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Overall, I would warn that this story and the interactions between the kids and MC caretaker are too cute. The only downside is the God providing tools and it felt like that could be removed without affecting the cuteness.
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It's a decent read.... though it betrays my expectations.

At first, I was interested with the title and the event of 2 instead of 1 being kicked out. BUT then, MC became super experience with everything as if it happened before to him. Its probably because of how he sees everything as a game system but still....

Next is the title, "~No Thanks, I Don’t Need a Special Ability~". This made me think MC and girl will actually work hard to live..... Guess what, they are actually blessed, just a late bloomer... more>> with MC having obvious OP power to steal Special Ability with a Special Ability constantly and girl is not that OP due to not having the MC's game systems. <<less
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kaikalaila rated it
The Weakness of Beatrice the Level Cap Holy Swordswoman
September 24, 2016
Status: v1 afterword
Finished Volume 1. I was expecting a real fantasy tales with cute interactions of the lead Orc with lead girl but you can't have it with Kamachi which what I get is sci-fi mumbo jumbo + fantasy + conspiracy + take-over + genocide tales with cute interactions of the lead Orc with lead girl and some fairies.

Well-written but disappointed with the sci-fi stuff.
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kaikalaila rated it
Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia
July 10, 2016
Status: v1 prologue
It is quite familiar to IS but with more fanservice and somewhat character development. If you like Testament of Sister Devil or Magika no Kenshi then you would enjoy it.

Reading other reviews, I agree with that he was acting 'beta' but I see it as a believable reaction. Not even a healthy male would immediately accept the responsibility of saving the world and their mind would be hampered by normal morals to assault any females or easily accepting any of the s*xual assaults.

Instead of crazy scientist that is the... more>> sister of MC childhood friend, the scientist is his Mother thus eliminating the need to favor the childhood friend. This make things more personal with the MC.
Each girl has their own personality and shares of problem which MC helped to somewhat solve;
MC do no fight harem member number 2 at the beginning but saved her while changing her outlooks on others. This helped smooth things up for that girl in later volumes.
MC helped disperse the feeling of unwanted of harem member number 1 as they shared a history and allow her to be more social.
MC also helped to pull harem member number 3 out of her vengeance and her despair and give her new objective in her life.

Cliche of only mentioned Male with a worth to use a Gear as other Males have lower energy and mentioned only once, if I remember correctly, that there is a male side of school.
In my opinion, which can be said to many other LN, the harem keep on growing even extending to other world's female characters with each use of his special Gear and the magic 'aphrodisiac' ability. (But it can't be helped because its a ecchi genre) <<less
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A unique story without MC being OP cheats. The students did not end with killing each other like most classroom transportation but there is still prejudice with the strong and beautiful toward the weak and ugly. It's a okay read, until the end of the first arc that is after their dungeon completion. The rest when they start getting contact with humans isn't that appealing.

It gone downhill for me when MC goes on about forgiving the traitorous former friend who is now the beautiful one and saying he understand him.... more>> There's a limit to forgiveness. <<less
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kaikalaila rated it
Dungeon Defense
September 5, 2016
Status: --
Not going to repeat the same reviews as others so tldr... The shades of mentality, the twist and the way they act is amazingly done.

From what I've gathered, the theme of the story is control over Knowledge/Information is key to survival. The results are planned well yet in my opinion peeves me. Barbatos's have a network of information so she's clean of this con but why couldn't she learned human language.... ... more>>

The MC however, is an avid and obsessive player who had cleared the game which the world is based on. He is reincarnated way before the start of the game, the past but through the game, he had learned key events; dates of the plague and the named character's motivations, fate; Laura's destiny and secrets; Ivar's true identity.

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