source of power is f*cking retarded. I know a lot of Japanese stories have this as a trope, but you can't have someone f*cking break rocks and DEFEAT ENTIRE ARMIES with just swordmanship. It is literally physically impossible for a human to do that. Most feats that "swordsmen" can do, such as jumping ridiculous distances into the air, "wind slash" and other AOE ranged attacks, being superhumanly fast and having ridiculous reactions, etc. Should just be called magic because it's physically impossible. I don't know why JAP novels keep pretending it's possible to reach superman levels of physical ability and do these physically impossible things just by practicing really hard, because it's not. It's f*cking retarded that JAP authors call magic "swordmanship", and have a separate thing they call "magic". <<less
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keklel rated it
Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu
July 20, 2016
Status: v3 prologue
Having read the novel as well as the reviews I think a 2 star rating is justified. MC's actions are highly indicative of a typical cliched shounen protag:

- He lets people who are a threat to him (i.e people who want to kill him and those close to him) leave without even arresting them or anything. Example: elf guy, kidnappers, feudal lord. - Falling for obvious tricks like agreeing to the enemy being alone with his slave even though he knew the enemy was up to no good and yet... more>> did not prepare at all. Then later on when his slave acted strangely he did not suspect that it was a trick caused the enemy placing a spell on the slave earlier and just lets her go to the enemy camp alone without suspecting anything at all. - MC falls for so many traps and schemes that it's a wonder how he didn't die or get captured already. He never plans out any of his fights. Never suspects his enemies might be up to something even though past experience suggests otherwise. - Every time he gets ambushed, he wins by luck or just OP powers. He beat the feudal lord by pure luck because by coincidence he learned how to break the barrier earlier on. - He trusted Alicia even though he had no idea who Alicia was nor her motives. Allowing her to be alone with his slaves was stupid and nothing but poor judgment. - When is he going to find his old dungeon? It was mentioned in the first chapter but it's been 2 volumes and he still hasn't made a move towards it yet. Also he mentions that all his items are in the bank, yet he doesn't try to find the bank even though he needs his items. - He allows his slaves to go out on quests alone without any kind of protection when they've been attacked and kidnapped multiple times already. He has no reason to do this since he could just ask the guild head for money instead of having his slaves earn money by going on quests. - Multiple times he's been ambushed due to not having any detection abilities, yet he hasn't put any thought into acquiring any detection abilities. - When sleeping he takes off all his gear and does not lock the doors apparently so enemies can just come in and attack him while he's defenseless without his gear on. This actually happened. No indication he learned any lessons from it. - The MC's pretending to a demon king is easily seen-through by every character in the story yet he apparently doesn't notice this even though it should be obvious to him. - He repeatedly mentions that he needs MP potions yet makes little effort to acquire any. He asks the guild head to find some for him, she obviously fails. I guess that's the end of that. - Total lack of exploration and curiosity. He notices magical items (such as the flute) which did not exist in the original game but does not attempt to find out anything about said items. He is surprised by the use of ritual magics in the world, which were not able to be used in the game, but apparently does not investigate it any further even though they were apparently much more powerful than the chant magics used in the game. He did not try to learn anything about the hydra which appeared which he said that did not exist in the original game. The list goes on. Every time MC encounters something new that could be potentially important he just goes "meh" and ignores it only for it to blow up in his face later on (the flute being an excellent example). - Apparently the only motivation driving the MC is the girls who summoned him telling him to go do this or do that:

Random girl: "hey MC go defeat the demon king for me"
MC: "okay that will be my life's goal from now on"

This pretty much sums up the entire story. - The best part is none of this was necessary. Since he had the slave collars and can order the slaves to do whatever he wants he could have easily just ordered them to tell him everything they know about the world and help him go find his dungeon or whatever. Instead he gets dragged around by them doing quests which only get them into more trouble and the best part is he didn't even know who these girls are until random coincidences happen which reveal their backgrounds to him. Pretty much one of the dumbest MCs around. Better to read a reincarnation novel than this. <<less
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Terror Infinity
August 21, 2016
Status: v17
tl;dr Recommend you read up to and finish vol 9 Alien Resurrection and skip the rest.
... more>>

Chinese Gantz (author admitted he was "inspired" by Gantz) rips off all the worst movies and anime in the past few decades, including all the worst tropes. Characterization is garbage with rampant sexism and characters ripped straight out of battle shonen. Story was 2nd rate to begin with (peaking at Vol 9 Alien: Resurrection), then went to sh*t after Vol 10 Resident Evil: Apocalypse (didn't finish it but heard the ending was just as sh*t as Gantz's). Writing is 3rd rate throughout - serviceable but none of the lines are quoteworthy.
Take a look at these gems:

