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kamishiniyari rated it
Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage
February 27, 2019
Status: c120
The translation has good quality.

The novel, however, may not cater to everyone.

The novel started out good, interesting concept, interesting character, and somewhat mysterious storyline. The novel doesn't lose these particular aspects even to the point where I stopped (temporarily, and I may continue reading it after sometimes even if it's not to my taste because my motto is to always finish what I started).

As I go further in chapters, the interesting part is starting to get overshadowed by the writing style, the girls monologue is written in shoujo manga style... more>> (like when a shoujo main character is played by some handsome guy/her love interest, their heart goes flowery, fluttery, and sweet, too sweet, that it keeps away someone like from enjoying the oversweetness). I can tolerate this at the beginning, but as I read more, there's always this kind of stuff in almost every chapter, reason being, the MC can't stop "seducing" random girls.

Imagine reading this variation of sentence in every chapter.

"He's so sweet, handsome, I can't help but having my heart swayed, my body feels hot, and my heart goes doki-doki when I am near him." by every F*cking girls.

These kind of monologue is fine if it doesn't exist in every chapter, but hey, at chapter 120 where I stopped, this kind of monologue becomes unavoidable because MC just made a harem with 30+ girl, and apparently everyone in that harem is horny towards the MC and the author apparently felt compelled to write what they feel towards the MC.

That's point one..

The second point would be how loose and unrestrained MC is toward every girl he met, he's clearly shooting himself in the foot.


The story began because MC is being hunted by his 4 ex-gf (All of them are Supreme being), and his position post-reincarnation will be revealed when he's 18 yrs old. According to my knowledge at the time of writing, MC was a handsome loser (Starchild) that didn't dare to choose one of them as his bride, to the point where those 4 GFs worked together to kill MC. At first I think that's how it went, but after going through the chapter, MC may have another problem, he loves seducing girls, and wants to OWN them, and he can't even stop it now because of the convenient situation that "starchild love system" always gives (He asked the Stars to make this "cheat" system before his death.)


Third point is, how clearly the author trying to shove his foot fetish and other niche stuffs like genderbending, foot fetish appears every now and then, and because it's usually short it doesn't really affect how I feel, however it's not the same for the genderbending. The genderbending lasts somewhere around 50 chapters, I can tolerate this if this is for short one time joke, but not so much if it lasts this long in the story.

"The girl's skin is white like polished jade. Her small foot gives a sense of cuteness."

I may change this review when I decided to read more of it (and if this review even editable to begin with). <<less
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