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Only Sense Online (LN)
July 9, 2018
Status: v3c2
I give up, I'm dropping it. There's not much to be said that hasn't been stated already by the current review with the most likes, but here's my breakdown of the book as analytically and spoiler free is I can make it:

Story- 2/5 It suffers from typical LN issues such as pacing and overall story progression. As of volume 3, nothing seems to happen and yet so much time passes. There is a definite leveling of the MC, yet no story progress has been made for the most part.

Characters- 1/5... more>> This is really where I think that the books suffer- God I have no clue what the author was thinking when he wrote a single character in this entire series thus far. The MC, as stated by anyone with a negative opinion of the series as far as I can tell, is the weirdest character ever designed. He gets turned into a girl right off the bat in the game. This isn't actually an issue by itself, I think if applied correctly gender benders are pretty funny and can make for interesting character dynamics. However, our MC is not a gender bent character. No, he was a she from the start. The author has written what, in his mind, is a women, and had made her insist that she is a man throughout the entire series. God is it annoying. There is absolutely no purpose for this other than "LOLZ", or whatnot. I really wouldn't mind the whole scenario happened and was moved past- if the MC just went along with it- if he didn't obnoxiously mention that he was a dude every time it's mentioned. I get it, the author wants him to have a complex about his feminine face IRL or something, but, if that's the case, then how about this: HAVE HIM FIRMLY REJECT IT. He gets pushed around so much by every other character it's boring- he cannot physically raise his voice except for the moments when he has his "oh whoops I'm acting like a little girl" moments and he yelps or something. This relaxed adventure novel really needs for jokes aside from "oh hey I'm a guy but I'm really a girl". F*ck. I wrote wayyy too much on that topic but it needs to be said. Now, every other character is a 1D piece of cardboard that acts way too cartoony for my taste. Not much else to be said. I just wish the dialogue had at least a tad bit more effort put into it- it really would have salvaged the series as a whole I think.

Premise/setting: 5/5 Well, it's why I even picked this up in the first place. There is a genuinely interesting VRMMORPG world here and the main focus is on crafting and alchemy, which is something that I've been looking for for a long time.

Writing quality: 2.5/5 I think 50% is a fair score. The translation quality itself is just competent. There is no flair or flow to speak of throughout any passage, but it doesn't feel too clunky either. Like I stated earlier, good dialogue would have saved the series but interactions between characters feel manufactured and uncomfortable to read most of the time. Sadly, the combat is portrayed rather poorly and is not very enjoyable at all.

Art: 1/5 This is a largely irrelevant portion of the grading scale but God I cannot stand a single piece of artwork in the story itself. Ever single picture looks like something a college student who works on art in their free-time would make. The faces sometimes fall into the uncanny valley, proportions get f*cked up in any POV except portrait, and the artist seemingly hasn't developed a style of their own yet, so everything is painfully bland. However, the f*ckING SKETCHES in the back look much better, and I wish that that style was used far more than what's present.

TL;DR/Summary: As much of a bad light I was shining it under, these books do shine sometimes, albeit usually when the MC is alone in the woods researching. The main reason I kept the review spoiler-free was because I did get through 2 volumes and maybe this story is your cup of tea. I just think that everyone giving it a positive rating on here is doing it for the slice-of-life aspect, and the characters and dialogue are too Godawful to ever make this an enjoyable slice of life story. <<less
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