>This message is not coded using 0 or 1's. The source code is not a computer program. It's created with characters and symbols. When a computer breaks through the limit of 0s and 1s, artificial intelligence will develop.
>the latest genetic studies show that this evolution only took 120 years. Not several million, not even several thousand, it's merely 120 years. Humans evolved from dryopithecus to the early man, australopithecus. Our evolution exploded only for 120 years, then it was sealed off due to various unkonwn reasons. It has nothing to do with biological evolution. Our evolution has come to a stop.
>The era was after World War 1 and before World War 2 started. There weren't any silencers in this era so they don't have to worry about people noticing the gunshot.
>this city has a diameter of six hundred kilometers. A normal big city is only two hundred kilometer square, but this city is several hundreds.
>Have you seen the map of the distribution of the bugs? Why do they surround three directions and leaving one open? Because they are giving us a hope of escaping.
So the context of that last quote is that they're in starships and the bugs have surrounded them IN SPACE. How the f*ck do you get surrounded in 3 directions when there are 3 other directions to escape to? You can tell very little thought went into the factual accuracy and realism department. The author apparently just loves blatantly making sh*t up that does not make any sense. You don't even have to check it to know that pretty much all the "facts" in this series are completely wrong and nonsensical. What would have been good is if the author simply left out all this bull that was inserted for absolutely no reason, because it makes it look stupid and breaks the immersion. Lots of fantasy novels don't bother with any scientific explanations and they work just fine. It's when you try to add science but you don't actually know any science, that you end up making yourself look like an idiot.
The biggest problem with this novel is that it stopped being exciting about halfway into the story, which was where everyone got resurrected after getting wiped in Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Before then, there was tension and excitement that came from knowing that anyone could die at any moment, and that death was REAL and happened to your real physical body. There was actual tension and feeling of danger in the Grudge, Resident Evil, and Final Destination because important characters were getting killed off left and right. I consider Alien: Resurrection to be the peak of the webnovel, from where it just went downhill. The beginning of that arc was so amazing and exciting start that it can't be compared to the rest of the webnovel - it was original, interesting, creative, exciting, tense - it was all of those and more. I don't want to spoil it so you can just go read it for yourself. Unfortunately the story went straight to sh*t thereafter. Immediately we got Resident Evil: Apocalypse which was an utterly illogical arc, with everyone getting wiped. As soon as everyone on Team China got killed I realized there was no way to salvage the story anymore. It was not like when Xuan sacrificed himself for the sake of the team in the Grudge, there was no way out of this hole that the author dug for himself. At the point there were 2 ways to go - either the author made their deaths permanent or he resurrected everyone. Unfortunately he chose the latter option, turning it into just the same as the Pain arc in Naruto. Everyone died and then got resurrected just like that. See, the problem with resurrection in a SURVIVAL STORY is that it removes the one and ONLY source of excitement and tension in the novel, which is the sense of impending doom. Not only does resurrection make all the characters sacrifices pointless because they can just be revived, it takes away all suspense and tension because once you know that characters can be resurrected you know that whenever an important character dies the author is just going to resurrect him again. This was the definitive point from which the novel went to shit. All the plot exposition, chapters upon chapters of rehashed movie footage and talking about some evolution bullsh*t or how Imhotep is actually a good guy that just wants to revive his wife. Yes that was boring too, but the fatal mistake was the mass resurrection. Once that was done, there was no longer any sense that death could come any time and therefore no longer any source of tension or excitement. The Mummy, Jurassic Park, Vampiric Mask (literally shamelessly ripped from Jojo's bizarre adventure), Starship Troopers and Lord of the Rings arcs was pretty much just standard battle shonen garbage, basically consisting of punching enemies until they died for points, it was either that or plot exposition. It's boring since you already know that nothing bad's going to happen to anyone. Once that is established in a survival horror there's no sense in reading anymore.
The characters are overcliched as f*ck. Zhao YingKong is literally Killua. She's edgy. She came from a clan of assassins. She can harden her nails too JUST LIKE KILLUA like holy sh*t dude you literally cannot make it more blatant than that. Oh and also she's super moe and has big boobs too. First of all why the f*ck would assassins clans exist in real life. I'm not saying you can't rip anything off other works of fiction, but at least make it believable. YingKong is supposed to come from the real world, like 21st century Earth, not some parallel universe with assassin clans and shit. What the f*ck. And why are there so many f*cking assassins in this story? There are at least 3 assassins in the story from the various assassin clans somehow. The author has obviously watched too much anime. Secondly why the f*ck is her backstory so cringy. Her best friends got killed by her "brother", who is some stereotypical "I want to destroy beautiful things" cardboard cutout sadist. She's normally calm but loses her mind every time she sees him. So basically Sasuke/Itachi in a nutshell.
You can describe all the characters in a single sentence. Zheng is "moralf*g MC", Xuan is "devious smart guy", Lori is "MC's s*x relief toy", Zero is "that guy who's good with a sniper rifle", WangXia is "patriotic guy who's good with mines", ChengXiao is "pervy comic relief medic", Kampa is "hairy Russian mercenary dude". They are not developed beyond that and that is actually very sad because survival type novels hinge around having solid characterization to make up for the unoriginal (in this case entire setting ripped straight from Gantz) and frankly unbelievable setting. When literally every single line spoken by the characters is just plot exposition, it's not interesting or fun to read. The characters are about as fleshed out as the mercenaries in Predator. Even if characters don't talk you can still flesh them out by examining their expressions and subtle actions which reveal their state of mind, at the very least you could reveal their inner dialogue like in Reincarnator, but this is not done in this novel except for very few occasions like Xuan vs Neos, and there it's not done sensibly. The lack of a Psychology tag for this novel says a lot - it really does not explore characters' psychologies at all. Very lackluster compared to Reincarnator and Dungeon Defense which are both excellent in the characterization department. There's also the pervasive sexism where all the females in Starship Troopers are described as being cowardly medics which is completely contrary to what actually happened in Starship Troopers where women served on the front lines in combat roles just like the men did (the message that all are equal under military service is actually a central theme in ST, something TI's author seems to have missed). All the female characters are written like shit. At the beginning Lan is supposed to be some analytical type, later on she defaults to just fawning over the MC all the time; also they all have big breasts as we're constantly reminded by the author, maybe that's his fetish.
