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jumboLina rated it
Three Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow Book
June 16, 2017
Status: Completed
This novel is without a doubt one of the best novels I've read. I came to read the book after watching the drama "Eternal Love" and I wasn't satisfied with the ending of the drama since Dong Hua and Feng Jiu were not the main leads.

If you are looking for romance novel with solid plot, this one is for you. I thought it was supposed to be sweet and learning the history of the two in more detail. Oh Boi, was I wrong? This novel jerks my emotion to really... more>> felt for them. You will be seeing how Feng Jiu pursue Dong Hua (not surprising), and at a point of time, Dong Hua pursue her back. Highly recommend to EVERYONE. If you are into historical drama, that's the bonus, you will enjoy it.


The story is about two people who does not have fate for each other but they defy destiny. Like one time Dong Hua said "So what if Destiny says we're fated, and so what if it says we're not? I've never feared Destiny and I certainly don't need its charity".

Started when a rescue our hero Dong Hua did for our female lead Feng Jiu. The favor ripples.

She came to pay her gratitude to him. She later became a fox after having helped him and later he took her in and treat her like a pet (you know, cuz she was in the form of the fox).

Fast forward, she left him with broken heart (I think it is for the better). Many years later, they meet again even destiny was written for them to never crossed path.

Dong Hua learnt that if he were to take a queen, she would be THE QUEEN. (Aww). He went to find her and come to know that she is in trouble gotten stuck in a dream created by somebody. He uses the opportunity to win her back.

They arranged the marriage (I feel this part is the most emotional part as I don't think I could comment. Too much feel. You gotta read to find out - Chapter 18 onward)


How much I wish the ending to be longer. I hope to see their life together afterward.

They have a son together. I want to see how the child react when he found out Dong Hua is his father.

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jumboLina rated it
Refusing to Serve Me? Then Off With Your Head!
February 23, 2018
Status: Completed
A rare and raw novel you could find. This is not a novel that has too many chapters and cultivated-power OP characters. The life and struggles feel genuine. The MC takes her time to put pieces of her heart back together after it has been shattered into small pieces from betrayal and the death of her loved one. It is rewarding to watch her character grow and still keep a touch of her true self. The ML is not an ice block either. The ride we see until he won... more>> her heart was priceless.


The story started with the painful experience MC has to go through upon her father died. She was hurt so much emotionally by her father's death and her crush betrayal, she no longer felt pain. That lead her to act recklessly.

A few years later, she met with ML again as the fallen country general and the ML the new ruler. ML has spent lots of effort searching for her and finally putting her under his wing of protection. MC is not easily swayed by good treatment. She could no longer feel pain or trust anyone - her trust then has to be earned.

From many ups and downs, ML was badly injured and it was the time MC is sure about her love for him. She complained that he has worked so hard for her to accept him and now he wanted to leave her alone. After the incident, they are mutually in love. And the ENDIng is soooo satisfying.

Overall, her decision happens for a reason. There is no annoying second and third wheel cliche. The main focus is how a person climbs up from the pit of her emotional struggle then learn to trust and love again.


I completed reading the story with a longing heart. I rated this 5/5 because I have not seen the novel of this kind before, the way they portray the scenario from the eyes of the MC is able to move you, and the translation is superb. Highly recommend to anyone who read this review of mine. You won't regret it and it has a satisfying ending. <<less
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jumboLina rated it
I Don’t Like The World, I Only Like You
July 10, 2017
Status: epilogue
The story is very realistic and very well written. Without a doubt, 5 out of 5 (if I could, I would give millions stars out of 5).

Usually, I prefer to read somethings to escape reality like fantasy kind-of novel. This novel steer me back to reality and still make me love it. It is funny and unexpectedly tear-jerking at certain situations. To sum up,

Story: realistic, well rounded glimpse of the main characters' life (abit of back in school and current working life)

Romance: no unnecessary drama (no cliche to... more>> begin with). What I appreciate the most is it does not plan unrealistic idea of romance to the reader. Love in reality is not about the cold CEO who would chase and spoil you to death nor delivering dozen of roses on special event. Love in reality is so much more about the little moments that you spend with each other. If we are lucky enough, we will find an equal partner just like the main character to accompany each other for the rest of our lives.

Length: short but concise.

Re-read-ability: 100% yes. I keep rereading this and it never gets old. The sentiment this story bring you on a wonderful carpet ride.

Satisfaction: more than I ever ask for. Diamond in the rough. <<less
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jumboLina rated it
Mulberry Song
August 22, 2017
Status: Completed
I came by to read this story again and again. I wasn't a fan of "deceased" tag but thanks to everyone who commented here that I give this a try. This story if very beautiful: the story about longing and devotion.

I always come when I need a good sob and feel great afterward. I would give this story more than 5 stars if I could.
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