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juliecherry rated it
Husband, Be A Gentleman
May 4, 2017
Status: Completed
Honestly speaking. If you're reading this, please note my advice.

If you're here searching for a romantic-comedy, fluffy story with the cute relationship developments in the middle of the palace, don't try to read and judge bitterly afterwards. If this novel doesn't live up to your expectations, you're in the wrong assuming the wrong genres reading the summary.

But if you want a realistic story, the battle of survival within the palace, scheming that taken years to built, some self-satisfactory, masks that has to be worn, and the weariness to choose the... more>> right person to trust, you're in the right page.

They did wrong and hurt you, so you hurt them. They wanted to kill you, so you have to kill them first. In order to survive and protect your loved ones.

But in the middle of cold-blooded war, there was haven. The person you could trust, the person you could love and love you back. Which made a nice ending.

The main characters are cunning. The writer is, too. <<less
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juliecherry rated it
A Slight Smile is Very Charming
April 27, 2017
Status: Completed
Simply amazing.

I read the story's manhua adaption first, actually. Getting frustrated because of slow update releases, I searched for another site. But then I found out it was rather famous. The movie and drama adaption, Love O2O were a hit.

And I found this, the original novel. I was very happy. Damn, it was completed!

... more>> A story when the male lead actually fell in love with the female without her realizing. It was a coincidence, maybe fate, that the two had overpowered abilities. Both good-looking, smart brains, and mainly each other's first.

In the game, they had many so-called enemies. They always judge them, but they didn't know them, and when they do know, they became dumbstruck. Best plot ever!!

A best couple online and offline.

No nonsense inside, stupid arguments, or clich


No lies, a honest and flowing romance.

The story is complete, it has the extra stories when they already got married.

Love this.

Anyone message me if you have some recommendation similar to this. <<less
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