I think the author tried to make up for his lack of characterization skills by resorting to forcing in slice-of-life-y scenes like Xuan agreeing to go fishing with MC even though that was completely against Xuan's character (the author even said that Xuan would never waste his time doing something like fishing when he could be poring over weapons designs or producing weapons instead). Then the fishing scene that he forced in consisted only of Xuan beating everyone else at fishing and that was it. I was like WTF am I reading, is this some shitty Japanese light novel. Let's get this straight. This is a survival novel where each character only gets 10 days to prepare for the next movie. He could be spending his time cultivating Qi or practicing blood energy or studying weapons designs or building weapons or practicing combat drills or working out possible side missions or how to counter enemy tactics or what to do when enemies are immune to sci-fi weapons and so on. Instead they are fishing and just chilling out. A productive use of time. I can understand the others doing something like that but Xuan, well I'm sorry but characters need to be consistent and the author seems to just completely disregard that. Also, they keep doing this even after they get wiped. And the slice of life scenes don't even flesh the characters out either. We didn't get to know the characters better at all. They could have at least told us some stories or any lessons they learned or anything, but no, it's literally just comic relief moments like people competing to pull up bigger fish and ChengXiao getting slapped for staring at the girls' boobs.
Characters often act in the MOST PSYCHOTIC WAY POSSIBLE even where it's not realistic. A college student, faced with danger, chose to blow his hostage's head off so that he can get killed by people who are chasing him, instead of, say, pushing her away and running around a corner to give himself a chance. Why the f*ck would he take a hostage if he was just going to kill her off without benefiting himself in any way. He never met them before and they did not know each other, so he literally had no reason to act like that at all other than to be edgy. In the Alien arc the guy who was told to be the bait chose to blow himself up along with everyone else over having a chance of survival. Not very realistic.
Let's talk about Xuan. Xuan is the only person who actually acted realistically at the start of the novel. He explored the limits of the lifeform creation system, he looked for recipes to build equipment out of cheaper materials instead of buying them directly from the system, he looked through all the possible options and determined their advantages and disadvantages. THESE ARE THINGS ANYBODY WITH COMMON SENSE WOULD DO AND YET NOBODY OTHER THAN HIM DOES IT. This is because the author wants to set him up as some kind of super mega ultra genius and had no way of doing so other than by resorting to making all the other characters act like complete retards. As someone once mentioned you cannot write a character smarter than yourself and Xuan is the best example of that. Plenty of times Xuan makes stupid plans like having the useless guy act as the bait, and then the useless guy blows himself up injuring several people. Another time Xuan gave the MC a dagger to take back to the real world with his tracking device on it in order to get data back to the real world, without telling the MC. If the MC didn't take out the dagger, didn't get caught in time, or destroyed the tracking device, or did any of a number of things his plan would have failed, and the MC only managed to get back because he was lucky. There was about a million other better ways of doing that, for example he could have asked Zheng to send an item somewhere whilst hiding the tracker inside the item, without arousing Zheng's suspicions. I mean let's be honest Zheng is not the smartest tool in the shed if he couldn't even recognize that was a tracker blatantly tacked on the knife. Plus with this method he could continuously relay information back to Earth by not arousing Zheng's suspicions whereas with his method, not mentioning the extremely high chance of failure, even if Zheng got back he wasn't going to take back anything given by Xuan ever again and everyone else would be cautious of him, so he just blew his chances of communicating with Earth ever again. Later on he starts making implausible deductions based on zero evidence, which turn out to be wrong, and yet everybody still thinks he is a genius. And also, God should definitely have wiped both Xuan and Zheng, there was no way it would have allowed such an obvious loophole to exist with its advanced technology. The author appears to treat his statements as canonical fact because nobody rebukes his random "70%" estimates which are based on literally nothing, and anyone who questions his estimates are answered with "you cannot possibly understand my plans with your mortal intelligence". It's obvious the author has no idea how to write an actually intelligent character. Xuan either says things that are COMPLETELY OBVIOUS to everyone or deduces things that absolutely cannot be concluded from the available evidence, and his reasoning process does not make any sense either so I strongly suspect the author simply wrote the story backwards to make the events suit Xuan's predictions. Most notably, the characters do not engage in critical evaluations like - why did we fail that last team fight, what could we have done better, etc. They do not form and test hypotheses that even 3 year old children would do, they just assume things are as they would expect and just act as what they think is true without bothering to do any tests. For example, everyone thought killing the brain bug in Starship Troopers was a bonus mission, but it wasn't. Then they concluded that there were no bonus missions on starship troopers based only on the fact that killing the brain bug wasn't a bonus mission. How can they be so certain based on such flimsy evidence?
Characters do not act realistically. For example in a lot of movies they did not even consider really simple ideas like in Lord of the Rings they could have asked Gandalf to just ask the eagles to fly them to Mordor. But nope. They didn't even consider these really simple ideas that could have saved them going through a lot of danger compared to going to Morder the long way. They could have told the guards in Resident Evil about the laser defense system so they didn't get cut in half, this wasn't forbidden by God, but instead of that Zheng just says "there's something wrong with this corridor" and gets dragged in with them. Also, when it was obvious that Zheng knew about the laser's scanning patterns but didn't tell the mercenaries about it, instead of getting angry One regards Zheng as his savior. WTF? He should at least have gotten suspicious about how Zheng knew about the laser. And how the f*ck did Zheng manage to get 10s of thousands of points under the noses of the other Devil team members, especially when he was only in the first unlocked stage? And why did God match Team China against Team Devil when China practically got wiped in Final Destination and required Jie's sacrifice just to get out the few remaining members out alive?
The way the points are rewarded is really inconsistent as well. Killing a bug using a gauss rifle gives points but using a tactical nuke doesn't? On one occasion Xuan stated that you get points for being clever, well in that case why didn't they get points for killing the pygmies by burning down the entire forest only for killing pygmies by shooting them with a gun, clearly burning down the forest was smarter. Why does it even matter whether you kill monsters by shooting them with a gun or by burning them anyway? It shouldn't make any difference.
I hate how the author just makes sh*t up, even in-universe. What the f*ck is a "creeper" (original text 爬行者) supposed to be in Resident Evil, there are only lickers how did he translate that into creeper, what the f*ck. When he mentioned "艾罗格斯金属" I Googled it and nothing came up. Who the f*ck knows what it's supposed to be. From the description it sounds like something he just made up - I couldn't find anything in the original LoTR that corresponds to the description. I can understand making monsters stronger than usual or changing a few plot events, but treating completely new minerals that he just made up as if it's something that was in the original story is just wtf.
4 stars for the solid first half of the story, it was fun while it lasted.

