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karugiki rated it
Summoned Slaughterer
January 10, 2019
Status: c120
First off all the story is really lived with the title, I mean not just the title said slaugther but the MC was really a killer or like to slaughter ppl or demi human or whatever living thing that MC found. But im giving it 4* bcus more newer chapter come out, also more irrelevant story come out. I mean its story about killer and slaughtering not about story from other living thing that not even live more than 10 chapter. If the story still continued like this, im not... more>> recomended to read any longer.

BUT what I can say from reading all those review who was said that this story about psycopath and bcus of that its bad, those ppl I dont know if they read the title before reading the novel or just suddenly read the story without even knew the title? Seriously guys just look at the title, it already have slaughter on the title and if in the story there is no killer or psycopath ppl who like to slaugther other living thing then I think you guys need to search for other title novel (its like all of you guys with those review want to get story about something but also want story about reversal of that at the same time).

If the title even dont have any connection with the story, then I know its waste to read this novel & its not weird if ppl make a review about this (there is so many other novel that have title not even connected with the story itself). But its so stupid if the title already have connection with story and all of those review said "its psycopath, what the hell story just killing, its just about MC like killing or slaughter other, etc...", man its those sort of story about this novel just look at the title. Seriously look at the title first before u read the novel. <<less
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