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This is a cute and likable story. The MC is socially awkward generic anime protagonist, but he's got enough personality that he doesn't feel like a self-insert type. Elf Wife is adorable and has an actual character. Holy Knight Girl is an innocent maiden in love with the enemy, not a tsundere as some other reviewers have said.

Plotline seems decent. The MC's morals are... questionable, but they are presented as such. This is a saccharine story so far, so just enjoy it.
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kaloo rated it
Girl, I’ll Teach You Cultivation
August 20, 2018
Status: c198
I, like most people I assume, thought this would be a dumb harem series based on the title. And for the first hundred or so chapters it kinda was.

Instead its a pretty standard xianxia with a modern setting. Despite starting by saying cultivation will be hard on the modern era he rapidly levels up and as of chapter 200 hasn't had a real opponent. That would be fine if this were the dumb comedy series I expected, but it becomes a melodrama about an unlikable girl the MC doesn't even... more>> like. <<less
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kaloo rated it
Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator
February 12, 2018
Status: c205
Take your standard transmigration to the useless xth miss novel and just toss all the usual issues like political scheming and assassins in favor of comic misunderstandings and cooking. I'll be honest when I say I was expecting something else when I saw the title, but I'm enjoying this.

The male lead is natural very confident in his opinion that his wife is an evil woman who is planning to betray him, since he's reincarnated and she betrayed him the previous time.

The female lead meanwhile decides to ignore the plot and... more>> be a happy noble lady. Since she doesn't know the plot like the Male lead and is confused by his behavior. <<less
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kaloo rated it
My Room Has Become a Dungeon’s Rest Area
March 19, 2017
Status: c17
It's not great, but it's not bad. So far it's basically a slice of life with the guy saving girls and taking them to his apartment. Modern stuff is all cheat equipment. Seems like it'll be a fun ride.
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kaloo rated it
Red Packet Server
December 30, 2017
Status: c462
I enjoy this story conceptually, but I don't think it's well written.

The story flits from mini-arc to mini-arc rather rapidly. We're going through a serious one chapter then he gets a text and we're doing love comedy, then financial drama then whatever. The transitions are super quick and there aren't like time skips between these. It sometimes feels disconnected, but it's all fairly fun so you can ignore that.

It's a modern day Xianxia and there aren't many of those available in English so it's good enough.
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