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Evolution Theory of the Hunter
July 28, 2016
Status: c65
>“Isn’t this where you’re supposed to hide like porn and stuff?”
>“This girl... what kind of guy do you take me for...”

So this is what passes for humor in a Korean webnovel. The characters are supposed to be adults yet their level of intelligence does not even surpass that of typical 5 year olds.

At one point MC makes over $750, 000 from just one dungeon hunt and says this is enough to just buy a house and retire and then says "only kidding". Why? Why would you risk your... more>> life when you already have enough money to live the rest of your life comfortably? From just a few quests he makes millions of dollars which is enough for him to not have to work for the rest of his life and yet he goes on hunting... why? He never actually has a reason to risk his life hunting monsters when he could be living comfortably instead.

It's obvious all the girls have fallen for MC (the porter girl even asked him to marry her... he just brushed her off like she was kidding or something even though she's been sleeping at his house and has been making moves on him for weeks) yet he never notices anything (novel is only written from his perspective so we know he doesn't notice anything). It's the stereotypical dense harem MC who is just mentally retarded. It's a farce.

Characterization is not done well at all, all the characters are shallow one-trait cardboard cutouts. MC is a boring "I want to get stronger" stereotypical shounen protag. All the other major characters in the story are referred to by nicknames:

- athletic porter girl who trains with the MC and sleeps in his room and is a member of his harem
- glasses girl with big boobs who can't shoot straight and is a member of his harem
- helmet guy who has terminal cancer and has a nice sword
- some other guy with a sword or shield or something idk
- cowardly old guy who only casts sleep spells and is always late

You can pretty much describe the characters with a single sentence. They're really bland. So the story is basically you have a bunch of boring characters and then you have them go through dungeons together. None of them have any interesting outlooks on life or philosophies or anything. They're supposed to be all adults but they never do or say anything that only an adult would say. It's like we just have a bunch of kids who don't know anything and they're not even curious like kids either, and even kids come up with ideas occasionally whereas these guys basically just follow the MC's orders all the time like robots. Most of the conversation is just plot exposition:

>“Look, it’s a level 4 enchant. 1.2 million dollars.”

These kinds of sentences make up most of what passes for dialogue in this novel.

It really feels like the MC is just playing an RPG and all the other characters are just NPCs. Actually now that I think about it their lack of initiative and agency (they're constantly in trouble and have to be saved by the MC) makes NPC a really apt description for them.

Actually if you take the story into account it's like the world literally revolves around the MC. Whenever he levels up 10 levels, all the dungeons of that level disappear (e.g when he levels up to 20, all level 2 dungeons disappear). So far there's no explanation for this, but if you think of the entire novel as just a RPG that the MC is playing and everyone else is just a NPC then it totally makes sense. <<less
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Goblin Kingdom
July 27, 2016
Status: c6
This is really similar to Re:Monster. The MC killing the women for no reason other than because they were traumatized. WTF. Why would you do that? >woman is traumatized from being r*ped
>better kill her

No. Just no. When I first read Re:Monster I thought this was stupid, and now it happened again. Why are the goblin reincarnates so bloodthirsty against their human mothers? Why would you kill your mom? I just. I give up. It's probably just a shitty cliche that has caught on for no reason and another indicator... more>> of the author's lack of original creative thinking. <<less
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Rise of Humanity
May 4, 2017
Status: c27
Read 27 chapters and here are my thoughts:

> Everything he does is about trying to uplift humanity

This really couldn't be further from the truth. So far let's review the things he has done:

    • Found a girl he likes, for no reason. There is no backstory, it's just some random girl he met and they exchanged literally 2 sentences and that's it. And then he regards her as the love of his life, for no reason.
    • Fell into a ravine and found an old spirit who knows some godlike cultivation methods. Moreover this old spirit is also not very wise as it tells him to kill/r*pe every girl he comes across, for no reason.
    • Spent multiple chapters cultivating techniques that the old spirit tells him to cultivate, so he can get revenge on some demon who killed his girl (the one he only exchanged 2 sentences with).
    • Inane scenes of him sneaking into the female quarters so he can talk to his girl then getting caught by female cultivators who want to beat him up for staring at them naked. Wacky hijinks ensue.
    • MC is greedy and risks the lives of his peers so he can drag back a corpse to sell for money.
    • MC is arrogant and wants to beat people up to prove that he's superior (see the line 'To crush the other heroes and stand above, who else is there but me?')
From Arkeus' review I expected something more like Reincarnator. Instead this is very much a typical xianxia story. The MC is a hotheaded teen and has absolutely no idea what maturity is. Constantly acts irresponsibly putting people around him in danger.

