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justhaz rated it
Peerless Martial God
August 19, 2018
Status: c1822
i have no regret reading this, ignore the hater review.

the reason I give 5 star is simple, lin feng simply don't give a sh*t to those random prick, fight, fight fight and fight recycling, even tho repetitive, but still every fight I just cant stop reading it, simple and not boring, there's also other element to the story also very simple and not boring, but hey fight scene still the best of all, lin feng being ignorant and arrogant very satisfying, if you have power why hiding it?... more>> Why wait for it? Why not go like lin feng!!!?

MC judging people, kill everything still reasonable to me, what do you expect coming from fantasy novel, some novel took another route coming with real fact or reason for kill and all the science bs, but no no no no with lin feng here, everyone is trash LOL, next cripple LOL, ending with die LOL

there you go 5 star, love it, highly recommended!!

hihihi other novel most rate/view "one day MC will kill that guy and wowww it took 500 chapter or more to simply kill one secondary villian or main villian group" that's so lame. With "planning coming" and "genius plan" "saving plan" "all the bs planning" it got me bored all the time. <<less
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justhaz rated it
Tales of Demons and Gods
October 11, 2018
Status: c470
This is going to be best review for everyone (especially newcomer), make sure sit back and read what I want to say

... more>>

Good story telling, slow update, which each time new chapter come out, you just like huh??huhh? Who?? What again??, hahahaha I don't know about you, I have good memory, but too bad, let's say if there million of people like einstein have great IQ and great memory, even they forget the story that they read, basicly this is the most trash-ish story ever telling.


Second thought


This has potential to become masterpiece novel, because of slow update. I bet the creator of this novel, taking his time finding clues, resources and make this beautiful story ever written, it will take time, I probably revisit again and read from chapter 1 till the end when this story is finished, but when this novel is finished? We don't know, in the future I might even forget about this novel existence. Too bad, I even regret it marathon this novel year ago. I guess I can warn you guys just don't read this novel if you don't like slow paced update, wait till the novel is finished, then you can read it freely. It's bad if you stuck in the middle of nowhere afterward wait like 10 years of nothingness, and still can't find the real answer to the story.

(my other thought : I will try visit each year to see if there any progresses on this novel or this novel getting ending and for now dropping is a good decision)

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