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I am not even halfway through, but let me just offer my opinion about this novel.

Translation: 4.5/5

  • Based on the dates of updates, the translator uploads chapters quite frequently. It is already a feat (in my opinion) to have translated almost 100 chapters in 6 months.
  • Translator also provides several footnotes on some culture-centered/not-so-common terms in the novel.
  • Translator does research on scenarios that are quite difficult to translate for the readers.
I really appreciate all the efforts the translator put into this work.

Story: 4.5/5

Th reason I gave this a read was because of the "yandare" in the description. I was curious. But I still thought that this was the typical "reincarnated into an otome game" story. Since I am a sucker for this type of novels despite being so cliche, I gave it a try. I was not expecting much. I basically have the possible outline of the story running in my mind. I was ready to give up after 10 chapters, but boiiii was I wrong! The plot was truly interesting.

Yes, there is the the same old formula of gets reborn as a villainous ojou-sama with guys falling head over heals for her, death flags, etc., but it was phased moderately!


In the chapter I am reading, there are only 2 capture targets that showed interest in MC. Considering the number of chapters, most of the time, all the capture target harem would have already taken a liking to our girl.


The arcs for the novel are all cookie-cutter formula: world introduction arc, capture target arcs, some grand arc, magic school arc, etc. Really the typical ingredients of an otome-type novel. But, all arcs are done accordingly. We do not spend a lot/less time on each arc. We get introduced to a capture target and destroy the death flags related to them. Surprisingly, we get a lot of development (albeit somewhat awkward) not only from the MC but also from her potential MLs and other side characters. We get familiarized with them to some point that it feels engaging. It was the right combination for me.

I really loved the mood the author was setting up for the characters and the general direction of the plot.

Another thing that I admire from this novel was the world building. If I have to say, the strongest part of this novel is the world building. Although it was a mildy dissociated transition in the start, the world building was done wonderfully. It is obvious that the author had done a lot of research in some aspects of initializing the world of this novel. There are integration of cultures in the real world that are slightly distorted to fit the theme of otome world.


If you are looking for a novel with romance as its main focus, then you might like this. Although, I have to say that this has a fair balance of romance and fantasy to be exact.

This is a slow burn. Our MC is naive in love. Don't expect a lot of scenes. It's frustrating, I know. But when romance scenes start, you can't help but squeal in delight.

It's the typical otome game story. But hey, you get more than what you bargained for!
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kanjipills rated it
Doomsday Wonderland
May 14, 2019
Status: c500
Now that we are reaching the 500th chapter mark, I think it is time to drop my review for this.

I've been actively reading this in Webnovel since March and was surprised that I was able to binge read several chapters for weeks before reaching the latest update. I dived into this without any knowledge about the genre and was just searching for a good read with many chapters released and without having romance as the main theme. It was honestly surprising how hooked I got. It started with "one more... more>> chapter" until the next thing I noticed is I'm reaching the third volume already.

To simplify this novel: it is basically an apocalypse survival genre where we jump from one world to another with a different apocalyptic scenario (for example ㅡ imagine jumping from a vampire-centered world to evil fairies infested world) after a certain period of time.


  • MC is not stupidly OP. She goes from weak to mediocre to kinda okay. It took almost 400+ chapters for her to fully understand her stronger power. It's basically a slow build.
  • World building is amazing. Each world is explained quite well and the abilities of the people that MC encounters and the items with various uses are explained quite well. There are minimal repetitions and even the most mundane thing can be used as a description for the items and abilities.
  • Not OP-centric. We have recurring characters. MC is basically never alone and she builds relationships with others well. Some character developments we have there.
  • Great plots for each volume. Honestly, each world has caught my attention and I rarely stay this long because I get bored easily.
  • Chapters are actually long which gives the impression of reading an actual book. Some are detailed which may not be other's cup of tea but this is perfectly fine for me. Makes the wait for new chapters a satisfying read.
  • No romance. (Could this be a con?)

    There are recurring potential ML but well that's just the readers thinking that they are the ML lol. I personally have my favorite potential ML and is waiting for his return lmao.


  • A lot of people are praising the MC to be smart, but I'd like to say that is not the case most of the time. Even the author acknowledges the lack of brain power for MC which is why I think she is always around other people who can think better than her.
  • (Not so con actually.) Translations are slow. We are only at 500 but the original is still on-going and is at 1300+. Maybe because this is not paywalled in WN but there will always be updates per week.
  • This is catered for female audience so obviously male readers might find this lacking and maybe stupid even.
It is really disappointing to see this low star reviews because some didn't even bother to finish the first world. The premise is really interesting but you don't actually see the real action until later. I guess this is more for long time readers who will stick to it until the end. Do not hesitate to try it! This book is really amazing and you will love Lin Sanjiu and the gang! <<less
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kanjipills rated it
Your Majesty Please Calm Down
November 17, 2018
Status: c20
This is so good! The MC is pretty smart and has a good mouth. She is able to escape a lot of the obstacles thrown at her, albeit barely. She also has a lot of skills in making the ML and other guys confused with their feelings. Truly funny!


However, the best of them all is the Divine Turtle!


I truly wish I could read the next chapters.
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Translation: 3.5/5

  • It was decent. It had a very fun/childish vibe writing style. Not sure if that was how the author originally wrote the story that's why the translation came out like that.
Story: 3.5/5

  • A breeze of fresh air compared to other villainous ojou-sama stories. Though I had a feeling how this might end, it was a fun read.
Characters: 5/5

  • Both MC and ML were funny! I loved MC's internal comments! I had same sentiments as her during the whole story.
Overall: 5/5

  • Giving it 5 because I laughed out loud in the story. Truly a short story that invokes joy!
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