tl;dr regular xianxia nothing to see here, move on.
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keklel rated it
Maou no Hajimekata
July 23, 2016
Status: c15
I suppose it's decent first attempt at a slave harem but... it isn't that well thought out. I mean, brainwashing to begin with is kind of a lazy way of writing in character relationships since if you can brainwash people then they're just s*x bots, and after saying that Yunis is immune to brainwashing magic and then having her fall in love with Aur, a mass murderer who just r*ped her, doesn't really make much sense. Also, why do all the girls want to have s*x with the MC as... more>> soon as they meet him? Even a 5-year old who shouldn't have any sexual desires yet. Well ok you can say they all got brainwashed by the succubus, but then why would the succubus do that when she wants the meal for herself? And the story doesn't even say that either, they just want his d*ck for no reason. Also, every problem is solved in the same chapter that it's introduced and also coincidentally new girls get added to his harem at the same time, which is a bit... well there's a limit to which disbelief can be suspended and I think it went too far past that.

The story is basically just porn with magic when you get down to it. Allow me to quote a passage from Stephen Bonds:

The best way to distinguish a work of pornography from a conventional narrative is to look at its structure. All narratives, to some extent, are concerned with such things as character, plot, exposition, development, climax and resolution; but in pornography these are merely nods to propriety, threadbare garments which barely conceal the real purpose of the narrative: to deliver a particular kind of gratification again and again. Conventional narratives may head in any direction, but porn always orients itself towards its pet catharsis, and never strays far away.

Imagine, for example, that you were unaware of porn, and watching one of those softcore "erot*c thrillers" on late-night cable. Within minutes you would notice that it was no ordinary thriller, that something about the storytelling was a bit off. You might wonder if it was strictly necessary, from a narrative standpoint, for the characters to disrobe and hump each other every five minutes. You might wonder why random, pointless characters are introduced just to be f*cked, and why the plot is contrived in such a way as to allow all the leading characters to hook up in every combination a heterosexual male might care to see. To one expecting a conventional narrative, the porn narrative has a demented, obsessive appearance; it is static, repetitive, moves only in circles. <<less
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keklel rated it
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN)
May 9, 2016
Status: --
Currently on chapter 144. I don’t get why people are downvoting this novel just because the MC is a slime and “can’t have sex”. It’s explicitly stated in this story that you can transfer souls and take possession of other bodies so it’s really a trivial trick for the MC to take possession of a male body and have s*x with anyone he wants. The fact that the author can write an interesting story despite not having any s*x in it just makes it that much better. > ‘pet’ dragon... more>> rampaged in an entire country in the past, but luckily didn’t kill anyone? How is that even possible, a giant dragon rampaging without taking a single life, it’s extremely weird and I stopped reading after that

I do think that is weird and also I wonder why Kagurazaka is acting so half-heartedly when plotting his world-destruction plan. The way Clayman acted as well was also very cardboard-villain-like. So yes this story feels very shounen-like and pretty much nobody important has died in all 144 chapters.

Or maybe that’s just because the MC got lucky in this timeline and he got completely annihilated in the other timelines.

Anyways you should not jump to conclusions and yes a few of the dragons and demon lords are actually very tame personalities (Milim is probably one of the few who really belong in a shounen story) but there are plenty of other characters in this story who have no qualms about killing innocent people. Anyway.

The good:

1. Good balance of adventuring and nation-building. It gets boring when it’s one person fighting all the time and also when it’s just making political agreements (boring lol). Good thing this novel has arcs like, fending off an invasion, or rescuing some characters or whatever. Arcs are not identical to each other and the setting continually changes, in the beginning nobody knows about the MC whereas now everyone respects him, so the plot and setting do evolve. 2. Good power progression. MC starts off kind of weak and becomes one of the strongest in-universe pretty fast (within 70 chapters in fact). Given that the entire novel is only 250 chapters long, this is still pretty good. It’s not like the MC has no challenges ahead of him but he makes good progress. 3. Good worldbuilding. The limits of what magic spells can and cannot do are fairly well explained and how things work (souls and so on) are also quite detailed but not overly detailed, so you can understand what’s going on and see that the story appears to be overall largely self-consistent. The bad:

