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Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus
November 13, 2018
Status: Completed
I did not rate it cause I finished the raw version of the book.

But I have to say, I like the overall plot and concept of the book.

I like both MC and ML.
Also the villains on different worlds and the main villain of the story.

Some details have been lost to me but I will put the main spoiler of the story from my understanding from google-sensei...

... more>>

100% sure???


At your own risk!


You sure want to spoil the ending thing?


Fine! HERE IT IS!!! From my understanding of the ending... MC and ML are from the distant future. Very distant future. Do you want more?

This is what from my understanding:
In their current era; after thousands of years of human genes kept evolving becoming more and more powerful and perfect genes. The former inferior genes has long been extinct. Apparently there was a long-lost ancient gene called 'White Lotus' gene on their parent Blue Star (Earth highly chance they meant) in the novel's lore.
There was even a legend: Whoever has or uses the White Lotus gene can bring endless disaster to the people around that person. If this disaster kept on expanding, even the whole world is destroyed. So the descendants of humanity who survived the catastrophe in all those years ago, didn't want it to happened again.
So the Empire (where MC and ML are from) made a new game called: White Lotus. This game was made to make everyone be aware of the of how deadly the White Lotus gene is. This made people go to the hospitals to check their genes for fragments of the White Lotus gene to have it removed from their body. There is a reason for me to put this explanation.

As for MC's and ML's position in their world? From my understanding is the MC and ML knows each other quite well. They were already lovers in their real world.


MC is the programmer of the "game".
MC paid countless hours to create the game. As he about to complete the game, he didn't know how or why did a loophole pop up in the game system. In addition this loophole in the system cannot be fixed (you'll know why). Thanks to the loophole the former tester was actually locked in the game and couldn't come out. In order to figure out what happened, MC decides to also enter the game. But what he didn't know is the ML actually followed him.
Thus the main reason why MC was inside the game.



ML is the provider of core technology of the "game" so he has higher authority than MC.
When MC entered the game ML followed him. During that time, ML sealed (abuse of power!) all of MC's memories to make him fall in love at him again.
Main reason for ML to entered the game was to get along with his wifey and another reason was because the "game" has the courage to marry his wifey (I think it meant the actual game like making MC marries an NPC because that how you need to play and finish the game) !
But once he entered the "game" he found the so-called loophole in system was.


Truth about the whole thing!

Anyways MC put too much attention and feelings on the process of writing for the game. To make a more realistic portrayal of White Lotus, MC searched for countless materials about White Lotus for the game. To the point the he kept on updating again and again until it was a perfect White Lotus. As a result of MC's seriousness and dedication, the White Lotus in the "game" gained actual consciousness and feelings. And those feelings were towards MC and wanted to marry him...
So the "game" made a loophole in the system causing people (or tester) to investigating the problem. In the end the problem was not being resolve but also added a problem on detaining the people inside game. The system was trying to get MC's attention by causing more problems for him to look into it and trap him.
Of course it worked and MC went inside the game to look for this problem.
As possessive ML is, he followed wifey to the game and found out the whole charade...
After all he whoever tries to take his wifey away... Say bye-bye to life.

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k3yb1ade123 rated it
Cannon Fodder Counterattack System
October 30, 2017
Status: Completed

** When I did this review, I have finished the raw version including the extras. But as the translation continues, I will still be reading for clarification and I would continue to support translation version. After all MTL is not the best but enough to learn the main story. I am thankful for the translator who started to translate this novel because if they didn't I wouldn't know of its existence. **

Okay here is my start of review:

I really like this light novel. First time reading it from the translation,... more>> I liked it. Actually I got hook from the summary and sink when I started reading the translated version. I know a lot of people compare or do similarities from Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (QWTFOTD). I see it. But of course there are differences between the two.

Ever since I start reading QWTFOTD, I fell in love in this genre. Seeing how the MC and ML live through different worlds and finding each other in each stories. At the same time you see clues of the actual main story. Like who is the ML or what MC doing here being transported to many worlds (unless is been specify liked QWTFOTD as to what the MC who really is and why he is being going through the worlds).

I also agree to @18Yuki at some he/she claims. I noticed that most the worlds they went were a lot of interaction a.k.a romance between MC and ML. As for the actually stories of different worlds, background and creativity I cant not say for sure. I read it all the way thanks to MTL. MTL is not really that great... but is enough for me to understand what is actually going on. Whether is acurate or not, is somewhere in between.

I am mostly and highest here for their cute romance lovey-dovey scene and hot steamy honey pot scene... *cough cough* *ahem* story between MC and ML.


The differences between QWTFOTD and this novel are:
* QWTFOTD is virtual world, while this novel is based on real alternative worlds.
* MC of this novel can get pregnant and have kids (from what I can understand to one of the world in story).
* The reveal who is the system is quite nice.
* ML origins and who he really is quite cute and hilarious (to me).
Spoilers a head are you sure you want to spoil it?

Are you really sure????100% sure???Fine! Here it is!** Spoilers **
ML is real name is [Adam] (Probably different if its translate but that was MTL gave me). ML is also the system that give MC the task before it 'malfunction' to manual mode. But his actually origin that he is a TREE. That's right a TREE. Want more spoilers??? On your own risk!ML is been alive for years as for how long, it didn't really specify. But probably thousands of years after all he is a tree. He himself doesn't remember when he start to have consciousness. It did say that ML see the changes to where he was planted. He was planted or moved (I don't know which is it) in some small town in the country side. As for MC he was living as a child there because he was sick and his parents were busy from work. His grandfather was the one taking care of him. That's where they first meet.
I'm not going thought the details but it is quite sad and yet heart warming, So looked at it your own risk from the raws.

* MC tries to be the same character as the body he takes over. (Tries).

Also that's what I understand from MTL. If something wrong and right, I will correct it when the English version is finish. <<less
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k3yb1ade123 rated it
The People Who’re Supposed To Kill Me Fell For Me Instead
January 23, 2018
Status: Completed
I love this story. Like the people who review before me; if you like QWFD or any type of that kind genre, you'll definitely like this story. Added bonus if you're animal lover (or mainly cat lover) then you'll love this story.

The characters are cute. Both MC and ML have quite a lot of fluff going on (whether cuteness over load or bed related scenes). Interaction of these two are so adorable that it made me feel like I ate a bowl of Lucky Charms just to say this "they... more>> are magically delicious!"

Story of each arc are satisfying and honestly there were some nearly made me in tears.


Ending Story 1 (Future Interstellar) and Ending Story 3 (Virtual World Game)


As for the ending of the book, I liked it. I think how the author end it is good for me. But I hope added like fan service (or after main story service) like some of the books.

Of course big reveals who is who, what is what and how is how. That's also satisfied me.

I can only say ML is always patient anything related to MC. <<less
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k3yb1ade123 rated it
The Day We Conquered the Dragon Castle
January 15, 2018
Status: c5
It's indeed very short.

I love story, it's funny and cute.

Finding out what really happened in the story made my entire day, for the rest of today.
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