1. The tournament was 9 chapters long and was really boring and inconsequential. The author could have summarized the tournament in 1 paragraph and it would have been fine. The whole thing was overly predictable and the outcome was already clear from the start. You could have literally just summed it up as “Diablo beats everyone except for Benimaru who gains a new power”. That’s it. No need to spend 9 chapters describing an inconsequential pissing contest. 2. Too much pissing around. Tournament arc was a good example of MC and his companions pissing around for tens of chapters on end. Moments like Shion’s terrible cooking repeated over and over. The slime going around eating cake, giving people useless artifacts, f*cking around in the dungeon with Milim and Veldora and other “slice-of-life”-y kind of things. There are only 250 chapters and it’s only been 144 chapters and spending like 12 chapters pissing around kills the momentum of the story especially when there are actually important stuff happening, like, war preparation. 3. Too much useless backstory. Random characters like the kids, otherworlders who have barely anything to do with the story do not need to have their backstories inserted into this 250-chapter novel. Did we really need to know Shizu and Hinata’s backstory? You could have explained that in a sentence. “Shizu was Hinata’s guardian/teacher”. That’s it. No need to spend chapters going over irrelevant characters who died as soon as they appeared and have nothing to do with the rest of the story. 4. Too many characters who aren’t fleshed out. Well this is debatable. Most of the major characters (Benimaru, Souei, Hakuro etc) have no discernible personality. Given their importance to the story it is a bit jarring. The chapter count might be too low to have many fleshed out characters but take Shion as an example. All we really know about Shion is that her cooking is bad and she wants to get good at it, she is impatient and she likes kids. That’s not really much to go on and it’s been over 100 chapters after she was introduced and she’s in almost every chapter. On the flip side you could say she’s just a kid and doesn’t really have much personality. Most characters are like this. There are random side characters like Bester and Beretta and after not seeing them for over 50 chapters when they’re re-introduced you’re like “Huh? Who’s this guy again?”. So that’s one of the problems is that random people who do not have much relevance to the story are given names and text describing their thoughts and feelings but they aren’t really fleshed out enough to make the reader care. Like, if Bester or Beretta died I’m sure the reaction from readers would be “huh? Who’s that?”. On the other hand Diablo and Raphael feel more like actual characters, even though Raphael doesn’t even have a backstory and Diablo’s “backstory” was glossed over in one sentence. In short what I’m trying to say is that the story has too many characters who don’t feel like real characters and the author should just cut them out. On the other hand actual “important” characters like Benimaru, Hakuro and Souei should get more fleshing out than just “stereotypical general”, “stereotypical swordsman” and “stereotypical ninja”. They literally have nothing outside of obeying orders. There’s no personality whatsoever. Even Raphael who is literally just an ability that the MC has, has more personality than these ogres. I’m hoping in later chapters they will acquire a personality but probably we’ll just get more random demon lord/otherworlder backstory.

5. Also I really hate Hinata. Her entire character, personality, backstory, and even her abilities are just awful. The terribad pointless crammed-in s*x scene for no f*cking reason. Her “Mathematician” ability that’s basically just a downgraded version of Sage. Her fake “religiousness” and arrogant attitude. What a godawful character, beyond all hope of redemption. <<less
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keklel rated it
The World after the Fall
September 2, 2017
Status: c28
The premise sounds intriguing at first sight, but falls apart once you stop to think about it for a second.

This entire novel is unoriginal, consists entirely of cliches, makes no sense, and is pretty much just a power trip from what little story I can make out of it.

All the characters exist only to make the MC look good. The female characters are there to fawn over the MC and the male characters are there to be slapped by the MC. Those are their only reasons for existing. The frost... more>> dragon (or whatever its name was) ? Just there to be defeated to show off how strong the MC is. Beastrain? There to show how amazing the MC is - a player in a game can defeat the game admin somehow. It actually would surprise me if anyone read through those first few chapters and thought it made any sense. Bunch of nameless thugs gang up to r*pe a sexy lady AND steal the MC's items at the same time so the MC can have an excuse to stop them (of course it's not to make the MC look good, not at all) - that's the MC's first encounter with other characters when the MC goes up to the new world - and it pretty much follows that same formula for the rest of the story.

The master blacksmith is another example of a character designed solely to make the MC look awesome. A master blacksmith has been blacksmithing for like 150 years. The MC (who has no knowledge of blacksmithing) goes up and demands he makes a sheath out of a monster's horn. The blacksmith tries but fails because his ability is not OP enough. The MC uses his ability [Doubt] and fights a monster (LOL) and gets the sheath made somehow. This is supposed to show that the MC is more awesome than a 150 year old master blacksmith. In fact it just goes to show what a stupid and artificial world the author has constructed where skill and experience count for nothing and the only thing that matters is how OP your ability is. The entire episode was completely pointless (the MC and the blacksmith learned nothing other than "the MC ability is more OP than the blacksmith's ability") and just goes to show how poorly written the story is.

Mino is a classic damsel in distress whose raison d'etre is to be saved by the MC (and always just as she's stripped naked and about to get r*ped, no less). That is her one and only purpose in this entire novel. This has happened twice now and makes up the entirety of the fights in the novel after the MC arrives in the new world. The lines describing her internal thoughts are actually puke-inducing. I'll quote a few here:

With only a shaky view in front of her, Mino couldn't help but think.

Was there such a thing as salvation in this world?

A world where dog like bastards ran rampant. No matter how many good people there were, this world would continue to be a hell as long as those dog-like bastards reigned above. Both humans defined by Mino and Jae Hwan would be trampled underfoot by these evildoers.


Mino's imagination made her slightly envious.

But in fact, she already knew. Such a future was no longer available to her.

She would never be able to meet Jae Hwan ever again.


She wanted to say that it was to be expected.

She wanted to say that she knew it was going to turn out like this.

She wanted to say that she hated how things had turned out like this, but at the same time, she lost all strength in her legs.

Someone caught her. Rough, but warm hands. Like a stone, but sturdy. Mino lifted her head and saw his face.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Dropped. <<less
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keklel rated it
I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World
April 27, 2017
Status: c4
I really wanted to like this, but just couldn't.

The characters are just too stupid. The plot doesn't really make much sense either, too much is left undescribed, but it's mainly the characters that kill it.
... more>>

The MC time travels to a parallel universe (alternate Earth in 2190) where a global nuclear war happened. The first time he time travels, he should have figured some things out. Like the fact that the world is now a hell-hole and there are zombies everywhere and everyone is starving, right?

What would a normal MC be like in this situation. Maybe avoid people, kill anyone suspicious or threatening, etc? Perhaps try to stay hidden and protect himself from the radiation and diseases?

Not for our MC. He travels the radioactive landscape without any protection nor realizing the hazards of radiation despite KNOWING a global nuclear war just happened from reading the newspapers. Doesn't seem to be much worried about viruses or diseases from the zombies either. I mean, zombies? Pfft. Mentioned as an aside in a single sentence. "I crossed the zombie infested landscape". Never mentioned again in first 5 chapters.

He finds a mansion in the hellscape. Now, what would a normal person do. In a land full of zombies, probably be on guard against zombies, right? If not zombies then people with guns, since people are not likely to be very welcoming in this kind of environment, right?

Nope. Our MC goes in without any protection, finds a starving girl AND FEEDS HER HIS FOOD, ONLY FOR HER TO THEN POINT A GUN AT HIM AND STRAP HIM TO A CHAIR. Yes, in a zombie infested post-apocalyptic world, he finds a mansion and a girl inside and starts feeding her food because she's pretty and he wants to fug. This is literally written in the story I'm not making anything up.

More ridiculous sh*t is yet to come. After being strapped to the chair, he then makes up some bullsh*t explanation about wanting technology AND SHE BELIEVES HIM AND LETS HIM FREE EVEN THOUGH FOOD IS THE MOST VALUABLE THING IN THE WORLD.

Then they go find a bank and he PAYS HER WITH HIS FOOD FOR HER TO BE HIS BODYGUARD AND TO ROB A BANK OF GOLD FOR HIM. Food that she could have just taken from him, with the only explanation being that she is "kind hearted". He never thinks about killing her (person who just pointed a gun at him and tied him up with rope) only about her breast size and how much he wants to fug. Yes the characters and explanations really are just that stupid. It only gets worse from that point onwards.

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keklel rated it
Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN)
July 24, 2016
Status: v5c1
Why is it so boring and flat? Most of the story is about shopping. Just the MC walking around with his harem and buying food and eating food. Surely there could be more interesting things than that but no! Forget about fighting the imminent demon lords or finding out just how many magics there are. MC just wants to go to brothels and f*ck prostitutes and then go out shopping with his loli slave harem. What's wrong with this guy. So boring. Characters are one dimensional, as I mentioned MC... more>> is defined by passivity and doing random things like wiping out an entire tribe of dragons for absolutely no reason other than "I think this is a dream so I'm going to use this skill for no reason even though if it wasn't a dream it would be genocide" and the girls are defined by wanting his dick. We don't know anything about the girls other than that they are members of his harem and want to fug. All the details about the game are completely and utterly inconsequential. Tons and tons of text about how the game menu is arranged like folders when it's completely irrelevant. Similar details abound. MC is OP. I can accept an OP MC except he doesn't actually use his powers to do anything interesting or useful. He just f*cks around. I can live with some slice of life here and there but this is just too boring. <<less
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keklel rated it
Sovereign of Judgment
September 7, 2016
Status: c40
Now that I've read up to chapter 40 I can safely say this novel isn't as good as I hoped it would be.

From the outset we're introduced to the MC, who is a typical antisocial muscle-type. good at fighting and nothing else.
... more>>

The MC's only motivation is to find his mom. After he finds his mom dead, his only motivation is to get revenge on the creators of the game for killing his mom. This of course makes for a boring story (you want revenge on an omnipotent God whose identity you don't even have the slightest clue about? Really?).

The characters are bland. The 3 tag-alongs to the MC are essentially... just that. They're sidekicks to accompany the MC on his missions. They have no real personality. You could replace them with robots and you wouldn't notice any difference.

The only character with an actual personality in the story is probably Jung Minji, who got killed off early on.

The MC's incredibly bland personality (I kill people who are hostile to me, also I want to get stronger) makes for extremely boring reading. At first I thought he was interested in fighting, but as the series dragged on I realized that's not true. If he was interested in fighting he would be running around challenging people to fights, but instead he's just levelling up by killing monsters, which is just typical standard webnovel stuff, and also grinding is boring to read.

The latest mission (getting dropped with some aliens or some shit) was incredibly tiresome to read about. It's basically "and now you are getting transported to this random place for no reason!". It's literally just some random event that just happens. After the first game, and the second game, now the third game, it gets tiresome and I have no idea why I should continue to care about random games that don't seem to have any consequences other than "random people will die" because I don't care about any of the characters anymore.

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keklel rated it
Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki
May 19, 2016
Status: v2c3
Unbelievably boring and inane. The main character's entire motivation is to not have to do anything. Essentially laziness. He hates action and hates having to go outside and hates working. His favorite activity is sleeping. His next favorite activity is paperwork. There is no action in this story whatsoever. These 2 things is literally all he does all day. Paperwork and sleeping. That's it. "Oh golly, whatever shall I do today?"

Outside of paperwork and sleeping, the MC also likes to engage in... more>> discussions about politics and economics. Such EXCITEMENT! I just can't WAIT to read another chapter about fantasy world politics and economics. These are the contents of a typical chapter:

- Discussions between political leaders about such exciting topics as sustainable forest management
- Introductions to random side characters whom we do not care about
- Descriptions of picnics, particularly food and lap pillows (I sh*t you not)
- Descriptions of road construction

I can go on, but I think you get the point. <<less
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keklel rated it
I Reincarnated For Nothing
November 18, 2017
Status: c3
Yet another comedy reincarnation story that brings nothing new to the table. The demon king is basically some kind of mind-controlling megalomaniac who wants to take over the world. It's the old Disney villain story - just kill the bad guy who's brainwashed everyone and they will all be turned back into good guys!

Allow me to digress a little here. A more sophisticated novel would explore for example why wars happen (hint: in order for genocidal wars to happen, the populations actually need to have a reason to fight (starvation,... more>> nationalism, racism, etc), not just "because the king wants it" - this only happens in shitty children's stories). Actually this is a criticism of the hero-slays-demon-king type stories in general. In real life, you don't end a war by killing one person, even if that person is the king. It's like thinking that assassinating the Roman emperor would have made any difference to Roman warmaking potential. Many Roman emperors were murdered before the Roman empire reached its greatest extent in history under Trajan (the real reason for the military decline of the Roman empire is interesting in itself. Hint: it has to do with the Romans' willingness to fight - or lack thereof). There are many novels that explore this idea to some extent, for example Dungeon Defense (although the politics portrayed there is still overly simplistic). That's why I regard Dungeon Defense as a masterpiece among webnovels, whilst most of the JP and KR hero-kills-demon-king stories are complete and utter garbage (at least the ones translated on this site).

Summoned Slaughterer answered the question of "why should a summoned hero agree to do his summoners bidding?" with "actually, he doesn't have any reason to", which I thought was an interesting take. By contrast, this story uses the tired old cliche "because the Demon King will kill all of humanity if you don't kill him - and you're the only one who can". Okay, so the author chooses to play it straight - that's fine, but it means the author has to do something else original to make the story interesting. Reincarnator plays the "save humanity" trope straight, but it does character psychology perfectly (at least earlier on it did), so it has that going for it. Tsuyokute New Saga also plays the "save humanity" trope straight, but then it has a rational thinking MC who thinks about things like "heroes need money and powerful backing in order to become popular". The MC in this novel has so far thought of nothing other than complaining about being reincarnated at the wrong time.

So what does this novel have going for it? Comic relief? Sorry, that gets old fast. Levelling up? Sorry, if I wanted to level up I'd play a video game. What is actually interesting here? It's been 3 chapters and all I've seen is a 12 year old girl acting like she's 5, and a MC that thinks of nothing except how to avoid work so he can laze around all day. The novel gives no reason to continue reading it. <<less
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keklel rated it
The Forsaken Hero
April 3, 2018
Status: c17
Basically an Arifureta ripoff. This story is what you get when you blend a protagonist outrageously lacking in self-awareness with a typical Isekai-betrayal plot.
... more>>

"Wha—! I-Idiot! Y-You're just Katsuragi, the wimp!"

She suddenly started to blush and twiddle her fingers together.

Yeah... no. That's not how real people act. At all.

When someone bullies you to the extent of wiping the floor with your face, it means they hate your f*cking guts. You don't wipe away that hatred just by making them into a magical slave (unless that spell has mind-control properties, which is never stated, and would make the story even shittier if it did). If anything that would just make them hate you even more.

The MC is so lacking in curiosity about his world it is shocking. Why did he die only 5 times? Did the swarm of monsters get full after only eating him 5 times? The text suggests his clothes are completely intact (the picture also shows that), after having been eaten alive (presumably 5 times). His resurrection ability says nothing about bringing back his clothes, and I fail to see how monsters can eat him without tearing up his clothes as well, so that doesn't make sense. These are all minor problems, but the story is choke full of them, and this indicates to me that the author just hasn't put very much thought into the story at all. How can the MC be so uninterested in his own special ability?

[Revenge of the Grudgebearer] No matter how many times you die, gather strength from the abyss of death and resurrect.

Later on (chapter 17) he says:

There might be a limit to that ability too, so it's not like I'm sure I'll revive indefinitely.

Uhm, what? It literally says "No matter how many times you die" right there in the f*cking ability description. Is the MC illiterate in addition to being retarded?

Also, the ability says nothing about the cause of death, so if the MC gets stronger by dying, why doesn't he just kill himself? Of course, he never thinks about this. Just like how he never reflects on why he gets bullied. OF COURSE it's because everyone else is an asshole, why even reflect on it? I mean, why bother reflecting on anything when you can just fantasize about revenge and getting that sweet, sweet harem, amirite? (Seriously, the first thing the MC thinks about when he resurrects is that he wants to obtain a harem, after getting revenge. This just about sums up the MC's entire life motivation).

He never reflects on the fact that him killing the soldier in chapter 15:

Receiving notification of being accepted, I was guided by one of the kingdom's soldiers. From what he said, we would be leaving for the sortie right away. It looked like this soldier and I would be taking turns being their nanny.

That made things easier for me. Strangling him so there wouldn't be any traces of blood as soon as we were alone together, I made him one of my pawns. I was wanting an insider to use, so that worked out nicely.

His misfortune aside, I came to know that our guess of this being the kingdom's attempt to have the Heroes quickly regain their dignity was correct.

Makes him just as bad as Samejima. At least Samejima had a legitimate reason for killing him (sacrificing the one to save the many and all that). Here, the MC kills the soldier simply for his own convenience. What the f*ck man? This is even worse than what Samejima did.

The MC immediately makes one of the girls who bullied him into his slave, and doesn't give this a second thought. What exactly does a "slave" mean in this context? It apparently means she has to obey his every order. In that case why did he sweet-talk her with "I love you" (even though he knows nothing about her) and all that lovey-dovey nonsense? Why not just order her to love him if she can't go against any of his orders? Again, MC does not even think about this at all. He is so uninterested in exploring his powers it is f*cking absurd.

The "devil" that he defeated doesn't act anything like how you'd expect a real "devil" (I was expecting something like Baal from Diablo II, not a typical anime "devil") would act. Instead it's yet another retarded simpleton with a ridiculous "sense of honor".

"Dying shamelessly upon losing is us Devils' way!"

Unoriginal, cliched, and most of all just f*cking stupid. That describes this entire light novel.

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